Totally Tormented
Author:Lucy Covington

He intertwined his fingers with mine and then pulled them up so they were at eye level.


It was totally sexy, and yet he made it seem somehow innocent, like we were playing a game of paddy cake or something.


My breathing was accelerating and my heart was pounding. How could he stand there seemingly so cool while we were talking about showering together? Was it because he did this with tons of girls, all the time? No doubt he was more experienced than I was.


He had a body that was built for sex, and I was sure girls were throwing themselves at him whenever and wherever they could.


“I can’t.” I shook my head. But my will was starting to crumble.


“Please,” he whispered. He wasn’t joking around anymore. Instead, he sounded intense. I wondered if he was as turned on as I was, not that I could imagine being any more turned on. My body felt like it was going to explode.


“Justin –”


His hands wrapped around my waist, then slid up under the back of my shirt, stroking my bare back. “You can keep your underwear on,” he said. “What can be so bad about that? It’s just like wearing a bathing suit.”


His hands pulled me closer to him, his fingers moving higher and higher up the back of my shirt. Goosebumps had broken out on my arms, and I took a deep breath. I didn’t say yes, but he must have taken my silence as permission, because his hands moved around to my stomach, stroking my abdomen before slipping down and unbuttoning my shorts.


He looked at me, his eyes questioning, and I slowly nodded. He slid the zipper of my shorts down slowly, agonizingly, and then pulled my shirt over my head. Then he dropped his own shorts so he was standing there in just his boxers before he took my hand and pulled me into the shower.


I told myself it was no big deal. We’d been in our underwear together before, when we went swimming in the ocean. But something about this felt different. That was swimming. This was showering. Something about it was more intimate.


The steam had filled up the room, and when we stepped into the shower, I felt a little light-headed. The moisture warmed my skin, and Justin stood under the spray, beads of water collecting on his skin. I still had goose bumps all over my arms, and I was hoping that the hot water would make them go away before Justin noticed.


He was staring at me and his tongue licked his upper lip. I almost groaned out loud, that’s how sexy it was. I tried to think of anything except the fact that we were standing here, almost naked together. I tried to think of baseball, or amusement parks, or my psychology paper, or the fact that I still might have a chance at becoming Dr.


Klaxton’s research assistant. But my mind couldn’t focus on anything except his pecs, his stomach, his biceps, his smile, how gorgeous he looked with his hair all wet.


“Hi,” he said, and smiled at me lazily.


“Hi.” I glanced around the shower, desperate for something to keep my mind off his almost nakedness. My gaze landed on his shampoo.


“What’s with the generic shampoo?”


He turned around and picked it up. “What’s wrong with my shampoo?”


“Nothing.” I shrugged. “If you’re okay with generic. I guess it’s different for guys.”


“You’re a shampoo snob!” he said.


“No, I’m not!”


“Yes, you are.” He pulled the bottle down and popped the top open, squirting some into his palm. Then he turned around and started soaping his hair. His back muscles flexed, and I averted my eyes. When he turned around, sudsy water slid down his face, and he grinned. “Come here.”




“Come. Here.”


“Why?” I was instantly on guard.


He rolled his eyes. “Relax,” he said. “I’m not going to do anything.”


“Then tell me why.”


“Lindsay,” he said calmly. “Do you trust me?”


I opened my mouth to say hell no. But something in the way he was looking at me, and the serious tone in his voice, made me think that if I told him I didn’t trust him, he was going to be disappointed. Very disappointed. And I didn’t want to disappoint him.


“Yes,” I said, even though I wasn’t sure it was true. “Yes, I trust you.”


“Then come here.”


I took a step toward him.


He gave a big sigh and then raised his eyes toward the ceiling in a look of exasperation. “How come every time I ask you to come here, you take half of a step?”


“I don’t!” I took another half step toward him.


“I thought you said you trusted me.”


“I do!”


“Then prove it.”


The look he was giving me, like he didn’t think I was going to do it, made me so angry that I pushed myself right up against him. For a moment, I saw the want flash in his eyes, saw it burn so bright that I was sure he was going to have his way with me right there. But then he moved behind me in one fluid movement, pushing his chest up against my back.


“Close your eyes,” he whispered into my ear.