Twisted (Torn Series)
Author:K.A. Robinson

Twisted (Torn Series) - By K.A. Robinson


There are moments in your life that stand out above all the rest; Moments of pure bliss, pure anger, pure sorrow. Moments that take your breath away. Most of mine were painful at first. The first time my mother hit me, the first time I felt the sting of a belt against my skin. The first time I cried myself to sleep, the first time I cleaned up my mother’s vomit as she lay passed out on the couch.

But the others, the happier ones, they’re what makes life worth living.

They started out simple for me really, the first time I ever stayed with Amber, my first Three Days Grace CD, seeing Logan smile at me as he sat down beside me on his first day of class. They were the little things everyone else took for granted.

As my mother’s time at home decreased, those special little moments increased for me. I lived for the times when she was gone, when the bruises would finally fade from my skin and my smile would be real.

Both my happiest and most painful moments seemed to revolve around one person though. Drake. Even saying his name brought a smile to my face. There was no one who had touched my life the way he had. When we had our lows, they were horrible, a whirlwind of pain and regret. But our highs, oh they could bring me to my knees with joy. I had never felt such total and complete contentment as I did when I was with him. I knew that we were meant to last, that he would stand by my side through any storm I was forced to face.

Sadly, my storm did come. Starting out as nothing more than a small rain cloud, it brought a hurricane with it, not just for me, but for Drake as well.