Promises, Promises
Author:Janice Baker



We arrived at the side door for Allure and I opened it, letting her walk in first. I flipped on a few lights and she turned on some music. “I thought you didn’t like to do this? Cuts into profits?” She teased flirtatiously while smirking at me.

I smiled, “I never had a hot girl I’m in love with to do this with. Not to mention, make it worthwhile.” She giggled. I will never tire of that giggle.

“Rack ‘em up, baby.” I said to her as I grabbed a couple of beers from behind the bar. I watched her walk over to the first pool table, glad she picked the right one. I made sure all the balls were already on the table, but just needed to be racked. My heart was racing a mile a minute and I tried so hard to remain calm. I took a quick drink hoping it would help calm my nerves. Nope. Didn’t work. Might need a couple beers at this rate.

“You want me to break or do you want to,” she asked smirking.

I laughed knowing if she broke I’d never get a shot; however, I didn’t care either way. Though, on second thought, my hands were shaking so badly. “You go ahead. I love watching you play.” I smirked and winked at her.

She bit her lip and strutted over to me as I sat on a bar stool. Kissing me, she giggled and said, “okay, but no messing around like Matt did to me that night. Keep your stick to yourself.” She smiled looking down at my crotch. It took everything I had not to grab her and just throw her onto the pool table. Hopefully later.

She walked back and took aim. Crack! That was close. I was relieved none of the balls went into the left corner pocket. Of course, she still got one into the right corner pocket. I took a sip of my beer and let out a deep breath; I hadn’t realized I had been holding my breath. She called stripes and leaned over to take a shot, “left side pocket” and made it. She called each one, making each one. None were lined up for left corner pocket. She took her last shot “left corner pocket” she called. I took a deep breath and she nailed it, of course. “I bet you couldn’t do that shot again, from this angle.” I pointed my cue stick to an angle that would make it a pretty tough shot.

“Do you doubt me?” She teased.

I smiled. “I’m just saying that’s a tough angle and you probably couldn’t make it.”

She laughed, shaking her head as if I were crazy. “I can and I will, thank you!”

I took a deep breath as she walked over to the left corner pocket to reach in for the ball. I watched her reaction as she felt it. Her eyes pulled together as if confused. She pulled the ball out and looked down at the pocket. “Oh my gosh!” She pulled the ring out and exclaimed, “Someone lost their engagement ring!”

My heart was racing as I slowly walked over to her. It took everything I had to walk slowly. I took it from where she held it in between her fingers and put it up to the light. “Wow, I wonder how that would have happened.” I said as I held it up to the light, letting her look at its sparkle from the pool table light. I glanced back at her and went down on one knee. “I bet it would look gorgeous on your finger.” She looked at me completely confused, but then realized I was down on one knee as I reached for her left hand. I kissed her hand softly and looked up at her sparkling eyes that now were smiling in hopes of what was about to happen. “Izzy, the day you walked into this bar, I knew you were the one for me.” I slid the ring on her finger and smiled up at her, “Make me the happiest man alive and spend the rest of your life with me. Would you please be my wife?”

Tears streamed down her face as she looked at me lovingly, nodding her head “Yes, absolutely, yes!”


“And do you Zander Jeremy Williams, take Izzy Marie McKenna to be your lawful, wedded wife?”

“I promise.” My heart swelled with incredible love for the woman before me as she mouthed “Promises, Promises” to me with laughing eyes. I smiled, but shook my head, “I promise,” I said again interrupting the reverend as he said, “To have…” Izzy giggled and bit her lip, tears welling up in her eyes. It took everything I had not to kiss her right then. I wanted to seal my promise to her with a kiss.

The reverend cleared his throat and continued, “To have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, ‘til you both part in death.”

“I. Promise.” I enunciated each word, making her giggle again. I didn’t wait for the reverend to tell me to kiss the bride. I couldn’t wait to seal my promise. I grabbed her and kissed her with all the passion I had for my wife. I heard the reverend continue, while he laughed, “I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.” Continuing to laugh, I heard him add, “NOW you may kiss the bride.” It didn’t matter. I didn’t need him to tell me when I could kiss my wife. MY WIFE. I repeated that over and over again in my head.

As we turned to face family and our friends, I felt proud and excited. Izzy had insisted on a small wedding in the backyard of my parent’s house and I made sure there wasn’t traditional seating, as she had no family for her side. Well, actually, now she had a family. I was thrilled I could give her something so meaningful that she never had, but always would, from this day forward.


Izzy and I walked over to where Mel and Flynn were standing and were attempting to sign the enlarged photo with a border. We chose to use the photo instead of a guest registry so we could hang it at our house. As much as I was pissed that Izzy really had been followed by her sick ex, I couldn’t have been happier when I saw the picture that fell out of her purse one day. It was an amazing shot of Izzy and me; with her head looking down, giggling at something I had said to her. Sunlight shone through her gorgeous dirty blonde hair, making it lighter than it actually was. Her eyes filled with happiness as I gazed lovingly at her, smiling. My head tilted slightly from whatever I was telling her. My eyes were filled with all the true love that I felt for her and always would.

Mel and Flynn were laughing hysterically, Mel with the pen in her hand. “What are you two up to?” I asked, laughing because they looked so mischievous.

“Mel was just about to write ‘Mel made this happen!’ all over the frame.” Flynn told me while chuckling, trying to grab the pen from Mel’s hand.

I chuckled, noticing Mel had way too much to drink as she gave up the pen to Flynn. Then Mel grabbed Izzy from behind, giving her a huge hug while hanging onto Izzy’s back. “I wasn’t going to, Flynn wanted to do that!” She tried to place blame on my buddy.

I laughed, “Just remember that your wedding is coming up next year and it’ll be Izzy and my turn to write stuff on your border!”

“Yeah, not to mention my turn to throw your bachelorette party too!” Izzy added in, laughing a bit too much at their private joke.

“Do not start that fight again!” Flynn glared at Izzy, whose mouth dropped open.

“I’m not starting anything, but I do not understand how you two could get so jealous about our party when Clark and Matt, the biggest skirt chasers alive, threw your bachelor party!”

I rolled my eyes at Izzy for even bringing it up. The guys and me were having a great time and of course they bought me a couple of lap dances, which was fun, until Matt brought up the fact that Izzy was probably getting one from a guy at her bachelorette party. Yeah, drunk Z wasn’t thinking too straight. Although I wasn’t alone in that either as Flynn decided I had the best idea ever to go spy on the girls. Sandy should have never answered my text, telling me which bar they were at. Izzy was hustling pool and the guy was hanging all over her when we walked in. A bar brawl is probably not what the girls had in mind for their bachelorette party.

Mel wrapped her arms around Flynn and kissed his cheek, making that cute pout she does. “We’re not going to talk about that night anymore.” He turned to kiss her fully on the lips and I started to wonder if they were going to leave our reception before my bride and me.

Clark came up behind Mel and grabbed her, breaking their kiss as he laughed, “What is it with you two couples? You don’t believe in getting rooms?”

Mel giggled, “Oh please! I’ve noticed Tina has been staying over a lot more than any other girl has been allowed to!”

Clark chuckled as he spread his arms out wide, “She’s not with me here! She’s just my latest booty call. I’m still single! I’m still playing the field!”

Matt walked over and grabbed Clark’s neck from behind. “Come on wingman; there’s a hot blonde at the bar who has a friend. I need you, man!” Clark glanced back at the bar and rolled his eyes. “Sorry buddy, I already tapped her several weeks ago. She’s a regular at the bar.”

“Yeah? She any good?” Matt asked, unfazed by what Clark just told him.

Clark shrugged. “She’s a screamer. Oh man, you know what she really likes?” They started walking away as Matt listened intently to what Clark had to say. I shook my head and Izzy laughed.

“They’ll never stop, will they,” she said, watching them walk over to where the girls were. One day they’ll both get over the heartaches they’ve had in the past. I’m sure as hell glad I got over mine.

I shrugged. “I hope so. I hope one day they find the love of their life like I have.” I looked deep into her eyes as she smiled back at me. She put her arms around my neck and reached up to give me a kiss. I picked her up and kissed her with everything I had for my amazing bride. My amazing bride that I promised to love with all of my heart and soul.

I always keep my promises.