Forbidden Alliance A Werewolf's Tale
Author:Danae Ayusso

Thirty-six hours after she said yes, Jay Dee Lightfoot, daughter of Reign and Sky Lightfoot of the Lhaq'temish, crowned Queen of the Varulv, said I Do to a vampire who had waited his entire life to hold her in his arms, to love her and be loved by her…

It was more than I deserved.

Vampires, by nature, were selfish creatures.

Men who had the adore and devotion of a beautiful woman were considered selfish creatures, as well.

But a man who just happened to be a vampire. Who had waited more than three hundred years to hold the woman he was born, created, and blessed with a gift that he had always considered a curse, simply to love said beautiful woman. Who was the last of the Varulv, a beautiful and rare breed of werewolf hailing from the frozen north. Who coincidentally was their crowned Queen. And let’s no fail to mention, their love and union was foreseen, which would result in a war that will spill more blood than the mythical world had ever seen. Who are on the run from a purist sect of werewolves who were hell bent on killing them and everyone they had ever loved, all to prevent a well overdue blending of the species…

It was beyond selfish, to say the least.

The moment d’Artagnan pulled the stake from my chest, I knew what I had to do, and that was to defend and protect my heart.

Toran was right, in a sense. I had no idea how to properly protect Jay Dee. I was a cynical bastard, not a fighter, but that was what I needed to be. I had to protect her, even if it meant protecting her from her own people, who coincidentally, turned out not to be her people, and in fact, were Aslak soldiers or spies. I hadn’t figured out which, but I knew that they needed to die…even if they weren’t Aslak, they needed to die because I could smell the resolve emanating from Mikkel’s pores: he was going to take Jay Dee from me, and that I couldn’t permit.

The moment Jay Dee said I Do, and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, I knew that there was nothing that I wouldn’t do for her, wouldn’t sacrifice simply to protect her and see her smile, from that day forward until the end of time she was mine and only mine.

Our battling lips never slowed as we took the elevator to the penthouse; her legs were wrapped around my waist and my hands greedily grabbed at every inch of exposed flesh they could find as I navigated us to our room. Jay Dee loosened my tie and started on the buttons to my dress shirt while I grabbed her firm arse with one hand as the other blindly struggled to get the key in the slot marking our room. More than once I thought I had it and accidentally slammed her back against the door trying to open it, getting a choked gasp in return which quickly turned to a deep growl of raw sexual desire.

“I’m going to do many naughty, naughty things to you, Husband,” Jay Dee softly snarled then snapped her teeth at me and ripped my dress shirt open, losing patience for the last four buttons.

“Bloody hell,” I whimpered, finally getting the door to unlock and hurried into the room and went straight towards the bedroom.

“Now this is rather disturbing,” a waking nightmare commented from the couch.

I spun around, my eyes wide.

“Sam, what in bloody hell are you doing here?” I choked.

Samantha smirked. “It’s nice to see you too, Husband.”