Night Owl
Author:M. Pierce

"I think I did," I murmured, kissing my way down her neck. She pushed my bathrobe off my shoulders. Hannah was wearing a form-fitting sweater dress and leggings. The outfit showed off her beautiful body.


"I have another present for you." Hannah took my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom. I gazed at her ass as it swayed from side to side.


I knew I was about the get the blowjob of a lifetime.


Until Hannah started going through her other shopping bag.


She looked uneasy.


"Can you take off your boxers?" She glanced at me.


"Um... yeah." I slid my boxers down my legs. Suddenly things were awkward. Hannah was fully dressed and I was standing there semi-hard, totally naked, and very confused.


She wrestled with some packaging and withdrew a blindfold from the bag. Oh. Hannah and I hadn't tried anything kinky since... well, since four months ago when I tied her to my bed. Did she think I could do that now? Could I?


"I see how it is," I said, laughing nervously.


"Do you?" There was a glimmer of mischief in Hannah's eyes. She slid behind me and told me to close my eyes, then she tied the blindfold onto me.


"Okay, maybe I don't see." I grinned and held the footboard. Blindfolded blowjob. I could definitely get into this.


Hannah guided me over to the bed and I stretched out on my back. My cock twitched in anticipation. God, I wanted to feel her hot tongue on my dick...


If only I could say that.


I heard Hannah's clothes hitting the floor. My senses intensified in the absence of sight. I could smell Hannah's honeysuckle perfume and a few of our candles. The warm air of the room seemed to gust over my skin.


"You look so good," Hannah purred. She climbed over me and I sighed as her creamy skin brushed mine. She drew my wrist toward a bedpost. My grin faltered.


"Oh, really?" I chuckled as she began to tie me to the bed.


"Yes, really." Hannah's breasts brushed my face as she worked, tying my wrists with soft cords to the upper bedposts. I mouthed at her nipples blindly.


"Not yet," she whispered, lifting them beyond my reach. Fuck...


She tied each of my ankles to the bottom bedposts. I swallowed and tried to move. Damn, Hannah tied a good knot. I was spread eagle and nearly immobile.


No lover had ever bound me before. I always cracked the whip—literally and figuratively. And truth be told, I wasn't sure how much I liked this.


Hannah straddled my torso.


"Do you want to suck on me, Matt? Do you want to taste my skin?"




"You have to tell me exactly what you want."


"Your breasts."


I felt Hannah hovering over my face. A stiff nipple rubbed at my lips, but when I moved to suck it she moved away.


"Please," I whispered. Instinctively, I tried to yank my arms free.


"Please what?"


"Let me... suck on your nipples, come on."


I was rewarded with a pert nipple between my lips. I gasped and felt my cock thickening. I sucked hungrily at Hannah's breast, biting down and tugging to make her yelp.


Crazy girl, she had a lot more coming to her if she kept this up.


"The other," I snarled. "Give me the other."


Hannah obliged me and I swirled my tongue over her other nipple.


"Alright, that's enough." She moved away. I turned my head on the pillow and stared into the blackness of my blindfolded eyes.


The mattress shifted.


Suddenly Hannah's sex pressed against my mouth, smothering me.


"Mm!" I groaned and began to lap at her slit.


She tasted like desire, and she was hot and soaked.


"Oh god, Matt," she panted. I pictured her sitting astride me, her pussy resting on my face. Her fingertips tweaked my nipples and I jerked on the bed.


"Touch me!" My words came out muffled against Hannah's cunt. She rubbed it over my face, smearing her arousal on my nose and lips. I fucked her with my tongue.


At last, Hannah's fingers wrapped around my cock. She flicked her tongue over my tip. I tried to thrust into her mouth, but I couldn't move.


"What do you want?" Hannah lifted her sex from my face. I breathed raggedly.


"My cock, god—suck it Hannah."


Hannah wriggled her tongue against the tiny hole in the head of my cock.


"Ah! God, please," I whispered. "Suck my cock, please..."


Was I not saying something right? I wrenched my arms and legs helplessly. My erect member throbbed, aching for stimulation.


Hannah giggled and climbed off of me. She left me panting on the bed. Holy fuck. I licked my lips, tasting her musky sweetness.


"I was just getting you ready," she murmured. "I'm not going to tease you on your birthday, Matt, but I needed you hard. Are you ready?"


"Fuck, yes," I snapped. How the hell did I look? I was ready for anything. Her mouth, her pussy—I just needed Hannah on my dick.


I heard some indeterminate rustling. A cold hand grasped my cock. I hissed and tensed. Hannah began to stroke me, spreading a copious amount of lube along my shaft. It trickled over my balls and I moaned.


"Baby, it's—"


"Shhh." Hannah stilled my lips with a clean finger.