Willing Captive
Author:Belle Aurora

Balling my hands into fists, I swing back over my shoulders and connect with another masked man’s face. He growls, “Stop!”


Stop? Are you shitting me? How about…no!


“Limp dick motherfucker! Let me go!” I yell out through heaving breaths.


My knuckles throb but I try to hit him over and over again. He’s moved his head behind mine so I can’t reach his face. Pulling my arm forward, I wrench it back hard and elbow him in the ribs. He drops me and I hit the floor with a thud. Scrambling to my feet, I run forward two steps before bigger, taller masked man number two hauls me over his shoulder and runs with me down the stairs. It hurts my stomach so badly, I feel like I’m going to puke. I don’t even realize I’ve started crying until I can barely take in a full breath. The man takes me down the hall and toward the front door.


The nerve of these guys! Kidnapping us through the front door?


Now that’s just cocky.


I screech, “DAD! MOM! HELP!”


A muffled argument I can’t quite make out reaches my ears and I hear my dad yell out, “Delilah!” just as the masked man takes me out the front door.


Anguish slices through me. My stiff body slumps in defeat and I sob into the man’s back. I cry out, “Please let me go! Oh God, please!”


But the man’s pace never slows.


As we pass the property line, he holds me tightly and carries me into the back of a large black van. The van takes off as soon as my butt hits the seat. I have no fight left in me. The courage I felt earlier is completely demolished by the one thought circling around in my head…


It’s official.


I’ve been kidnapped.












The back of the van is pitch black. I can’t see a damn thing. I have no idea where I’m being taken. All I know is that Humungo won’t let go of my arm.


The van stops after what feels like about twenty hours of driving when in reality, it’s been around twenty minutes. The side door slides open and light floods the back. I look around me and fear clogs my throat.


There are another three people in the back with us. They’re all so quiet that I hadn’t even noticed them. They’re masked, too. If the devil had minions, this is what they’d look like; I’m sure of it.


Freaking. The. Eff. Out.


Humungo tugs on my arm and steps out of the van, pulling me out behind him. I look around. We’re in an underground parking lot that’s completely empty. I squeak when he lifts me over his shoulder again and carries me like I’m a sack of potatoes. I don’t mind not walking right now because I don’t think I could even if I wanted to, but damn, his shoulder in my belly hurts like hell. My face is pained as I strain through gritted teeth, “Please put me down. You’re hurting me.”


To my absolute shock, he does.


The man places me on my feet in front of him, grips my upper arm with one hand and removes his leather mask with the other. I’m suddenly staring into a pair of blue eyes that are so cold, if you looked up arctic in the encyclopedia these eyes would be pictured underneath.


“Don’t even think about trying to run.” As he says this in his rough and husky voice, I realize I’m trying to back away from him.


Fear washes over me. I take a moment to look around.


Dark. Desolate. Deserted.


Two options flicker through my mind; attempt to escape, or go with the husky voiced, gruff man. Mentally, I weigh my options. Escaping means running. Running on Jell-O like legs likely won’t get me far, which would leave me captured once more by an extremely pissed-off abductor.


I scan my surroundings again , desperately looking for a means of escape. My face falls when I can’t find one. I look up into the face of my kidnapper and nod in resolve.


The dickhead smirks and I want to knee him in the jingle bells.


My face must convey what I feel because his smirk flares into a wide, gleaming, crooked smile.


The man is actually not bad looking. Not traditionally good looking, but gruffly attractive in a manly way. His nose is crooked and looks like it’s been broken a few times, but he has high cheek bones and a strong chin. His full lips surround his teeth which are white and a little crooked on the bottom. This man doesn’t look like he was ever meant to be a pretty boy. His dark hair is buzzed. His tall, muscular frame is extremely intimidating; his arms alone look like they could squish a person’s head to mush with no effort.


His gruffness, his appearance, it works for him in a mean, scary way. Damn shame he’s an asshole criminal who I want to gut with a jagged, rusty blade.