Awaken: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Three)
Author:Lane, Nina

“Yeah?” My cock twitches a little at the thought that she might be ready for some hot talk.


“As much as I miss you, this separation has been great for my dreams,” Liv remarks. “I’ve had all sorts of lusty, imaginative dreams about us.”


“Tell me.”


“Well, in my last dream you were an incredibly hot gladiator—”


“A what?”


“A gladiator with chest armor and a loincloth, and I was… um, I think I was a vestal virgin or something, and we were in one of those temples with the columns… anyway, it was sexy.”


Since I’m not too sure where she’s going with this, I switch the topic to safer ground.


“Want to tell me what you’re wearing?” I ask.


“Oh, er… hold on a sec.” There’s a thunk as she puts the phone down.


I wait. A few minutes later, she’s back.


“Okay,” she says, “Guess what I’m wearing.”


“A T-shirt.”




“Your white nightgown?” I ask hopefully.




“Tank top and pajama bottoms?”




“Please tell me it’s not your padded bathrobe.”


“Hey, you love me in that bathrobe,” Liv says. “It drives you wild with lust.”


“I love you in anything, and you drive me wild with lust, but trying to feel you up in that robe is like fondling the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.”


Her laugh warms my blood.


“I’m not wearing my robe,” she assures me.


“Then you must be naked.”


“No. I’m wearing a pair of navy blue satin panties and a push-up bra with lace around the edges.”


Lust bolts through me. My head floods with images of Liv’s curves all fitted into sexy lingerie. “Wow.”


“You should see my boobs in this thing,” Liv remarks. “They look amazing.”


“They are amazing.” I grab my dick through my boxers, picturing her full breasts pushed up into pillowy cleavage. “I’m hard just thinking about them.”


“Oh.” She lets out one of her breathy little sighs, and I can see her all stretched out in my office chair, skimming her hand over her body. She murmurs, “Remember that first time when you showed me how you could fuck my breasts?”


I groan. Raw talk from her gets me hot in less than a second.


“I remember.”


“We haven’t done that in a while,” Liv whispers.


“We will when I get back.”


“Are you near your laptop?” she asks.




“Hang up, then turn on your webcam.”


I end the call and grab my laptop from my desk. Sitting back on the bed, I get the software running. After a few false starts, Liv’s call comes through.


My heart crashes against my chest. Even in the small screen of my laptop, the grainy picture sends my lust skyrocketing. She’s adjusting the camera, her hair all loose around her shoulders, her cleavage… God in heaven.


I struggle to pull in a breath.


“Can you see me?” Liv asks with a slight frown.


“Yeah.” The word comes out strangled. “Christ, Liv, you look incredible. I want to see it all.”


“Okay, hold on.” She moves away from the desk and stands. My vision fills with the sight of her full breasts pushed together, hugged by satin and lace, the curves of her hips, a pair of satin panties cupping her between the legs…


“Turn around.” I reach into my boxers and close my hand around my shaft.


Liv turns, displaying the satin stretched across her ass. My body tenses with the urge to hook my fingers into that flimsy material and pull it down slowly over those gorgeous cheeks…


“Bend over,” I tell her.


“Make sure the record button is off,” Liv says, but her voice is getting breathless as she pulls the chair closer and kneels on it.


She leans over the back of the chair. The panties stretch across her ass. I tighten my grip on my cock and stroke it, imagining shooting all over that smooth blue satin.


“Hey, wait.” Liv turns, her hair sliding over her shoulders as she peers into the camera. “I can’t see you if I’m turned around. And why are you still wearing a shirt?”


“Because I’m too busy staring at your ass. Turn around again and pull your panties down for me.”


She leans closer to the camera and gives me a mock frown that makes me want to reach through the camera and kiss her senseless.


“Okay,” she says. “But then you’re taking your shirt off. Boxers too.”


“Show me your ass, woman.”


Liv turns again and tucks her fingers into the waistband of her panties. After shooting me a wicked grin over her shoulder, she pushes them slowly down until her ass fills the screen. My blood pounds. I want to kiss and squeeze those perfect cheeks, slide my cock into the valley, then down between her legs where she can tighten her smooth thighs around my shaft…


A groan rumbles my chest. I’m as hard as a rock. I take a deep breath, trying to regain some control.


Liv twists around again and sits, the panties all tangled around her thighs. “Is your shirt still on?”


I pull my shirt off and throw it on the floor, then shove my boxers down.