Shockingly Seductive (Addicted To You, Book Seven)
Author:Covington, Lucy

Shockingly Seductive (Addicted To You, Book Seven)


Covington, Lucy









Neither of us spoke on the way back to Justin’s apartment. He held my hand as we walked down the street to the T, and every so often he’d look over at me and smile, but both of us stayed quiet. It was like now that the moment was finally here, we didn’t want to risk doing anything that might ruin it.


My heart was hammering in my chest, and if you asked me to remember anything about the T ride back to Justin’s, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. All I could think about was his hand holding mine, and the almost unbearable anticipation that was permeating the air.


We climbed the stairs up to his apartment, and as soon as we got inside, he turned and looked at me. His eyes burned with intensity and desire, and a delicious tremor ran through my body.


“I’m glad you came back,” he whispered, then moved closer.


“Me too,” I said.


I swallowed, knowing that now that I was here, there was no turning back. Not that I cared. I didn’t want to turn back. I wanted him. I wanted every part of him.


He took another step closer to me, then grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom, where we collapsed onto the bed.


He gazed into my eyes, then reached up and pushed my hair back from my face.


He hadn’t bothered to turn the light on, and the room was dark, except for the soft glow of the moon shining through the window. I could just make him out -- the soft curve of his lips, the strong line of his jaw.


The anticipation was driving me crazy. I felt like my body was going to explode with want.


“Lindsay,” he murmured into my ear. His breath was warm against my skin, and his hand moved to the back of my neck, pulling my face close to his. I closed my eyes and waited to feel his lips against mine.


I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath as I waited for him to kiss me.


But he didn’t.


I opened my eyes.


He was still looking at me, his eyes still bright with longing.


“Are you sure?” he whispered, the pad of his thumb running over my cheek. “We don’t have to…”


“I’m sure.”


And then his lips were on mine. It was everything I’d imagined, everything I’d wished and wanted and hoped that kissing him would be like. It was soft and slow at first, his hands holding the back of my neck gently as his lips moved against mine. Then the kiss deepened, and his tongue parted my lips. His hands moved through my hair, tangling the strands in his fingers. He tasted like mint and ice cream and summer, and a warmth began moving through my whole body, settling in between my legs.


We kissed and kissed and kissed some more, until finally he grabbed the zipper of my hoodie and pulled it down slowly, then inched my sweatshirt off my shoulders and tossed it to the floor.


He pulled me close again, and his hands encircled my waist, slipping up under the thin material of my tank top. He grasped the bottom of my shirt and then slid it up and over my head, leaving me in just my bra. A hot breeze moved through the window and against my skin. Goosebumps broke out over my body, and I shivered.


“You okay?” he asked softly.


I nodded. Every nerve in my body was on high alert, every sense heightened. I could feel how hard his chest was, even through his shirt, and suddenly I was desperate to feel his bare skin against mine. So I grabbed at the bottom of his shirt, like he’d done to mine, until I pulled it off.


His body was as perfect as I remembered it. Hard and lean, muscular but not too bulky. I let myself admire him for a second, and before I could stop myself, I let out a small moan.


This seemed to make the desire in his eyes blaze even brighter, and his hands moved over the front of my bra, teasing my nipples through the lacy fabric. It felt so good, and the warm feeling between my legs intensified.


“Lindsay,” Justin breathed, as his fingertips moved over my nipples. “God, you’re gorgeous.”


His touch was driving me insane. I pulled him to me and kissed him, my hands grabbing his rugged shoulders. I wanted him close to me, taking me, moving inside of me, doing what I wanted, what I needed him to do.


His hands slid up my back, and his fingertips brushed against the clasp of my bra, and then he lowered his head, his lips touching my skin, kissing down my neck to my cleavage. His mouth was hot and wet and good.


I couldn’t believe it was really, finally happening. Justin was kissing me, touching me, doing everything and anything he wanted to me.


I moaned again, unable to stop myself. He unhooked my bra, and I felt the cups loosen around my breasts.