Midnight Special Coming on Strong
Author:Tawny Weber


IT TOOK EVERY OUNCE of her will to keep the glib smile in place as Marni waited to see what Hunter would do. Heck, she still wasn’t sure what she was doing.


She had no idea why that’d popped out of her mouth. Her only defense was that her brain didn’t function well on sexual overload.

Heck, one second, she’d been floating on a sea of incredible pleasure. The next, she’d been pounded back to earth. And not in the fun, sexual way she’d have enjoyed.

Her body felt as though it was going to splinter into tiny little pieces. Nerves wrapped around desire, tangling with excitement and overlaid by fear.

And Hunter just stood there, staring.

Unable to hold his gaze, she shifted her attention to the fancy clothes he’d tossed over the back of the chair.

Vividly aware that she was barefoot, as if the sight of her naked toes was the ultimate tease, she rubbed one arch against the other. Hunter’s eyes shifted to her feet. Narrowed. Heated.

Marni gulped.

She jumped up from the bed, crossing to the outfit and lifting the dress as if it were suddenly the most fascinating thing on earth.

All of her attention was focused on the man behind her.

She waited for Hunter to do something. To say anything.

But he didn’t.

He just leaned against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest, and stared. She could feel his eyes on her back, like hot lasers equipped with tiny sexual fingers that teased and tempted everywhere they touched.

Her breath only a little labored, Marni pretended she didn’t notice. Laying the dress back on the chair, she crossed to the tiny bathroom to get her brush, running it through her pillow-tangled hair. Then, realizing that this would just remind both of them why her hair had been getting tangled on the pillow, she tossed it on the table.

She looked around the room, her eyes flitting from this to that, landing everywhere but on him.

His briefcase and laptop were once again locked away.

The green landscape flew past the window like a blurred watercolor.

The bed—where just a few minutes ago he’d been inviting her to enjoy what was promising to be a pretty sweet orgasm—was mussed, with the duvet kicked to the bottom of the mattress.

Her pulse jumped ahead a few beats.

She wanted that orgasm.

She wanted it so badly, she was afraid she’d do something stupid. Something crazy. Something she’d regret, maybe not in the morning, but within a couple of days. Because she figured that was probably about how long it’d take to return from climactic pleasure la-la land.

“Are you attending the party tonight?” she asked, tossing random words out to try to defuse the tension. “It’s the big event, where everyone gets to toss out their suspicions and make accusations. I think it was Peter. He had means, opportunity and motive. What do you think?”

“I’m not interested in games.”

Well. Marni pressed her lips together. She was a smart girl. She didn’t need an interpreter or a big flashing neon sign to pick up on the double entendre.

Her fingers dug into her palms as she stared at the dress. She wasn’t trying to play a game. But she didn’t know what she wanted, either. Well, that was a lie. She wanted him. But should she give in to that desire? What was going to happen if she did?

Was she strong enough to separate her physical needs and her emotional hopes? Was she smart enough to keep from hoping for something that she knew was impossible? Something guaranteed to demand more than she could give if she was going to achieve her career ambitions?

Finally, shoring up all her nerve, she looked at Hunter.

He didn’t look pissed.

Or impatient, or irritated, or any other negative thing that she’d imagine most guys would feel after finding a willing woman in his bed—twice—only to be denied. And maybe he did feel all of those things, but he was too much a gentleman to show it.

That scored a lot of points in her book.

That, and the memory of his lips on her breast.

She sucked in a deep breath, pulling her gaze away again to finger the beaded fabric of the evening gown.


“So?” she tossed back, still staring at the dress.

“So are you going to play dress-up?”

Marni tilted her head, taking in the entire gown. It was one of the prettiest she’d ever seen. The kind that made a girl want to play dress up, to put on her highest heels and fanciest jewelry. To pretend she was a princess.

A fair maiden.

The most desirable woman in the room.

Of course, Hunter made her feel that way, too.

Marni closed her eyes, and for the first time she could remember, decided not to weigh the consequences. Not to put her career, her ambition first.

For the first time, she was a woman first.

She blew out a deep breath, imagining she were letting go of all her fears, every worry and caution.

Then, because she’d gotten what she needed—the space and time to make sure she wouldn’t regret her actions—she turned to Hunter with a smile.

It was her most seductive smile.

“Actually, I had a different sort of entertainment in mind,” she told him quietly. “One that requires we stay here. Together.”

Hunter straightened from the wall. His gaze, so intense she was sure he was peering into her soul, didn’t leave her face.

“We keep ending up in bed together by accident,” she pointed out, pretending nerves weren’t clutching at her vocal cords and making it hard to speak. “Maybe we should see what it’d be like if we started out there together, on purpose.”

His eyes flamed bright with the promise of a passion deeper than anything she’d experienced yet.

“You’re sure?” His words were low, husky.

Marni’s fingers trembled as she slid her hair behind one ear. She wanted to look away. It was so hard to think when he was staring at her. Hard to discern the right choice when she was looking directly into the face of temptation.

“Is it just sex?” she blurted out. She winced, but managed to resist slapping her hands over her mouth in embarrassment. She was equal parts horrified at the neediness of the question, and proud of herself. Hey, if a little honest talk before getting naked scared him away, then so be it. She’d be better off without him then.

She backed up that silent lie with a defiant lift of her chin.

“You’re something else.” He laughed. “Every time I think I’ve got you figured out, you change things up.”

“Is that a problem?”

Walking toward her, he slowly shook his head. “Nope. I’m all for honesty. I’d rather we lay it all out now, before we get naked. Because as soon as the clothes come off, we’re not going to be talking for a long, long time.”

Marni’s heart raced. Both at the image of them naked and unable to talk for long, sweaty hours. And at his mention of honesty. One excited her like crazy, the other scared the hell out of her.

She bit her lip, twining the fingers of one hand through the other as she struggled with the scary part. Did her being a reporter, here to do a story on his case, qualify as something she needed to confess to merit that honesty he mentioned?

Since the probable reward for that kind of honesty was her tush being tossed off the train, she figured she’d stick with sexual honesty. It wasn’t as if she was sleeping with him for the story. She didn’t expect him to moan the details of the Burns case while she kissed her way down his body.

Would he be pissed later?


Could he claim she’d slept with him to get the story?

She didn’t see how. And that wasn’t just her horny side talking. Even though the horny side was doing a few mental cartwheels now that it was sure it was getting its way.

“Finally got it all settled in there?”

“What?” She frowned, wondering when Hunter had moved. He was one step, maybe two, away. How had she not noticed? Heat spun around her like a whirlpool of energy. It was as though all of her nerve endings were standing on edge, waiting.

“Your mind is just as fascinating as your smile. Did you know that? It’s like I can see you working through all of the options, debating with yourself and lining up your reasons. Pro and con.”

Marni wrinkled her nose. It really was weird to have someone see her, know her, that well. People who’d spent their lives with her didn’t see her nearly as clearly. She wasn’t sure she liked it. But she wasn’t sure she didn’t, either.

“If you think you’re so smart,” she taunted in a flirtatious tone, “can you also see what I decided?”

He stepped closer. Close enough that she could feel the heat, the energy, off his body. Close enough that if she wanted, she’d just have to lift her fingers to touch him. And oh, how she wanted. His smile turned wicked, as if he’d just flipped the locks on a sensual prison and tossed the key out the window. Marni’s pulse raced, nerves and desire tangling together in her belly. Excitement was a drug pounding through her system. She was helpless to resist it. She wanted more. She wanted everything.

“You decided to cover your butt,” he said slowly, his words so low they were barely discernible over the sound of the train’s wheels racing across the tracks. “You want this. Want to see what it’s like between us. You probably figure it’s a safe bet. We hit California in two days. If the sex sucks, you only have to avoid me for a few dozen hours. If it’s incredible, you figure the few dozen hours are enough to immerse yourself in it, but not enough to get addicted.”

She’d been addicted since that first morning, waking up to his mouth on her body. Feeling the edgy, needy fingers of desire gripping her as never before. But he didn’t need to know that.

“Scary,” she muttered, her smile a little shaky. “Do you read minds in that government accounting job of yours?”

For just a second, the heat in his gaze cooled. Shuttered. Like that part of him, the special agent man, had stepped aside. Like he was waiting. Judging. But not involved.

“I’ve spent a few days watching you. Learning you,” he finally said. It didn’t escape her that he was completely ignoring her question about where he’d learned his mind-reading tactics. Instead, he reached out, his fingers sliding through her hair. Marni shuddered, her mouth going dry at his touch. “I’ve spent even more time thinking about you.”

Her ego wanted to know what he’d seen watching, what he’d learned. But the woman who was teetering on obsessing over him? All she cared about was that last part.

“And just what have you been thinking about me?” she asked, the words catching in her throat as his fingers skimmed her jaw, then slid under her hair to the back of her neck.

“My thinking has kind of gone like this.” His mouth descended.


She really liked the way he thought.

And she really, really liked the way he kissed.

Her mouth opened to his, reveling in his taste. His tongue thrust, strong and hard. Marni welcomed him with a moan, anticipation so intense it was almost painful as she met each thrust with a welcoming glide of her own tongue along his.

His fingers were so warm, his body so hot. She skimmed her palms over his shoulders—oh, baby, she loved his shoulders—and reveled in their broad strength. His body was a work of art. One she wanted to study. To worship. To spend untold hours exploring in great, delicious detail.

“Mmm, now this is even more fun,” she murmured as his mouth shifted so his lips whispered over her cheek and along her jaw.

“Fun, hmm?”

“Oh, yeah. Don’t you think sex is fun?” she teased, her fingers tunneling into the silky thickness of his hair.

“I guess we’re going to find out.”

Even though she’d known where this was going from the second he kissed her, a powerful surge of excitement exploded deep in Marni’s belly. Her thighs quivered, her nipples puckered. She was so ready to see just what they’d be finding out.

“Marni,” Hunter rasped, his lips hovering just over hers.

“Yeah?” She forced her eyelids open, meeting his slumberous gaze.

“It’s gonna be incredible.”

* * *

HUNTER WASN’T A MAN afraid to make promises. He knew how to make things happen. But this was the first time he’d ever promised a woman incredible.

It was the first time he’d ever promised a woman anything.

He didn’t know whether to be horrified or excited.

He settled for completely turned-on.

Wanting, needing to taste more, he sucked her lower lip between his teeth. Marni moaned.

“You like that?” he asked, his words a husky whisper as he shifted backward just a little, so he could see her face.

“I do,” she breathed, her head falling back. Her hair fell like a soft curtain over his hands. Her eyes were closed, a rosy flush making her skin glow.

He gripped her hair in one hand, tugging gently to shift her head to one side, then took advantage of the move by skimming his lips down her now exposed throat. He nibbled the delicate flesh, reveling in her breathy moan. He reached the juncture of her collarbone, burying his face there for one second and breathing deep her enticing scent.

When he reached her blouse, his patience snapped. Through with the gentlemanly pretense—hell, all of the pretenses—he gave in to his own wants and ripped the fabric aside.

Her gasp, and the pinging of buttons, bounced off the walls. She pressed her hips tighter against his throbbing erection, which was all the proof he needed that she didn’t have an issue with the damage.

He made quick work of the rest of her blouse, sending her bra flying along with the ruined clothing. Then he leaned back to take in the gorgeous bounty he’d been dreaming of.


Her skin was so pale, her nipples a rich raspberry. Tight and puckered. He couldn’t resist tracing his forefinger over one generous areola. Her breasts were lush, perfectly round and so inviting. His mouth watered to taste her.

Marni’s eyes were slumberously sensual as she watched his surveillance. She arched one brow, as if asking what was taking him so long.

Good question.

Hunter cupped both breasts in his hands, weighing their bounty, lifting the delicious tips for his mouth. His tongue swirled around one, then the other. He sipped, delicate and sweet. Her fingers dug into the small of his back, her breath coming faster and faster.

His dick throbbed, tension spinning tighter and tighter through his body. Giving in to the desperation, he sucked hard on one nipple while his fingers plucked at the other. She cried out, then almost made him explode by wrapping one leg around his thigh and pressing herself tight against his dick.

Hunter dropped to his knees, yanking the zipper of her skirt down as he went. He shoved the fabric down over her hips, then took another second to appreciate the glorious view.

Clad only in a tiny pair of zebra-striped panties at odds with the vintage look she’d been sporting all week, she looked like a modern goddess, offering a glimpse of heaven to the mortal at her feet.

A heaven he was all too ready to enjoy.

His eyes hot, his body desperate, he snapped that black-and-white fabric with a quick twist, leaving her totally nude.

Marni flinched, as if she were going to modestly cover herself. Then, at the look in his eyes, she gave a shuddering sigh and stepped a little wider, as if inviting him to go ahead and look.

He did more than look.

He leaned in close, hitching one of her thighs over his shoulder. He waited just long enough for her to settle her shoulders against the wall for balance, then he dove in.

He ran his tongue over her clitoris.

She cried out, then grabbed on to his head as though she was afraid of losing her balance.

He sipped. He nipped. His fingers reveled in the delicate dance in and out of her hot, wet canal.

Her breath came faster and faster. When he sucked the throbbing pink flesh between his teeth, she cried out. Her body spasmed, contracting around his fingers as she came.

“Bed?” she gasped.

“I don’t think so,” he responded, quickly getting to his feet. “Every time we land in that bed, this ends.”

Her laughter filled the room even as she made quick work of his shirt, seemingly caught in the maelstrom of his desperate hunger.

Hunter wasn’t kidding, though.

Hell, he was barely thinking.

He shrugged off his shirt while her fingers reached for the zipper of his jeans. His brain was barely engaged, all of the blood in his body throbbing along with his erection. He had just enough foresight to kick off his shoes so he could rid himself of the denim, then grabbed his wallet out of his pocket to snag a condom.

He knew she was on the Pill. He’d shared a tiny cabin with her long enough that little things like that became obvious. But he owed it to her to make sure she was safe until they could talk. And talking was out of the question right now.

So he quickly sheathed himself, her hot stare making it a little harder to get the latex over his still growing erection. Hell, all it was going to take was a touch of one of her fingers at this point, and he’d blow.


He pressed his body against hers, his hands skimming up and down her curves. She gripped his shoulders, her nails digging in tight as she wrapped one leg around his thigh.

He lifted her by the ass, holding her body flush against his. She used his support to anchor her other foot around him, both ankles locking at the small of his back.

When her wet core pressed tight against his straining cock, Hunter lost it. He shifted their bodies so she was caught between the narrow dresser and his hips, using the rounded edge of the wood to anchor her hips as he thrust.




Holy freaking hell, so incredibly deep.

Hunter growled as more pleasure than he’d ever felt pounded through him, even as he pounded into Marni.

Her cries started low and deep, growing higher and keener with each thrust. Her breath came in quick pants.

“Oh! Oh, oh, oh,” she chanted, each word more breathless than the last, each one a higher decibel as her voice and her body climbed pleasure’s peak.

Hunter thrust again.

Her fingers clutched at his shoulders, nails digging into his flesh. He growled.

She tensed.

Her eyes flew open to meet his demanding stare.

Pupils so huge they drowned out her sky-blue irises, Marni stared right back. There was a demand in her gaze, insisting that he give her more than satisfaction. Insisting on more than just sexual fulfillment.

He didn’t know what she needed, what she wanted.

He just knew that whatever it was, he wanted her to have it.

He wanted to give her everything.

Hunter thrust again, holding her gaze.

Then he smiled.

A wicked promise that said without words that he’d meet her demands, and push her for a few of his own.

With that in mind, he shifted her higher.

One hand still on the sweet curve of her ass, he skimmed the other up her silky skin to cup her breast.

He bent his head, sucking the full, pouting tip into his mouth. His tongue swirled, sipping at her sweetness. He nipped, wanting to eat her up, to take everything she had.

His eyes never left hers.

She flew over the edge.

Her body exploded beneath his. Her breath shuddered, her entire being shaking with the intensity of her orgasm.

Beneath the exquisite pleasure on her face, he saw shock. Like she’d never felt anything so powerful. So good.


He grinned, his ego battling his body over which was being stroked harder right at that moment. Then she shifted, moving closer so her mouth closed over his.

Hunter lost it.

His breath.

His control.

His mind.

He was pure instinct.

His body bucked hard, shaking with the power of his orgasm. It exploded, taking him to levels of pleasure he’d never experienced. Never imagined.

He poured and poured and poured into her.

The climax was like a rolling earthquake, it just kept coming.

Finally, so breathless he was seeing spots in front of his eyes, the orgasm retreated to tiny shudders.

His legs were water. His arms shook. He could barely breathe.


Never in his entire life had he felt as incredible as he did in that moment.