Willing Captive
Author:Belle Aurora

Jett and Jamie Harrison are my dad’s right-hand men. They moved here from Ireland about three years ago. Well, actually, Dad brought them over from Ireland to come live with us and to work at the warehouse. Dad’s best friend growing up was a man named Kian Harrison. Although I never met him, I heard about him a lot and spoke to him on the phone some. He was a happy man, always laughing and making jokes. It never seemed to faze him that dad had become a big-shot businessman. To Kian, he’d always be Ciaran Flynn with the muddy face that played soccer with him whenever he could. They remained true friends until one night three years ago when Kian’s wife, Aileen, called to tell us that Kian had died from a heart attack. Dad spoke with Aileen a lot to check on her welfare. He sent money which she declined. Dad was devastated. No amount of money could fix this. Aileen called one night, and after a short conversation, Dad asked what he could do to help. He told her he’d do anything that was in his power. She timidly asked whether he’d give her twin sons jobs at Flynn Logistics. Dad was more than happy to do that. If Kian’s sons were anything like their father, they’d be a great addition to the business.


Turns out Kian’s sons are exactly like their dad was. Sweet, polite, and funny. Both are hardworking men at twenty-six years old. They’re identical twins. And gorgeous.


As in Meow.


Tall and slender, yet muscular, black hair and grey eyes that almost look silver. They are just…wow. I’ve seen them both eyeing Terah. They’re smitten. And the problem is that she’s just as smitten…with both of them. A recipe for disaster, to be sure.


Dad breaks me out of my thoughts with, “I’m sorry, girls. I canna do anything about this. Terah, I’ve deferred the rest of the college semester and ye’ll stay home with Delilah and me. We’ll work from home doing what we can till they say we can go back.”


Dipping my chin, I nod to the floor. Terah’s hand grips mine so tightly that I know there’s nothing more she wants to do than screech at the top of her lungs and throw shit around the room. I get it. I do. College was her only freedom and with that gone…she’s going to become like me.




Standing abruptly, I announce, “Well, if that’s all, I’d like to be excused. I’m a little tired.”


Dad looks up to me. “Of course, dear. If that’s what ye-” Dads cell phone vibrates on the dining table. The screen flashes bright red. When my father picks up his phone to look at the display, he visibly pales. Looking between me and Terah, he says firmly, “Girls, go to ye rooms. Right now. Lock the doors from the inside. I don’t want ye to come out until ye hear from me. No one else but me. Do ye understand?”


My blood runs cold. I can’t move. I’m petrified.


“I said do ye understand me?” Dad booms and it jolts me. I nod vigorously and from the corner of my eye, I see Terah do the same. Dad focuses on something passed Terah and I, in the distance and whispers, “Run!”


My legs move of their own accord.


I drag Terah down the hall, running in my socks and slipping every few steps. We bolt up the stairs, and when we reach our rooms, I pull her into a hard hug. She whispers, “It’s probably nothing, Lily. Do what Dad says, okay?” I nod into her shoulder.


We separate. I hear her go into her room and shut the door. I open the door to my room, with my hand still on the knob. I freeze, solid as an iceberg.


Oh, fuck my life!






Chapter Two














Pressure builds in my ears, my palms sweat, and I lock my knees to stop them from shaking.


Staring into the masked face of the tall, muscled, olive-skinned intruder, I try hard to think about what I should do, but all my brain is giving out is white noise.


He stands by my bed, motionless, wearing a tight black tee, black cargo pants, and black army boots. The mask he wears is black and looks to be leather too. It’s a peculiar looking mask. It’s been sewn together and covers his whole head. The eye holes are round but covered with some sort of mesh so you can’t see directly into the person’s eye, same with the nose holes and mouth. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I almost want to ask him where he got it from . It looks very steam-punk, and if I’d seen him on the street and not in my room being all creepy and shit, I would ask him where he got it.


What the eff? Focus!


My brain currently wears a sign that says “Gone Fishin’”.


Movement at the door to my closet tears my focus away from the intruder. When another identically dressed, masked man appears, only bigger and taller, I figure I’m screwed.


Well, that’s that. Goodbye cruel world. Be sure to fuck thyself on the way out, you mean-assed son of a whore.


I should’ve snuck out with Terah tonight. God, she’s gonna be so pissed at me!


A muffled scream from Terah’s room makes me break out into a cold sweat. I panic a moment before courage blooms from the center of my gut. I breathe deeply and steady myself.


I am not going down without a fight!


My hand stiffens on the door knob. I take a small step back, and the man at my bed shakes his head slowly. And shit! It freaks me out.


I take another small step back. My sister screams again, louder this time, and it slices right through me like a hot knife through butter. The man at my closet steps closer to me. I hold his masked gaze and take another step back. Before I can think about what I’m doing, I turn and run as fast as I can to my sister’s room. I thank God she didn’t have time to lock the door. I open the door to see two more masked men restraining Terah. My hands shake as I take in her tearful face. I rush over to her desk, pick up the crystal vase that sits on the corner of it, and creep over to masked man number four. Unable to see me with his back to me, I smash the vase down onto his head as hard as I can without a moment’s thought. It shatters to pieces and the man falls to his knees yelling, “Fuck!”


Strong arms wrap around my waist and lift me. I kick out and shriek, “No! Let my sister go!”