Author:Stephens, S.C.

Irritated at how turned on I was, I pushed him back. “You suck.”

He laughed as he opened the door. Grabbing my purse, I looked back at the rumpled bed that screamed A passionate romp happened here! “Wait, Kellan. Should we make the bed before we go?”

Kellan bunched his brows as he looked between my face and the twisted sheets. Shaking his head at me, he murmured, “You’re so adorable.” His loving grin turned into amusement as he looked back at the bed. “No, we’re leaving the room like it is. I want the world to know what happened here . . . on the night we consummated our marriage,” he said, returning his eyes to mine.

I sighed, moved by his words. Then he added, “Besides . . . it’s hot.”

Rolling my eyes, I followed him out of our hotel room.

The woman at the front desk kept her eyes on Kellan the entire time he checked us out. I saw her gaze flick down to his wedding ring when he handed her his credit card, but by the sparkle of interest in her eyes, I don’t think she much cared that Kellan was married.

Kellan was a breathtaking man, and gorgeous men attracted attention when they walked into a room. I was used to the reaction by now, and it didn’t really bother me anymore. Well, at least it didn’t bother me as much as it used to.

The eager hotel employee frowned as she handed Kellan his receipt. By the flash of disappointment in her eyes when Kellan thanked her without even looking at her, I think she’d been hoping he would ask her to join him upstairs. I refrained from smiling when her eyes finally shifted to me. She may have been hoping for a quick hookup with the hot man about to exit her lobby, but Kellan didn’t do hookups anymore.

Snuggling into Kellan’s side, I politely thanked her for the pleasant stay. I giggled after I said it, still a little high from my wedding night. Kellan kissed my head as he turned us toward the exit. “When we get home, I’ll call Gavin and have him come over to our house for brunch. Might as well have our two families formally meet, right?” he said.

Kellan’s smile was content and it warmed my heart. He’d referred to his father as “family.” That was a far cry from when he hadn’t wanted anything to do with him. “Yeah, sounds great.” I cringed. “My parents are going to kill me, though.” I flashed my ring. “And then kill you.”

Kellan only shrugged at my comment as he led us to his car in the parking lot. Gallantly opening my door for me, he gave me a peck on the cheek as I slid inside the Chevelle. He sprinted around to the driver’s side with a huge grin on his face. He looked so happy to finally have me as his wife, to know that I was his and I wasn’t going anywhere. I’d always hoped that the man I married would love me beyond reason, but Kellan . . . loved me beyond anything. The depth of his love sometimes overwhelmed me, but my love for him was just as powerful. He was everything to me.

As he stepped into the vehicle, I moved across the bench seat so I could be as close to him as possible. He grinned as he draped his arm over my shoulder. “Miss me?” he asked, his voice low and husky.

Nodding, I leaned up to kiss him. Kellan eagerly returned my affection, his hand coming up to cup my cheek. I lightly flicked my tongue against his and he groaned, then pushed me back. “Hey, I’m supposed to be teasing you today, not the other way around.”

He had an adorable pout on his face, and I couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped me. “Sorry, I learned from the master.”

Kellan let out a dramatic exhale and removed his arm from around my shoulder so he could start his car. “Serves me right, I suppose.” The hearty engine growled to life, and Kellan’s content expression returned.

My face was a mirror image of his as I lay my head on his shoulder. Even though the hotel receptionist had blatantly ogled my husband, even though my dad was going to try and ground me when I saw him again, and even though Kellan’s newly discovered father was going to be dropping by for a visit this afternoon, today was a perfect day; nothing was going to squelch my happiness.

We turned onto Kellan’s cramped street, and a feeling of homecoming came over me. I had enjoyed our night away, but I was glad to be back at our place. And I was really glad that I had moved back in a few weeks ago. When Kellan pulled up to his white, two-story home, a car was parked in the driveway. Kellan glanced over at the bright red sporty Jetta and frowned. Curious about who was here, I looked over as well; the car didn’t belong to anyone I knew.