The Last Good Knight (parts 1 to 5)
Author:Reisz, Tiffany

She wrapped leather bondage cuffs around his wrists and buckled them. God damn, that man looked good in leather. The cuffs on his wrists accentuated the muscular forearms. Hitting on this guy was the smartest thing she’d done all night. Maybe she’d be smart again tomorrow...and the day after...

Once she had his wrists buckled, she flung one leg over his head and moved to straddle his hands.

“Am I wearing panties? I can’t remember if I put any on today.” She raised her hips so he could see straight up her skirt.

“No, Mistress. You aren’t.”

“Good. That’ll save us a step. Are you good at oral?”

“Isn’t that for you to decide?”

Nora cupped his chin and traced his lips with her thumb. She picked up a snap hook and, taking his hands in hers, pulled his arms down behind his back and cuffed them together at the wrist.

“Here’s your challenge,” she whispered in his ear. “If you can make me come using nothing but your mouth in ten minutes or less, then I’ll let you inside me next. Ready?”

“God, yes,” he whispered back.

She scooted her hips to the very edge of the bed, pulled her skirt up and spread her legs wider. She set the stopwatch again and said, “Go.”

Lance leaned in and stroked her folds with his tongue. He focused on her outer and inner lips, on her vulva, taking his sweet time with her. By the time his lips enfolded her clitoris, she was almost ready to beg for it. The man might be a sub, but he knew how to tease as well as any Dominant.

He continued teasing her as she’d teased him, keeping the pressure so light that it bordered on torture. But she didn’t bark any orders at him. After all, if he failed to make her come in time, it was his loss as well as hers.

After a few minutes of the tease, he licked her harder and put more pressure onto her clitoris. She let herself moan, let herself pant. They were lovers tonight, not Dominatrix and client. She could enjoy him as much as he enjoyed her.

And God, did she enjoy him. She enjoyed him so much that she came with a cry as her climax gripped her. As she lay panting on the bed, she heard the beeping of the stopwatch.

Slowly she sat back up on her elbows and looked down at him still sitting between her knees.

“Okay, I think we’ve established that you’re good at oral.”

“I’m glad you think so, Mistress.” With a posture of sincere reverence he kissed her thigh where her boot met bare skin.

“I didn’t think you were going to get me there in ten minutes. You took your sweet time of it.”

“You give me ten minutes with my face between your thighs, and I’ll take every second of it.”

She ran her hands down his arms and unsnapped his cuffs.

“Are you ready for your next order?” she asked.


“Go to the head of the bed. Sit with your back against the headboard.”

He rose off the floor and crawled across the bed. While he waited in silence she took lube and condoms out of her drawer.

“Hands up,” she instructed as she knelt in front of him. She opened the wrapper and rolled the condom onto him. Whenever she fucked male submissives she always put the condom on herself. So much more fun to make him sit there and be treated like a sex slave with no control over his own body.

Once it was on, she covered him in a thin layer of lubricant. After all the pain she’d given him, she wanted nothing for him now but pleasure.

She put the lube away and dried her hands. He’d taken his sweet time making her come. She’d take her sweet time making him wait.

Finally she straddled his thighs and gripped the headboard. Facing him on her knees she brought her mouth to his for a long, deep kiss.

“If you fuck as well as you kiss, this is going to be a good night,” she said, smiling at him.

“I gave you an orgasm. It’s already a good night, Mistress.”

“Let’s go for a great night, then.” She lifted his arms and hooked his wrist cuffs through the headboard. He gripped the black steel bar with both hands.

Nora rose up and lowered herself down onto him, sinking onto his cock with a sigh of pure pleasure. She smiled as he released a ragged breath. She gripped the headboard, her hands bookending his, as he lifted his hips up and pushed into her.

“Is this position okay for you?” she asked, remembering the massive scar on his back.

“It’s perfect, Mistress. You’re doing most of the work anyway.”

“What positions don’t work for you?”

“Honestly, the only one that hurts is missionary.”

“Thank God for that. I only do missionary position with missionaries.”

He laughed and kissed her bare shoulder. She turned her head to the side, giving him better access to her neck and throat.

“You’re a sadist for cuffing my hands,” he said as he pressed his face to her hair. “I’m dying to touch you.”

“I might let you if you beg a little more.”

“Please let me touch you with my hands, Mistress. Please...”

“What do you want to touch?”

“All of you. Your arms, your breasts, your nipples, your thighs, your clit...every part of you I can reach. Please.”

“I’ll give you a choice. I can unhook your cuffs and let you touch me, but you won’t get to come for another hour. Or you can stay cuffed and you can fuck me until you come. Your decision.”

“I can come on my own later, Mistress. Touching you is a much higher priority.”

“I can’t argue with that logic, and even if I could, I wouldn’t bother trying.” She unhooked the cuffs and set Lance’s hands free. He wasted no time and immediately ran his hands over the swell of her breasts. With eager hands he set about unfastening her corset. She helped him pull it off and it ended up on the floor by the bed. She wasn’t going to waste a second folding the damn thing.

He cupped her now naked breasts and sucked deeply on her nipples. Then one hand wandered between her legs and pressed against her clitoris.