Shockingly Seductive (Addicted To You, Book Seven)
Author:Covington, Lucy



“Now, just one other thing I need to discus with you before you go.” Quarry’s expression grew serious once more and those stony eyes looked at me again, boring into me. “It’s about Brooklyn.”


“Listen,” I told him, “I made a mistake and I’m sorry. But we’re not seeing each other anymore, so it’s fine. I’ll stay away from your daughter from now on. Lesson learned.”


He shook his head. “You’re misunderstanding me, Brown. I’m not going to sit here and tell you to stay away from my little girl.”


“You’re not?”


“No. To the contrary, I’m telling you that Brooklyn likes you—she likes you a lot. And I love my daughter.”


“Yeah, but—”


Quarry held up his hand. “This isn’t a two way dialogue. This is a monologue.


I’m going to explain to you how things work around here.” He smiled, but once again, the smile never reached his eyes. “The way it works is, you got together with Brooklyn and that means you stay together with her until she decides she doesn’t want to be with you anymore.”


I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. Did he really think he had the right to decide who I dated?


“I really like Brooklyn, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to date. I mean, she’s your daughter and it would complicate things at the gym.”


“Isn’t it a bit late for that?” Quarry asked.


“I understand what you’re saying, but—”


“No, I don’t think you do, Brown.” Quarry put a hand on my shoulder and leaned in so that his forehead was practically touching mine. “I didn’t ask you to fuck my daughter. I didn’t want you to do that. But you did. And now you’re going to man up and make her feel cared about, and make her happy. Or I’m going to be very upset with you—and you have no idea what I’m capable of. Really. No idea.”


I just nodded. Normally, I’m not one to be afraid of anything or anyone. But something about Quarry was just wrong. I was pretty sure that he was telling me the truth about his attitude, and I didn’t feel like pissing him off.


So I shut my mouth instead.


“This was a good talk, Brown. I think we’re finally on the same page,” he said, and then he left the room.


I followed him out, then headed toward the door of the gym. I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. Brooklyn was standing outside the door as I left the building.


“Hey stranger,” she said, smiling.


“Hey,” I said, trying my best to hide the fact that I wanted nothing to do with her.


“Did my dad give you a hard time?” she asked.


“A little, but no big deal.” I grinned, trying to downplay how I really felt about the whole thing.


“I’m sorry about that,” she said. “Look, I wasn’t trying to make trouble for you.


I just like you. I liked hanging out together. But if you don’t want to see me anymore, I understand. I won’t be using my dad to get back at you or anything like that.”


I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t really trust her. She’d told her dad about us and now he was trying to intimidate me into dating her. The whole thing was shady. So I just nodded and grunted. “Thanks for saying that.” I sighed. “Look, I really should get going.”


“Maybe we’ll talk later,” she said. “If you want.”


“Okay, I’ll…I’ll keep it in mind.”


“Yeah, keep me in mind, Brown. Because I’m definitely keeping you in mind.”


She smiled wider and I started walking—I had to force myself not to run to get away.









When I got back to my dorm after leaving Justin’s, the door to my room was locked, so I figured Rachel must have been out. She never locked the door when she was home, despite the fact that we got an email on the second day of the semester reminding us about school security and listing some helpful tips, one of which to keep your room locked. Granted, they meant when you weren’t home, but still. I took the fact that they even felt the need to send an email like that (it was marked urgent and filled with all sorts of scary language like “immediate threat” and “after dark risks”) as a bad sign, and so I opted to keep the door locked constantly, even when I was in the room.


I slid my key in the lock, and as soon I opened the door, a male voice said, “Oh, shit!” and then a rustling sound came from Rachel’s side of the room.


“Oh,” I said dumbly. Heat rushed to my face. Rachel was in her bed. And someone else was with her. “Sorry. Um, I didn’t know you had company.”


“No, no, it’s okay,” Rachel said. She sat up in bed, her long blonde hair tumbling around her shoulders. She pulled the sheets up over her body, which was a minor miracle, given that she didn’t care much about nudity. “I should have left a note on the door or something.” She giggled.


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