Author:Teresa Gabelman

Jared - By Teresa Gabelman

Chapter 1

Jared Kincaid was not in the mood to screw around. If Duncan had a clue what kind of mood he was in, he would not be sending him in to question Chad Evans. Duncan’s main focus had been keeping Damon calm and Chad alive until they squeezed every bit of information out of the bastard.

Slamming the door open to the room they used for questioning Jared held back a smile when Chad jumped. He wanted to kill the stupid son of a bitch so badly he could taste it. Glancing at the two way mirror he knew Damon was there, his voice shouting inside his head to let him take a turn. Taking a seat Jared sat so close to Chad they were almost touching.

“Listen and listen good asshole.” Jared made a sudden move toward Chad grinning when the newly turned vampire flinched, his eyes going wide with fear before changing back to hate. “I’m going to ask you some questions and you’re going to answer them. It’s as easy at that.”

“Fuck you.” Chad hissed.

Grabbing Chad by the back of the head, Jared slammed his face into the metal table then just as quickly snapped his head back up with a hand full of hair. “Wrong answer.” Jared growled. “The next person to walk in here is going to be Damon and let me give you a small piece of advice.”

Chad’s eyes bounced from the two way mirror back to Jared, tonguing his broken fang, compliments of Damon.

Knowing Chad was scared enough to piss himself, he continued with a smirk. “The last guy that was in the same chair you’re in now had Damon as his last interrogator.” Jared hissed. “It didn’t go so well and all he did was mention Nicole’s name. You, on the other hand, tried to kill her.”

“But I didn’t.” Chad grunted, not seeming to be his bad self now.

Jared ignored him. “Actually it was Jamison, the one you hired for the hit on Nicole.” Jared was so enjoying the fear in his eyes. “I see you do remember. What Damon did, well let’s just say I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve seen a lot of shit.”

Chad shifted nervously his eyes welling up. “What did he do?”

Jared shivered for effect because he really wanted to see this bastard cry like a little girl. “It’s almost too gruesome to repeat, but I was behind that two way mirror watching just as Damon is now. Jamison remained closed mouth until he started talking about Nicole in a way Damon took offense to.”

“What the hell did he do?” Chad’s high pitched squeal was music to Jared’s ears. Yeah, he was getting to the fucker.

Jared played it out for a minute longer, looking from the glass back to Chad making him squirm. “He twisted Jamison’s head off with his bare hands. I have never in my thousands of years seen a head bounce like that.” Jared tried to make himself look horrified but couldn’t help the slow grin spreading across his face. “So, if you want to continue being a closed mouth asshole then by all means do it, but for your information Damon is in my head right now wanting in here. To be quite honest, we didn’t get much out of Jamison at all. Damon is a wild man when it comes to his mate. He really doesn’t give a shit what you have to say.”

“I-I got rights.” Chad’s whinny voice was really getting on his nerves.

“You gave up those rights when you paid to be turned, kidnapped Nicole and tried to kill a human. Oh, and let’s not forget your attempt to kill a warrior.” Jared leaned in his face, his eyes black as night. “So, you ready to talk now or do you still want to pull the tough guy act.”

Chad just sat staring at the table not uttering a word.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Jared slammed Chad’s head into the metal table again just for the hell of it. Standing Jared headed for the door.

“Wait.” Chad tried to turn, but the silver chains held him in place. “I did hire Jamison.”

“Already knew that.” Jared stopped at the door. “Who turned you?”

“I don’t know.” Chad replied, but added when Jared reached the doorknob. “I know the address where I went.” Chad rattled off the address.

“What else can you share about your little adventures in child trafficking and blood trade?” Jared took a step back toward the table knowing he was winning this battle. The asshole was about to blab. “Who were you reporting to?”

“I don’t know that.” Chad spit out, but hurriedly added before Jared turned to leave again. “I always got a phone call. They seemed to know when kids were getting ready to hit the Social Service Departments. I just got a name and what family to place them with. Any money was sent to a PO box.” Chad went on to blab the address.

“What phone number were you given for contact?” Jared pushed.

“They always contacted me with a blocked number.” Chad seemed to be relaxing which Jared didn’t like. He wanted more information and knew he had more.

“Well Chad, I hate like hell to have to do this because the last time it gave me nightmares, but I think you know more. Too bad we won’t find out what it is.” Jared opened the door yelling down the hallway. “Get Damon. I’ve done all I can do.”

“No.” Chad struggled with the chains, almost tipping his chair over. “Wait. There’s something else. I just remembered.”

Jared rolled his eyes before turning around. Funny how a little scare can remove one’s head from one’s ass. “It better be good.” He turned walking back toward the table. If it wasn’t good he was going to slam his ugly face into the table one more time.

Before Jared could make it to the table the door burst open bouncing off the wall. A woman holding a gun rushed into the room, the gun trained right between his eyes. If he moved fast enough he could…..

“Don’t even think about it, warrior. I’m a sure shot and I hear silver is bad for your health” The woman clicked the trigger back. “Now grab that chair and move nice and slow to that corner and sit.” Her head tilted to where she wanted him to go.

Jared growled, but did as she asked. He glanced at the two way mirror wondering where the hell everyone was. He tried to reach them with his mind, but there was nothing but silence. He sat down slowly glaring at the woman, trying to keep control. He didn’t like the fact they had the upper hand. Yeah, his male ego was taking a serious hit.

Someone else moved quickly into the room slamming the door shut. Grabbing a chair he wedged it under the doorknob. Both wore baseball caps and sunglasses. “We need to hurry.” A boy Jared figured to be around eighteen threw a bag at the woman. It hit the floor with a loud clang.

“Do either of you know who the hell you’re dealing with?” Jared glared at both of them.

“We don’t want any problems with you warrior.” The boy replied moving closer to the table. “We want him.” He pointed at Chad.

“Breaking in here and holding a gun on me….” His eyes narrowed. “is a big problem.”

The woman handed the gun to the boy and bent down pulling out silver chains from the bag. “It’s nothing personal so chill out.” The woman stood holding the chains.

“Oh, I take it very personal.” Jared’s crooked grin was anything but pleasant.

“She’s going to chain you and if you make one move to hurt her I will bury a bullet right between your eyes.” The boy walked over tapping the barrel of the gun to Jared’s forehead.

“You’re going to pay for that….boy.” Jared hissed, but the kid had his focus on the woman and ignored him.

“Hurry up.” The kid urged the woman.

“Stop rushing me.” She made fast work of his legs, but when she got to his hands she reached back into the bag grabbing two thin towels and wrapped both wrists before placing the chains around them. Four more chains were crossed over his lap. The woman took the gun again before backing up a few steps.

Jared glanced at the towels she placed on his wrists then looked at her. “So you can shoot me full of silver, but you can’t stand to see my skin burn?”

She shrugged one shoulder, looking away toward the boy. “How much time do we have?”

“Not much.” He replied, heading toward Chad.

“I know who you are.” Chad finally spoke up his eyes riveted on the boy. “You were dead.”

The boy leaned his head back taking a deep breath as if trying to calm himself. Agitation radiated off him in waves. “I am dead you bastard.” His head snapped back down as he reached up whipping his sunglasses off.

Jared tried to keep his emotions in check, but seeing the eyes of a half-breed shocked the hell out of him. To say half-breeds were rare was a total understatement.

“Stay calm Ad….” The woman stopped herself before she said his name putting her hand out to grab the boy’s arm in an attempt to stop him.

“My God it really worked.” Chad’s voice was low until his laughter filled the room. “It really fucking worked.”

“What did you do to him?” The woman stepped forward this time. The gun left Jared and aimed point blank at Chad. When Chad laughed louder she pointed the gun slightly to the right and fired a shot. “What did you do?!” Her scream echoed in the room, the gun whipped back to aim at his head.

Chad’s laughter died as his gaze left the boys’ resting on the woman. “Obviously we succeeded in starting an army.” He replied, his lips spreading into an evil grin.

“What in the hell are you talking about?” The woman hissed, her hand which was steady before shook slightly with tense rage. “An army of what?”

“An army….” Chad glanced at Jared then to the window. “of half-breeds. Did the rest of them survive?”

“Fix it!” The woman nodded to the boy, ignoring his question.

Chad snorted. “I can’t fix it you dumb bitch.” He laughed again sounding like a child. “It worked. I can’t believe it really worked.”

“An army for what?” The boy asked, glaring hatred at Chad.

Chad’s laughter died in an instant. “An army to kill the warriors.” His whole demeanor took on a different tone. He looked over at Jared. “I told you I would get you all.”

“Who’s your partner?” The boy demanded, his fangs growing slightly longer.

When Chad just smiled, his lips sealed, the boy took a few steps back hitting the wall hard hanging his head in defeat. “It’s going to be okay.” The woman backed up toward him, her gun still aiming between Chad and Jared. “We’ll figure this out.”

“We can help him, but you need to put the gun down and let me out of these chains.” Jared didn’t figure it would work, but hell, it was worth a try.

The woman’s head snapped around so fast her baseball cap slipped sideways freeing strands of fiery copper hair. “I went to your so called Council and the help they suggested was to lock my brother up.” She spat. “So forgive me if I tell you to shove your help up your ass just like I told your worthless Council.”

Jared couldn’t help it, he grinned. He could just see this woman, who smelled like honeysuckle, ripping the Council a new one. “He’s going to need help.” Jared nodded toward the boy.

“I’m fine.” The boy replied, not looking fine at all.

“I don’t think so.” Jared tried to get a read on him, but a sudden wave of pressure pushed back into his head.

“Stay out of my head warrior.” The boy hissed. “I feel others trying to get in, but it won’t work. And don’t try to get into hers either. We are both blocked. Actually everyone is blocked, but me.”

Jared cocked his eyebrow impressed. “You can do that?”

“I can do a lot of things.” He snorted before putting his sunglasses back on.

“How long have you been changed?” Jared was seriously intrigued. He had only met a handful of half-breeds in his long life.

“Less than a month.”

“Have you fed yet?”

The boy shook his head as he walked over and grabbed Chad by the throat lifting him out of the chair, chains and all. “Let’s go.” He broke the chains holding Chad to the chair.

“I take it silver doesn’t affect you.” Jared grumbled from his chair.

“Nope.” The boy didn’t even look his way as he led Chad to the door. “Come on. We only have a few minutes.”

“You need to feed.” Jared warned. He then turned his gaze on the woman. “He needs to get help. If he doesn’t feed soon he is going to rage and when that happens he is going to kill anything with a heartbeat. You included.”

“He’s fine.” The woman replied harshly, backing toward the door. “If you walk out that door you’re signing your brother’s death warrant.” Jared did his best to get her to see reason.

“You going to kill him?” The woman challenged with a cock of her head. “Is that a threat?”

“If he goes rogue he will be hunted by every warrior in the area.” Jared replied his voice hard and sure. “It’s our job to protect innocents.”

“Then where in the hell were you when he needed you?” The woman stomped toward him; her face flushed an angry red under her large sunglasses.

Not having an answer for that, Jared just shook his head. “I’m sorry for what happened to you…to him, but if you leave he doesn’t stand a chance.”

“I’d rather take that chance than leave him in the hands of someone who wants to lock him up.” She spat out, hatred clearly evident in her tone.

“You’re making a big mistake.” Jared tried one last time to stop these two before they got in more trouble than they were already in.

The woman hesitated before slowly backing out of the room. “Trusting a blood sucking vampire would be the mistake.”

“I’ll be seeing you…” Jared leaned toward her as far as he could. “very soon.” Anticipation in the form of a smile tipped his lips when she ran out the door, leaving the scent of honeysuckle.