Promises, Promises
Author:Janice Baker

chapter 6


It was already Tuesday. I had spent most of Sunday and yesterday at home wallowing in self-pity. Melanie had called telling me Izzy cooked some gourmet meal and invited me over. I didn’t feel like listening to everyone chatting like everything was fine and happy. I felt like Jack Daniels knew how to make me feel better. He did. Well sort of. Except for another hangover I was feeling. I figured being in the office going over books and orders might snap me out of feeling so crappy.

My phone chimed a text from Mel.

Hangin’ in there? You missed a great dinner. Iz is a great cook. We missed you.

I responded: All well. Jack helped me get some much needed sleep.

She knew what I meant. No response returned. I heard the staff start coming in, joking around with each other and setting up. Glad they were a good group that could handle opening without me watching over them.

A couple hours passed and it was getting busier out there. Busy for a Tuesday night, at least. I stayed in my office. I didn’t feel like going out and talking to anyone.

My phone rang again. Fuck. It’s the whore. Why is she calling me? I let it go to voicemail. Then it rang again and I glanced at the gorgeous picture I had added to her contact when we first started dating. I picked up the horrible phone, pissed off that it was letting HER call me. “FUCKING WHORE!” I screamed and threw the phone, which hit the side of the door frame and shattered. At the same time, Izzy stepped into the doorway, ducking as she heard it hit the frame. “Whew! Some arm you’ve got there! Glad I’m not a fucking whore,” she smirked.

“Uhhh, I’m sorry. I …” didn’t know what else to say.

“No worries. I was just coming to see if you were alright. We haven’t seen you out there all night and usually you’re micromanaging,” Izzy teased with a sweet smile. As hot as she was, I just didn’t feel like dealing with another female.

“Yeah, no, I just have a ton of work to do.” I scowled back at the computer trying to ignore her.

“Melanie told me what happened. I’m really sorry. If you need a shoulder, I’ve got one too, ya know?” I glanced back at her and noticed again she had that sweet smile and her eyes sparked this time.

“No, thank you…I don’t want to talk about anything, especially with another chick!” I huffed when I said that, pissed off at all women for being fucking whores.

She nodded her head and smiled. “I get it.” Great, now I felt shitty. Fuck it. I didn’t really care anymore. I picked up my keys and headed out of my office, brushing past her. I nodded at Mark and yelled, “You’re in charge. Lock up at closing,” and walked out. I had no idea where I was going, but I had my bike and I needed to clear my head.

The next day, I pretty much did the same exact thing, minus the phone throwing and screaming about “fucking whores.” I didn’t have a phone now and didn’t care. I stayed in my office the entire night. Izzy came by again to check on me and I pretty much said the same thing to her. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to deal with anything. I left around the same time as I did yesterday. Again, I was glad Mark could handle things.

Finally by Thursday, I felt like I could talk to people, or rather women, without cursing them and calling them “fucking whores.” It also seemed like all the women for “Ladies Night” knew I was single, because they kept gathering around me, telling me how they could take care of me and would treat me better. I was pretty sure a one night stand would at least help part of my mood – until I looked up and saw two guys practically hanging over the bar chatting up Izzy. Why did that bother me so badly? It felt like a knife in my heart twisting around. I tried to ignore it, but figured I’d step over and see just how bad they were trying to get in her panties. She usually kept her hair back in a sweet pony tail, but today she had it down. It was gorgeous hanging down, dangling in her cleavage, making sure to bring your eyes down there. Fuck.

I stepped over and said, “You guys having a good time tonight?” as I glanced at Izzy. She was leaning over pointing across the room. The guys weren’t really looking to where she was pointing, they were smiling happily at her and her cleavage.

Izzy turned up a corner of her mouth and explained, “I was just telling them how those two ladies would probably be thrilled if they each brought over a Sex on the Beach. I thought it would be a great opener to introduce themselves.”

One of the douchebags asked, “Is that how you’d want to be approached?” He was smiling smugly and winked at her. I tried to keep calm because my first reaction was to punch him and tell him that she doesn’t want to be approached. Then I was trying to figure out why I cared so much that he was trying to hit on Izzy.

She winked at me and responded, “Oh…well…I don’t date my customers. They’re here for Ladies Night. Free drinks usually brings the guys in, which is why they are here.” She had the sexiest smile I have ever seen. I felt a bit relieved that she was trying to be a good bartender and still brush off being hit on.

“I see,” said Douche One. “Well, maybe we can meet outside of the bar sometime so I can try my luck with you.” Fuck, did you not hear her asshole?

“I believe she said she doesn’t date her customers. Make up two Sex on the Beaches for these two gentleman to take over to those two lovely ladies.” I was really trying to keep my cool. I did own the bar after all and they were paying customers, at least for their drinks. They looked like they took the hint, but as they took the drinks Izzy made for them, Douche One threw his business card and tip on the counter. She smiled sweetly and thanked them.

After they left, she looked at me sadly and asked, “How ya doing? Or has everyone asked you that question over and over again to the point where you want to scream back – not very fucking well?” That at least made me laugh. Maybe I could move her out of the “fucking whore” category for now.

“I’m still pretty ticked, but I’ll be okay.”

“Looks like you have your pick to help you get over her.” She nodded her head towards the crowd of chicks that were still in the circle I left.

“I was just coming to check and make sure those two weren’t getting out of hand.” I said it as nonchalantly as I could while looking around to see where they were. They took her advice and were chatting with the two ladies, who were probably “fucking whores” too.

She giggled, “I can take care of myself, thank you. Besides Mark is always nearby if things get out of hand and Sandy has some pretty witty comments when we get assholes.” God, her giggle made my cock twitch and when she smiled, her eyes twinkled. Our eyes lingered on each other and I was getting a chub just from her smiling at me. Need to get a handle. They’re all fucking whores. I figured I’d change the discussion back to her. I still wasn’t in the mood to be chatty so I thought I’d make her miserable like I was. “So, have you heard anything from your ‘ex’?”

She still smiled. She wasn’t going to be put in a bad mood. Damn, I’m a dick. “Nah, nothing. Nothing is good right? Much better to never hear from HIM.”

I just nodded. Then she added quickly as her smile faded just as fast. “Sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that, if …you know, Sheila is still calling you or something. I’m sorry…” She looked like she felt really bad.

I just nodded again and walked off. I wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore. I walked back to my office, grabbed my keys and left to take a ride on my bike and clear my mind.

Driving the streets, I kept wondering why I had been such a dick to Izzy when she was being so sweet to me. I keep feeling like I’m being drawn in by her and I wanted to break it. I just don’t want to deal with another chick right now – especially one that’s got a crazy fucked up ex.

But then I kept thinking about how we seem to have such an amazing attraction to each other. Or maybe she is like that with everyone? She’s so beautiful and I notice how many men constantly gather around her at the bar. Maybe because she’s just like the rest of women that draw you in…fucking whores. Fuck.


Friday morning, I decided it was finally time to get another phone. I’m sure I had more than my share of voicemails, but at least Izzy and Clark could relay that I was, in fact, still alive to Flynn and Mel. And Flynn would tell his mom, who would tell my mom, if they were trying to get a hold of me.

The lovely sales lady was shamelessly flirting with me. It’s as if the whole world knew I was single again. Little did they know it was because of a FUCKING WHORE! At least it felt good to flirt back. She knew my number already so maybe I’d get a call from her. She wasn’t too bad looking. She had a nice ass.

Smiling, I checked my voicemails. Hearing the fucking whore’s voice put me back into a bad mood. I kept deleting them, but then realized I should probably hear one to see if it’s anything important. Nope. It wasn’t. Just her calling to say she was sorry that things turned out the way they did and she feels bad. Great. She can go to hell for all I care. Another message from my mom telling me she hoped I was feeling better and that she can’t wait to see the whole gang at the block party. Crap, the whole neighborhood would try to fix me up with their niece, cousin or daughter. Just what I needed.

Mel left a voicemail asking me when I was getting a new cell phone since I smashed my other one. Not sure it occurred to her that she was leaving a message right after I shattered my phone so I really couldn’t listen to my messages.

I headed over to Allure. Figured I better stay the full night to make sure things were running smoothly since I’ve been flaking out. I started going through the books from the past couple nights. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Actually they seemed pretty accurate. Hmm. Well, good. Glad to know Mark and Sandy could handle things pretty well. I started going through the liquor count to see what else I might need to order for the weekend, when I noticed that an order was already set up and ready to go; it just needed my okay. Odd. Sandy never took the initiative, but you never know. She had worked here for quite a while. I grabbed the order and walked to the back to put in the order.

After I finalized the order, I walked out and the door opened right then and in walked Clark and Izzy, laughing about something. When my eyes met hers, I felt my heart in my throat for some reason. She stopped laughing, but kept smiling. Her hair was down again. She looked fresh and absolutely breathtaking.

“Hey,” she said still smiling. I swallowed hard.

“Glad to see you’re here, man! How ya been?” Clark asked slapping me on the back.

I glanced over at him, remembering he was here. “Umm, yeah. Good, I’m good, thanks.”

“Thought we lost you there for a bit. You can’t let the whores get you down! Gotta get back out there and fuck a couple to get her out of your system. I’ll help you find one tonight. I’ll only let the really hot ones in tonight!” Clark said while smiling enthusiastically.

Izzy was giggling at his comment. Fuck she had a cute giggle. Looking at the ground, she added, “He’s probably right. It might make you feel better.” She looked back up to me and it seemed like she was just saying that to be agreeable.

“Really? Is that what you want to do to get over your ex?” I asked in a soft voice, looking right into her eyes.

Her smile left her face quickly and she swallowed hard. “No, I….I…” She gulped and looked away. “I’m going to start getting things set up,” she mumbled as she walked away quickly. Yep. I’m really a dick now.

Smirking, Clark just shook his head, slapped my back and said, “Nice try!” As he walked off after her. Sandy and Mark came in a few minutes later along with several other waitresses.

The night got going and Clark was pretty much true to his word. It seemed like he really did just let the hot ones in. Again, it seemed like they all knew I was single. I was pretty sure Clark mentioned that to all of them. I had tons of them coming up to me, chatting, doing that flip thing with their hair, touching me constantly. Shit. Maybe I should just pick one.

Then I looked up and met Izzy’s eyes. Her eyes lit up and her smile shot right through me. One of the girls was squeezing my arm pretty tight to get my attention. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked as I tried to shake off the feeling I got from looking at Izzy.

I glanced back again but she was working on a drink, talking to some guy and smiling. Jealousy tore through me and I tried to get a handle on it. I barely knew her for fucks sake. The guy took his drink and walked away back to his buddies, smiling as if he got something from her. I guess he did, his drink, but I’m sure he was thinking something more.

I was pulled back into the conversation about “how great my bar is and how she finds owning a bar so interesting.” She was annoying the crap out of me, but I smiled trying to be polite.

Flynn and Mel walked in. Thank God. Save me! Over here! Yes, the one surrounded by three gorgeous chicks who are annoying the shit out of me, except for them having amazing tits. Flynn noticed my distressed smirk and came over, leaving Mel at the bar to talk to Izzy.

“Hey man!” He high fived me with a half hug. We walked away from the big titty crowd. “Heard you’ve been a bit flaky lately.”

Great, just what I needed. Izzy and Clark were reporting back to Flynn. “Nah, just needed to keep clearing my head.”

He laughed, “… and the phone destruction episode?”

“Yeah, I guess I should apologize to Izzy for nearly taking her head off.” Shit, I never did say sorry for that, did I? Now I felt like a really a big asshole.

“Nah, she’s fine. She was actually laughing about it. Said she felt bad for the phone. By the way, you missed an amazing dinner. She really can cook. Too bad she works nights or we’d have dinner every night!”

“Really? Great. I’ll have to make it next time she cooks,” I said as I glanced back over to her. Izzy and Mel now had several guys all around them flirting. Fuck, what is up with this jealousy crap? I never used to get it this bad with Fucking Whore. Yet with Izzy, I barely knew her and couldn’t stop feeling jealous every time some dick was talking to her.

Flynn noticed my look, shook his head and grumbled, “Great. More competition. Fuck.” He brushed past me, down the hall to the supply area, grabbed a bottle of Jack and headed to my office. I was right behind him.

“So, have you heard from Sheila?” Flynn asked.

“That’s not her name anymore. I’ve renamed her ‘fucking whore’,” I announced with a straight face.

“And so it was written, the slut will be called ‘fucking whore’ forever,” Flynn joked as he poured Jack into our two glasses.

“Yep, she seems to call daily telling me she’s sorry, as if I’m supposed to actually respond to that,” I sneered.

“Mom called me. Said your mom has been trying to call you. Left messages on your cell and office.” I looked down at the pile of message notes on my desk. I’m sure most were from her. “I told her you were fine and to tell your mom,” Flynn said.

Our parents have been best friends since high school. They do everything together, including buying houses across from each other. Flynn and I have been best friends since birth and have done everything together.

“Glad we have two moms, basically, to worry about us,” I said laughing. And also two Dads to set us straight. Growing up had been fun at times and also tough with our parents being best friends. Lectures were always doubled.

We kept talking about a bunch of stuff. Finally, Mel came back and asked how we’re doing. I wish people would quit asking that. I’m getting drunk again because of a fucking whore, I wanted to tell her. But I refrained. She was just being nice like everyone else. “Doing great Mel. We’re just entertaining a friend,” I said, raising my glass.

“Mel, we’ll probably be here awhile,” Flynn said laughing.

“No worries. I’ll go have a couple drinks and talk to Iz.” As soon as Mel left Flynn muttered under his breath, “and flirt with every fucking guy in the bar!”

“Come on dude, you can’t be like that with her. She seems to keep trying to get with you. You keep pushing her away,” I said as serious as I could be after two glasses. The amber liquid was starting to do its job nicely.

“Whatever. Izzy threw a business card on the counter when they got back from Spike’s and not too long after, Mel got a call. She went into the other room, but she was flirting. I know they were picking up guys,” Flynn grunted with a disgusted look on his face.

“To Fucking Whores!” I lifted my glass up and took a huge gulp and refilled both our glasses. Knowing that gulp was going to try to erase the picture in my head of some dickwad with his hands all over Izzy. I mean Sheila, right?

We continued talking about everything and nothing, just drinking and going over memories. Then we started talking about ex-girlfriends. That’s when I started to really forget our discussion. Before I knew it, Mark came by saying that the bar was all closed up and everyone was headed home. Izzy and Mel came into the office after they said goodbye to Mark and then it was just the four of us. I looked down and saw the bottle of Jack mostly empty. Wow. That’s a lot, I think I said to myself, but couldn’t focus too well. I took a deep breath and looked up. Two gorgeous girls were laughing and looking at Flynn and me. “Fucking Whores. All of ‘em…that’s all they are and ever bwee,” I slurred.

Mel laughed, “Whatever. You guys are all assholes just looking to get laid. So don’t give me your shit.”

I walked over to Mel and Izzy. “Not you two chicks!” I said putting my arms around both of them, “You’re just two awesome girls.”

“Aww. Gee, thanks Z. Too bad not all you guys think that,” Mel glared at Flynn then smiled back at me. “Come on, you can’t drive home. You’ll have to stay at our place, if you can walk at all.”

“Oh baby I can walk alright. I can walk like no fucking other person ever walked before!” What was I saying?

Flynn was laughing and added, “Walking the walk and fucking the fuck!” The girls were laughing, but I couldn’t figure out why.

I heard Izzy mumble behind me something about being the only sober person. I whipped around and yelled, “Clark!!! Where the fuck is Clark? That fucker better be sober. He was supposed to be working!”

Izzy giggled, “He worked sober and he also left with some brunette.”

Flynn busted out laughing, “Lois Lane!! He found his fucking Lois Lane!!” We all burst out laughing.

I turned around and locked up the door the best that I could. Maybe not so great because Izzy grabbed the keys from me, locked the door and punched in the code. God she’s hot. I just kept watching her move. I’m so glad I picked the uniforms. Ahhh…was she was laughing at me?

“What are you laughing about?” I slurred as I put my hand on her smooth, soft shoulder. I think I was swaying too.

“You! You’re trashed and haven’t stopped staring at my chest!” She chuckled.

“Are you making fun of me? You can’t make fun of me.” Izzy put her arm around my waist to help me walk. Whoa. Didn’t realize I was that wobbly. Fuck. The street was spinning. I looked down at her. “Damn, she does have nice tits.” I meant to think that. I looked at her face; she was laughing. “No really, I mean that…your tits really are very nice. They look soft. Are they soft?”

She was still laughing and teased, “You’ll never know, hot stuff.” Hot stuff? Was that a good thing? I need another drink. Don’t I? I can’t remember. “Wheres’ we going?” I slurred.

“Back to the townhouse,” she said smiling.

“Are you gonna be there?” I asked. I hoped so. She’s so hot.

“Yes, I live there now, remember?” I heard Flynn laughing behind me. I turned around and he had his arm around Mel’s shoulders like I had mine around Izzy. Wonder if he was trying to walk straight too.

“Flynn,” I called back. “We have our own walking tits! They’re going to get us home!” I was yelling now. I got some stares from people walking by. “What are you looking at? You want your own walking tits too, don’t you?” Some weirdo gave me a look. “He knows he does,” I slurred looking at Izzy.

Melanie shouted something to Flynn and he responded, “Aww, come on….don’t be mad…I was just saying you were getting tons of guys tonight.” Flynn was trying to hug her and she was annoyed, pushing him away.

“No, that’s not what you said! You asked if I fucked anyone tonight!” She folded her arms and stopped.

“Well…did you?” He was swaying as was I, but I had a tit holding me up…I mean an Iz…Izzy...Izzy was holding me up.

I turned to her, “They’re starting their shit again. Can’t they just fuck and get it over with?” I was staring at Iz’s mouth…it’s a gorgeous mouth…it’s plump and red, but kind of pink and…

“Let’s just let them work it out,” said the mouth. I love the mouth…the mouth is so fucking hot. She started guiding me to walk. I tried to walk my best straight line. We turned to go up some stairs and I looked up and sat down on one. It looked like too many to climb. “Come on, it’s not that bad.” Izzy was pulling my arm, but I was having trouble standing again.

Shouting. I heard some shouting. “What do you care how many I fuck? You’re not my boyfriend!” Mel…That was Mel who shrieked that. God I wish they’d just stop. I turned and started crawling up the stairs. It was much easier this way. Somehow I made it to the couch and sat there.

Iz said she’d be right back. I think I closed my eyes and then she was back, laughing from behind me. I heard a bottle top open and someone drinking. “Mmm…” was the sound…made my dick hard the way it was moaned. I turned to look. Fuck me. Iz was standing in the kitchen chugging a beer. She changed ‘cause she wasn’t wearing the uniform anymore. A blue shirt was half off her shoulder. I think I made some noise because she stopped and started laughing. She keeps laughing at me. That’s just fucked up to laugh at a drunk. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I was. Drunk.

“How ya feelin’ Z?” She asked. God her eyes are gorgeous. They were sparkling. “Good now that you’re here baby!” I said as sexy as I could. She started laughing more. What? That was a good line. What was wrong with that?

“Is that what you say to pick up a chick?” She said laughing.

“Come over here and sit t’ me. Talk to me Iz.” I patted the seat next to me. It sounded louder than I intended.

“I don’t want to be in line for rebound, Z,” she told me as she looked away from me.

I laughed and said, “Who’s rebounding? I’m just bouncing back!” She giggled. God, that sound made my dick hard. Why is her giggle so fucking hot?

“That’s what rebound means! I think I’ll stay over here for now Z, but thanks.” I scared her. I can’t even pick up a chick in the kitchen. Shit.

Then the door slammed and Mel ran up the stairs crying. Flynn looked like he was pissed. “What’d you do now?” What are they doing?

“Nothing. I just fucked it all up. Every guy wants to fuck her and she doesn’t get it,” Flynn said as he swayed. He grabbed a bar stool and sat down. Good thinking.

Izzy leaned over to talk to him and I got a fantastic shot of her tits. Holy shit…no fucking bra…she saw my eyes and stood up quickly and straightened out her shirt.

“Naw…don’t do that please. Come on! They were so nice to me!” I was trying to stand to walk to the other bar stool, but it wasn’t working as great as I thought. I hit the couch a couple times before finally able to hold one and sit down on a bar stool.

Flynn started laughing as he watched me. Then he put his head in his hands. “Ugh, I keep fucking it all up, don’t I?” Flynn moaned.

“Yes, you seem to do that. Why is that? She’s really into you, you know Flynn,” Iz insisted as she took a swig of her beer. My eyes were getting heavy…I put my head down to close them. I heard talking but then nothing else.

A girl’s voice said, “Help me get him to the couch. Why is he so much drunker than you? Didn’t you guys drink the same?”

“No, he was slamming them faster than I was. I thought it’d be funny to pour mine into his glass when he wasn’t looking.” That got a girl to giggle. I was lifted and then all was soft and quiet.

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