Twisted Perfection
Author:Abbi Glines


I was going to take her home with me tonight. I needed more of this. I wanted to taste her again and spend hours rolling those candy red nipples against my tongue. She was like crack. It had taken all my willpower to walk out on her the last time we’d done this. Now I needed to get her out of my system or at least die trying.

She snuggled deeper into my arms and her soft satisfied sigh only made me hard again. Damn, she was all kinds of sweet. I shouldn’t be doing this with her but my body had other ideas.

I slowly pulled out of her before I got completely hard again. If that happened I’d end up fucking her just like this again and I needed to change my condom.

“Woods Kerrington I’m going to kick your ass if you’re doing what I think you’re doing! You need to get out here. Angelina just showed up.” Bethy’s angry snarl wasn’t missed as she pounded on the door.

Hell! I didn’t want to deal with Angelina right now. I wanted to change my damn condom and sink myself back inside Della.

Della leaned back from my embrace and she frowned up at me. “Who’s Angelina?”

Who was Angelina? Did I lie to her? No. I couldn’t. But telling her the truth meant that I wouldn’t get to do this again. I needed to find a way to explain it so that I didn’t end this… this thing we had going.

“Please answer me, Woods,” she said as she dropped her legs to the floor and stepped away from me. I felt cold without her. I jerked my pants back up. Her arms crossed over her chest protectively. It only made me want to pull them away so that she wasn’t blocking my view.

“Woods?” She was waiting.

I couldn’t do it. I could not lie to her just to get her to keep fucking me. DAMMIT! Why did I have to be so honorable?

“She’s my soon to be fiancée.” The words physically hurt coming out of my mouth. The idea of marrying Angelina and never knowing this again almost made me throw all this shit with my dad out the door and say screw it. But I couldn’t. It was my future and Della would leave soon. I couldn’t throw my future away for a few weeks of the hottest fuck of my life.

“Soon to be?” she asked, reaching for her bra. I wanted to help her put it on but I knew she wouldn’t want me to. Not after I clarified this.

“I’m going to ask her to marry me tomorrow night during the Delamar Benefit at the club.”

Della’s eyes went wide and she began clumsily trying to put her bra back on as she put more distance between us. “Ohmygod,” she whispered and jerked her shirt over her head. I watched helplessly as she pulled her skirt down and adjusted it. “Ohmygod, I did it again,” she murmured and shook her head in disbelief. When she started for the door I panicked. This couldn’t be it.

“Della, wait. Let me explain,” I begged and she shook her head.

“No, don’t. I get it. I’m an easy lay. You’re about to tie yourself to a girl for the rest of your life so you used me. One more last night of fun.” She let out a hard laugh. “I’m an easy target. I know that. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. I hope she says yes.”

I couldn’t find words to make this right when she jerked the door open and came face to face with a very angry Bethy.

“Are you okay? No, you’re not. Come with me,” she said to Della in a soothing tone. Then she shot me a glare. “I can’t believe you,” she snapped.

I watched them both walk away from me. I zipped my jeans, grabbed my shirt, and slipped it on. The pink scrap of fabric I’d jerked off her in my insanity to be in her lay forgotten on the floor. She was walking around in that short skirt with no panties. Damn. I picked up the last memory I’d have of knowing just how good Della Sloane felt and tucked it into my pocket.

Grant met me in the hallway. I owed him an apology too. Not that I was in the mood to give him one. He’d probably be the next one to find out just how amazing Della felt. My blood heated up as images of Grant touching Della flashed in my head.

“What the hell are you doing? I thought you were gonna ask Angelina to marry you tomorrow night. Jace said you have the ring already.”

I let out a frustrated sigh. “I am. It’s a little deeper than the way it looks. I hooked up with Della about four months ago when she was passing through town. She’s memorable.” I wasn’t about to tell him just how good she was because I had no doubt he’d try her out himself and I knew his heart was too abused to ever love again.

“So you needed one more taste? She know that was what was up? If she did then that’s cool. But if she didn’t then you’re a sorry ass motherfucker.” The last part came out in a soft voice laced with an angry threat.

“I’m the motherfucker,” I replied and shoved past him as Angelina made her way toward me. I had her to deal with now.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Where have you been?” she asked. I started to lie when I decided she didn’t need to think this was a fairytale. She needed the truth.

“Having really hot wild sex. If I’m asking you to marry me tomorrow at the benefit then I needed to have one more fond memory.”

Most girls would have flinched but I’d known Angelina wouldn’t. This was a business transaction for her too.

“I hope it was a good one because I won’t allow it once I’m wearing that ring,” she hissed.

“It was incredible,” I replied and headed for the front door. “Let’s go.”