Night Owl
Author:M. Pierce

She climbed over me and positioned my sex. My slick tip slid along her crack, stopping in the dimple of her anus. I flexed my thighs, trying to push my cock up toward Hannah's pussy, but she held it steady against the puckered entrance of her ass.


"Happy birthday, lover," she whispered. She began to lower herself. I felt my cockhead spreading an improbably tight ring of muscle. I tensed from head to toe.


"What—what are you doing?"


The reply from Hannah was a long, low moan. I trembled in my restraints. My god... she was going to take me into her ass.


"Oh, fuck," I grunted. My breaths grew shallow. "Oh... oh..."


All at once, my head popped into Hannah's ass. She cried out—and I cried out, thrashing helplessly. It felt so good, it almost hurt. My heart drummed in my chest.


"More," I pleaded.


"More of what?" Hannah said, her voice strained but even. "Tell me. Tell me everything. Never deny me, Matt."


Never deny me.


I said those words to Hannah months ago.


"Your ass," I growled. "Mm... Hannah, get on my dick."


"God, Matt..."


Hannah lowered herself inch by agonizing inch. I could do nothing but wait—and as I waited, I felt my tongue loosening. I couldn't deny the incredible eroticism of the moment: Hannah making me fuck her ass for the first time, my strong body helpless.


"Fuck, god, your ass," I moaned. "Your tight ass, you want my cock inside of it Hannah?"


"Yes," she breathed.


At last, Hannah sat on my groin, my dick deep inside of her.


"Comfortable?" I gasped. "God, Hannah, my beautiful slut..."


"So full..."


"That's r-right," I growled. "Now ride my dick."


Trying to call the shots while bound should have been an exercise in frustration, but Hannah obeyed me. She loved to obey me. And I loved to call the shots.


She began to bounce on my cock, the tight grip of her ass stroking me hard.


"Fuck!" I writhed. I wanted to squeeze her tits. I wanted to spank her ass.


Lube squelched in the silence and Hannah's cheeks slapped at my thighs.


"Faster, fuck," I panted. "Nn... make me come. Listen to your ass Hannah, fuck..."


"Oh god, oh god..." Hannah's pace became frenzied. I jerked in my bonds. She reached behind her cleft and cupped my balls, fondling them. I gasped as jets of cum shot from me.


"Hannah, I'm coming!" I moaned. "God, Hannah—"


Hannah's bottom milked out the last of my desire. I began to struggle at once, baring my teeth like an animal. So help me god, I would tear these silly cords.


"Untie me... now," I growled.







I BOUND MY broken, beautiful Matt, so sad and silent.


I unbound my tiger.


When I slid the blindfold off his head, his eyes were electric. A frisson of fear passed through me. Fuck, was he angry?


"H-happy birthday," I mumbled again, my hands trembling as I untied his ankles. Ankles first, hands last. I wondered if I should flee to the bathroom.


Matt said nothing. He watched me with his smoldering stare. As I freed his feet, he flexed his legs and dug his heels into the bed.


For months, I longed to see this very heat in Matt's eyes... the dangerous unpredictability I loved. But now? Now I felt the double edge of it—the fear that was so real and exciting.


"I... I've been... planning that for a while," I said. I massaged Matt's ankles, delaying untying his wrists. "I hope... that was okay."


God, Matt looked exquisite. My eyes trailed over his body. His chest rose and fell with deep breaths; his lean arms were taut with muscle. I wanted to ride him again, and again and again. I wanted to flick my tongue over his deliciously sensitive nipples. I knew that drove him crazy. I knew it made him hard.


"Wow, I... made a mess, huh?" I glanced at the lube coating Matt's groin. My backside mustn't have looked much better. "Maybe... I'll grab a washcloth real quick."


"Hannah." Matt's voice was low with menace.


"Oh right, sorry..." I crawled toward the headboard. Every manner of irrational fear came to me as I untied Matt's hands. Was this off limits, binding Matt? Fuck, why hadn't I asked? Was he going to get up and walk out?


I got one of his hands untied. I half expected him to grab me by the throat, but he only rolled his wrist.


"Last one..." I loosed Matt's other hand.


He sat up in a flash. Steely arms hauled me onto his lap.


"Hannah," Matt snarled into my ear. He plunged two fingers into my ass and I yelped. I tried to wriggle off his hand, but Matt pinned me in place. "You must be very pleased with yourself. Do you like it, having my cum in your ass?"


His long fingers stirred and I squeaked. Matt was right; I was proud of myself for taking him like that—and I was also sore.


"Can't hear you, darling. You need a third finger in this very capable ass of yours?"


"No!" I panted. "Er, yes! I mean—"


Matt trembled with laughter. God... there it was, the breathless, cynical laughter that made my insides melt.


"No what, Hannah? Yes what?" Matt poised a third finger against my ass.


"No... no more, please. I... yes, I—" I warmed. "I like... having your cum in my ass."