Night Owl
Author:M. Pierce

"Ah god, Hannah." Matt eased his fingers out of me. He began to stroke the curve of my bottom. Reflexively, I pushed it out for his touch.


Everything was different. Everything. The way he caressed me—so possessively, with such satisfaction—and his voice in my ear, exultant with power.


My heart thrilled. My eyes watered. He was back, god, he was back.


"Such a sweet ass," Matt sighed, squeezing my rump. "You're a good girl, Hannah, so good to take my whole cock. Were you scared?"


"Yes." I hid my sheepish smile against his neck.


"Mm, I bet. You did well. You made me come hard. Are you ready to help me again?"




Before I knew what was happening, Matt banded the blindfold across my eyes. He jerked my hands behind my back and bound them together. Disoriented, I tumbled from his lap.


I lay in a painful, awkward position on the mattress as he began to pull on my nipples.


"God! Matt!"


The store of darker desires, which Matt had suppressed for months, seemed to break over me all at once. He was hasty and starved. There was no logic to his motions.


He twisted and tugged on my nipples, pressed his fingers into my mouth, slapped and squeezed my breasts. I squirmed on the sheets and moaned, my arousal spiraling upward.


"Yeah?" Matt laughed. "How is this, Hannah? Just right?"


He pried my legs apart and slapped my sex. Fuck! The sting of pleasure echoed through me. He bit on my clit. He dragged me off the bed.


On my feet suddenly, I swayed against Matt.


"Matt," I panted. "Where—" Where are we going? The words died on my lips as Matt pushed me forward. He guided me out of the bedroom.


For a split second, I envisioned Matt fucking me on the balcony. No way! But he turned me into a room that smelled of old books.


Ah, my lover's writing room, where he was doing zero writing.


I heard a whoosh of papers. Matt forced me forward. Cool, smooth wood pressed into my breasts. I was bent over Matt's desk.


"Stay put," he murmured. Matt padded away and left me with my pumping heart. Every part of me loved this—the waiting, the exposure, the pain and degradation—and I never stopped to ask why. I knew better. Desire is arcane.


Matt's footfalls returned, moving up the hall. I felt his presence when he entered the room. The air stirred. Papers whispered against the floor.


Without hesitation, he gripped my hip and a hard strap hit my ass.


"Fuck!" I cried, jerking violently. "Matt!"


I scrabbled to get away. The leathery band came down again, cracking against my skin.


Holy fuck, Matt was spanking me with a belt. I couldn't process the pain fast enough to feel the pleasure.


"You've needed this for a while," he growled. "I won't stop until you stay still and take it. Yield to it, Hannah—you love it. You're dripping wet."


To my total mortification, I realized Matt was right. Desire oozed from my sex.


God, but it hurt! My breasts were smashed against the desk; my ass was burning. I gulped in a few breaths and willed my body to stillness.


Yield to it. Stay still and take it.


I could do this.


"God, baby," Matt moaned.


I went limp. I sagged against the desk and let the belt's blows come down in that merciless rhythm. My pussy throbbed and I felt a string of wetness sticking to my thigh.


"Oh, Hannah... fuck, fuck."


I heard Matt unraveling as I lay there. God, he adored this. Bolstered by his approval, I began to moan and spread my legs.


"Uhn! More,"I panted.


"Hannah, god damn," he hissed. "God you're good, you're so good."


The numbing lashes of the belt ceased. In the same second, Matt's cock filled me. I knew what he wanted and I gave it to him. I lay motionless over the desk, taking it.


Matt found my clit and rubbed it furiously as he fucked me. He took me to the edge of ecstasy. No, he forced me to the edge. And when he drove me over it, I screamed his name.


Matt exploded into my spasming body.


Afterward, we stumbled into the shower. I was dazed and flushed from head to toe, and Matt was grinning like the Cheshire cat.


Best sex of my life: bent over a desk and belted. Who would have thought?


As we showered and toweled off, Matt's emerald eyes followed me. He made me conscious of my every motion. My tiger... always watching me.


When I went to pull on a pair of yoga pants, Matt smirked and shook his head.


"This," he said, handing me a tiny ivory babydoll that barely covered my ass. "For the rest of the day."


My blushed turned up a notch.


Matt dressed in a pair of pale lounge pants. We sat on the couch eating cupcakes and laughing. He couldn't believe my gall, he said. He meant my birthday present.


"Hey, neither can I!" I dabbed frosting on his nose. His eyes darkened. Oh damn, I loved that look on his face...


Around dinnertime, Matt disappeared into the office.


When I went to see what he was doing, I found the door closed.




I sulked for a while, sitting in the main room and petting Laurence.


I didn't know that I had just met my writer.