Shockingly Seductive (Addicted To You, Book Seven)
Author:Covington, Lucy

“Hi, Lindsay,” a male voice said sheepishly.


I started incredulously as Adam popped his head out from under the covers. I was shocked. Rachel and Adam? Had slept together? Rachel and Adam? They hardly knew each other. And yes, Adam was cute and all, but he didn’t seem like he was Rachel’s type. Was it a drunken mistake? They didn’t seem like they were hungover. In fact, Rachel had a weird, sort of dreamy smile on her face.


“Hi, Adam,” I said, hoping I sounded breezy, like I was expecting to find him here, naked in my roommate’s bed.


“How was your night?” Rachel asked me.


“It was fine.” I shrugged, not wanting to get into it, and definitely not in front of Adam.


“That’s good,” Rachel said. “Mine was really good. No, great.” She giggled again.


I wasn’t sure what to say. So I didn’t say anything.


Adam sort of slunk back down under the covers.


“We should all go to breakfast!” Rachel said excitedly, apparently oblivious to everyone else’s embarrassment. Her cheeks were flushed. “They have these amazing pancakes at this place down the street.” She gazed up at Adam, then pushed a piece of hair off his forehead. “What do you think?”


I was glad I had a readymade excuse. “I can’t,” I said. “I have to meet Carter at the clinic.”


“Mmm,” Rachel replied. She still had that weird dreamy smile on her face. It was kind of unnerving. Maybe she was on drugs. But Adam seemed perfectly normal, and Rachel had been fine when I’d left the fight last night. Was it possible that she just really liked Adam now? And how come the two of them, who had shown no interest in each other at all, had apparently had an amazing night of passion, while all I’d gotten was frustration and awkwardness?


I sighed. And then I realized that in order for the two of them to get out of bed and get dressed, I was going to have to leave the room. The last thing I wanted was to see either of them naked. I’d seen enough of Rachel, and I could do without seeing Adam.


“Um, I’m just going to run to the bathroom,” I said.


Neither one of them replied.


“Okay, so, um, be back in a few.” I left the room and walked to the bathroom, wondering what the hell had just happened.


Once I was in the bathroom, I washed my hands. That took all of five seconds, but I needed to give them enough time to get it together, so I reached into my bag and pulled out my lip gloss. I relined my lips, and then stared at myself in the mirror.


My lips were raw from all the kissing I’d done last night, and the skin on my chin felt sensitive from where the stubble on Justin’s face had rubbed against me. The thought of his mouth on mine filled my body with longing, and I swallowed hard. I missed him already. I wanted to be back with him, pressed up against him, letting his hands roam all over me.


Had I made a mistake not sleeping with him? God knew I’d wanted to have sex with him. Maybe I was over thinking everything. Maybe I didn’t need a promise, and maybe whatever had happened between him and Brooklyn was just – There was a knock on the bathroom door, and I jumped.


“Um, just a minute,” I called, throwing my lip gloss back into my bag.


“It’s Adam.”


I opened the door.


“Hey,” he said, and then he stepped into the bathroom. The door swung shut behind him.


“Oh. Hi. Um, it’s a public co-ed bathroom. You don’t have to knock on the door. You haven’t been out of the dorms that long, have you?” I gave him a smile, and hoped I was being normal. I tried to think about what I would have said to him before I knew he’d slept with Rachel, when he was just Adam, but for some reason, I couldn’t remember. It was very weird.


“Whatever.” He glanced around. “Is there anyone else in here?”


I shook my head.


“Good. Listen, I have to tell you something.”


“Okay,” I replied cautiously.


He sounded serious, and it made me kind of worried. Maybe he was going to tell me something bad about Rachel. Or him. Maybe he had an STD or something. And he wanted me to tell Rachel. Or maybe – “That didn’t mean anything,” he blurted out.


I frowned. “What didn’t?”


“Me sleeping with Rachel.” He bit his lip and his eyes darted from side to side, like he was still afraid someone was going to hear him.


“I don’t get it.”


“I just wanted you to know that it… it just kind of happened. We didn’t...I mean, we’re not together or anything.”


God, what was with all these boys sleeping with people and insisting it didn’t mean anything? First, Justin and Brooklyn—now Adam and Rachel. Was everyone but me just running around having random sex?


“Okay,” I said. “Um, does she know that?”


“Yeah, of course.” He waved his hand like it was no big deal, like of course Rachel knew and was okay with it.