Cannot Unite (Vampire Assassin League)
Author:Jackie Ivie

chapter TEN


Oh…sweet gods! Nothing had ever felt like this. Nothing. KayNan had her in his arms, breasts smashed against his chest, arms hooked beneath her jacket to enwrap her, while her hands weren’t just resting at his upper arms. They were holding to him. Him! Everything on him focused on experiencing this amazing reality. He had a mate, he’d actually found her, and right now - thank the gods - he was physically holding her! Close. Attuned.

It was difficult to ignore the almost imperceptible tapping of the vein along her throat, tapping with the same pulse his heart now beat to – the one that had dragged his into rhythm with it just yesterday. The feeling was intense. Massive. Awe-inspiring.

He’d never felt such immense emotion. Ever.

KayNan blinked rapidly against the sting of tears as he held her, absorbing how it felt, even through their layers of clothing. His body vibrated with a will of its own, and took hers along. His senses reeled. Careened. Crashed. He somehow kept his eyes locked with hers, his gaze from her perfect line of throat…the place where a bluish vein throbbed with her life fluid. Calling him. Begging him.

“KayNan? We’re just…talking. Right?”



And damnation.

If he tried to speak, he’d sob. He almost did, anyway.


Her breath was the utmost joy and gravest temptation, adding to his agitation. It touched the tip of his nose, slid along his lips, and then reached his throat where the collar of his dress shirt gapped. The sensation thrilled, and then it weakened. Good thing he was already on his knees, for they’d have buckled. He locked his thigh muscles against any other weakness, and it actually worked against the tremors. Barely.

He grunted.

“Okay. If we’re not going to talk…um. Are we going to maybe…kiss?”


The gods be praised!

KayNan had never been kissed. He didn’t know how to initiate it. He didn’t even know where to start. It was beyond comprehension that she’d asked. And she must have known all of that, for she moved first; sliding her hands along his shoulders to his face, to cup it much like before. Holding him. Steadying him. Her thumbs grazed his cheeks, and then the slight dusting of stubble on his upper lip. She followed the line of his lip once. Again.

With the third caress, her thumb pads stopped at where his canines created dual bulges. It wasn’t possible to halt the tremors afflicting him. They radiated outward, reaching her. Especially as her actions seemed to embolden and excite her somehow. The heartbeat they shared amped up. Breath rushed quicker through her parted lips, toying and teasing against his. But nothing broke their locked gazes. Her eyes weren’t just deep golden brown. They were limpid pools of brown mystery. Fantasy depths to be plumbed. Inexorable caverns of secrecy. Realms of wonder…

She tipped her head slightly as she lifted his upper lip, displaying his bite. It might terrify her if she looked. She didn’t. She kept her eyes on his. Rarely even blinking. Somehow questioning. Welcoming. Beckoning.

And he was going insane.

His skin even felt too tight. The suit added further irritant. His clothing itched. Restricted. The jacket encased him like the leather breastplate he’d once worn to his fights. The shirt stifled and smothered. The trousers pulled and chafed. Even the cotton/spandex, thigh-length briefs he wore rubbed and abraded.

And all of that melded into annoyance and irritation, and something that probably reflected in his eyes, and should scare the hell out of the goddess in his arms. But it didn’t. His fangs didn’t seem to frighten her either. She took graduated moments of time to slide her thumbs down his canines, simultaneously reaching the razor-sharp tips. Testing. And that was too much. KayNan reacted, nipping subconsciously and swiftly, opening twin cuts that immediately welled blood. And at the first taste, a jolt resembling lightning pierced him. Branding. Searing. Shocking.

The next moment she moved, her fingers sliding through the hair at his temples, pulling more hair loose, and she did it in order to hold him. Position him. And then…


She pulled toward him, matched her lips against his, and then she kissed him! The movement of her lips sliced and pulsed and laved, gifting him with absolute paradise. Or damn near it. There wasn’t any stopping his groans. They fled his throat without thought, one upon the other, creating a long, drawn-out symphonic throb. The sound hung in the air before getting altered, harmonizing somehow with the low-toned series of moans emanating from her…almost like she purred.


Kissing was incredible! Magical! Creating thrill upon thrill of joy. Light. Pleasure. Her tongue slid between his teeth, reaching the innermost sanctum of his mouth, to toy, tease, and then spar with his tongue. Every connection sparked more than rubbing his palms had earlier, and created flames that were leagues hotter than the fire he’d started for her. And all of it orchestrated by the tongue action she kept initiating. Teaching. Enjoining.

Desire ratcheted higher. Craving added to the mix. Hunger slammed at him. And it wasn’t for anything other than her. The combination coalesced as she started writhing, each move rubbing her breasts along his pectoral muscles, her belly against his, her loins against—


KayNan wanted more. Needed more. Had to have more. Now.

The scope of desire was beyond any comprehensible level. And it kept growing. He pulled one arm from her to shrug out of his jacket sleeve, before he had it back around her, holding her again, so he could do the same maneuver with his other arm. She helped him with that sleeve, pushing at it while he worked his shoulder. And her denim jacket was too much. She must’ve known, for the next few moments found the swish of her jacket filtering through the harsh sound of rapid breathing, and the continual soft, urgent noise of their kiss. He couldn’t get enough.

More. Legions more.

KayNan slid his hands up her back, lifting and cradling her fully against him, delving into her mouth, filling every sense until they overflowed. He was shaking again, too. It was impossible to contain. He had his mate! Her smell was divine. Her taste heaven. Every contact a blessing of delight. But it wasn’t enough. He wanted bare skin against bare skin.

And he wanted it now.

He lowered her slowly, pulling from the kiss with a tinge of loss. Regret. Chill. It was to move back a fraction, gaining enough space to yank his shirt apart, and then off. He felt the cuffs tear, heard her say something about buttons, amid a smattering of sound as they hit the dirt floor, and then she sighed. And that was enough to send spears of reaction right through him. She didn’t know the power of her breath! It added to the visual, sensorial, and auditory impressions. And then she added more to it with words so sweet, his eyes stung again.

“Oh…my—wow. I mean, KayNan…uh. Wow.”

The words carried something akin to awe. Wonderment. Admiration. But that wasn’t possible. The slight opening of her mouth as she looked him over wasn’t possible, either. And there was no reason. He’d heard that reverence in other women’s voices, sometimes even when they’d whispered about him. But rarely. And never with the open-mouthed, wide-eyed look that his mate was giving him. He was beneath consideration. A slave.

He almost grabbed the shirt back. Her movement forestalled him. He watched with wide eyes as she pulled her shirt up and over her head, revealing perfect, large, womanly breasts…and they were covered by some lacy, little white contraption.

Damn it.

KayNan’s face probably mirrored the reaction. Women weren’t supposed to strap themselves into fabric. They hadn’t in his day, anyway. Or maybe they had. How was he supposed to know? The harlots who’d visited the guards hadn’t worn them. But, he’d ignored them and rarely looked.

Shit. The next thing he’d have to figure out was the condom thing.

And then she moved her hands behind her and did something that made the skirt she wore gap, and then slide down. And she helped it, keeping her eyes on him while he watched. And there was more surprise. She wore the strangest little item about her hips; made from tiny little strings that wrapped about her sides, before meeting in order to weave a triangle of material that covered over…everything.

He had to stop somehow and ask about the condom thing. Akron hadn’t acted like it was important, but Nigel said it was. If KayNan didn’t bring it up, it meant he didn’t respect—

She had perfect balance, was fairly limber, and showed lots of both as she maneuvered the skirt off, and then just waited; mere centimeters away, and yet sending invisible tendrils that pulsated through the space.

KayNan’s mouth went dry. His eyes wide open. His reanimated heart pumped; mightily and heavily, before it lodged right at the base of his throat. His mate was stunning. Everything about her was womanly and perfectly assembled. Legs, as lightly tanned as the rest of her, led to amazing, firm thighs. Her hips were curvy. Rounded. He could just make out lush, firm buttocks. Her waist was small. Lean. There was a sparkle of some kind of jewelry in her naval. It caught his glance just before she reached behind her back and somehow the breast holder thing came loose.

And fell.

Every coherent thought flew right out of his head. It no longer mattered what a condom was, who wore it, or what it did. All that mattered was a second after she released them he had both hands full of her breasts, and was lavishing adoration and wonder on each in turn. And she was bucking gently against him, and then harder; pushing her triangle-covered assets into his groin. Bumping against where the briefs were close to giving up. And that was creating even more havoc, and more chaos, and more turmoil. He barely felt her hands on his belt, slipping the tab loose…unzipping his fly…delving beneath the waistband of his briefs, and then—

Oh. My!

KayNay rocked, lifting her with him, as she slid a hand about his cock, and then gave the same caress down his length. Her touch cocooned him in warmth and friction, and sensory excellence, and a blend of amazement he had to vent.


Right now.

He threw his head back and launched the cry into the space about them, surrounding them with the echo. And then, he didn’t know how it happened. One moment he was experiencing her hand sliding down his shaft, creating a whorl of excitement and pandemonium and massive ache, and the next thing he knew, she was on her back beneath him, her hair fanning out, her legs wrapping his hips, and his rod already poised at her entrance. Getting sucked in. Delving. Deep. KayNan tightened his arms and chest muscles, moved the tautness to his lower back. His buttocks…and then he thrust.

And got welcomed.

He went deep. Hilt-deep. Disbelieving the tight coil-like sensation about him. And then he pulled back out, rubbing along ridges and eons of sensation nobody could have described and been believed. He drew almost…out, before she drew him back in. Again. Out. In. Short grunts accompanied to his moves, without his permission or knowledge. Her legs tightened about his waist. Her ankles latched at the small of his back. Her fingernails raked along his chest, lifting little ridges of reddened skin. Her hips lifted to meet him, galvanized by womanly buttocks. He felt her thigh muscles about him as she pulled away, and then lifted again. Pulled away. Lifted.

There was no descriptor vast enough. Enjoyment gathered, hovering at the edges of consciousness. Bliss joined in. And then energy. KayNan moved faster, following her lead, his pelvis slapping against hers in a rhythm nobody had to teach him. She pushed up to meet him. Dropped slightly away. Grabbed at him again. Dropped. And again. And then faster. Stronger.

And then something happened. His mate stiffened and cried aloud, while her flesh gyrated about him. KayNan had never felt anything like it. He watched as she keened her own cry out into the cave about them. It sounded filled with wonder; imbued with music. It matched the look she gave him when her body finished shivering and she moved those gorgeous brown eyes to meet his, and for some reason, there was a patina atop hers now. He’d never seen such a look. As if filled with supreme happiness. Awe. And then she gave him the slightest smile before a tear slipped from her eye.


That one small thing seized him, turning him into a creature of carnal desire. And he wanted more. He became the tool for gaining another bit of tightening to her frame, another cry…and another slight smile. With the resultant tear.

Again. And again. And as many times as he could before the bliss that had been riding the edges of this experience started closing in. Sticking to every move. Hanging onto every thrust and withdrawal. Building. Again. More. Harder. Faster. Heavy, hard pressure filled his lower back. Reached around him. Grabbed him—

And he exploded.

KayNan’s jaw locked and still the sobs came out. They matched in cadence every pulse his body gave as he experienced solid ecstasy and complete rapture, in a combination guaranteed to drain and deplete. No wonder she’d cried. He was very close to it himself as his body finished pulsing, his loins emptied, and the pressure vanished.

By all the gods. Nobody could’ve described this and been believed.

He looked down at his mate. His only. His love. Took in the bruised-looking lips and wide, shiny eyes, carrying the look of something he barely dared guess at. Adoration, maybe? Love? That’s when his arms refused to hold him any longer. He fell to the blanket at her side. And started shuddering.