Room With a View: Hot Down Under
Author:Scott, Kylie

“No, ah, that’s a bad idea.” He eased back, started working her top up and off her. Easy enough, but the bra lacked a front closure. Unacceptable. “Time to change positions.”


Angus rolled them, taking her onto his chest, her dark hair falling over his face. Natalie’s hands gripped his shoulders and she sat up, astride him. What a view. Her breasts jiggled, snaring his immediate attention, but the sudden press of her hot, wet cunt against his tortured cock felt insane. Terrible. Perfect. His jaw locked.


They needed to move forward with this sex thing before he disgraced himself. He hadn’t been this worked up in years.


“Why is it a bad idea?” she asked. “You’d like it. I promise.”


“I believe you,” he croaked. “Take off the bra. Please.”


She did so with a pleased smirk, her earlier shakes and tears long since forgotten. Given half a chance he’d have a smile permanently on her face. She threw the black satin aside. Her luscious tits tumbled into his waiting hands. Hard, brown nipples made his mouth water and his blood surge anew. He shook his head, closing his eyes against a wave of light-headedness. Too much to do. Several lifetimes’ worth and then some.


He rolled her pretty nipples between his thumb and forefinger, plucked them and played with them, making her breath hitch and her mouth fall open. That was nice, but honestly, he was too caught up in pleasing himself to notice much. Maybe next time. No, definitely next time. He’d be all about pleasing her. She’d never doubt him again. Not in any way, shape or form.


Her fingers kneaded at his forearms, short nails scratching. He hoped she left marks.


“I feel like a dirty old woman when you look at me that way.”


“I like you dirty. The old is bullshit. I don’t want to hear that. Ever.”


“Harder, you sweet talker,” she panted, grinding her pussy against him. “Just like that.”


“Shit. Stop.” He gripped her hips, holding her still. Slamming his eyes shut against the real-life wet dream sitting on top of his cock. He’d played this moment over and over in his head but nothing came close to actually touching her. Need almost made a mess of him. “Nat, I’m a little on edge here.”


“Sorry, sorry.” She petted him apologetically but the unholy gleam in her eye remained. “So when you thought about our first time, how did you imagine it?”


“Honestly? There was less talking, more action. And you were wearing this red thing…”


She grinned, leant down to kiss him again, good and hard. Teeth chinked. She was obviously as hungry for him as he was for her. So fucking good. Her hips rolled against him and white light edged his vision. The sweet heat of her was killing him. He groaned loudly and his balls drew up tight.


This had gone on long enough. He needed inside of her. Now. “Nat.”


“Sorry. Sorry. I got carried away.”


He didn’t answer. Instead, he rummaged for his pack, pushing aside the shotgun and fossicking for … “Got it.”


Natalie leaned over, inspecting his pack with interest. “Exactly how many condoms did you bring with you?”


“Some.” Three boxes, total. They’d been sitting on the shelf of an abandoned pharmacy. He’d grabbed them … just in case. Which was bullshit. He’d had every intention of using every single one with her and then searching for more. The need she put in him wasn’t going away any time soon. He ripped into the nearest then did the same with one of the foil packages within, handed the contents over to her waiting hand. “Please. Hurry.”


She shuffled down his body, took his cock in hand. Delicate fingers wrapped around the width of him. His hips kicked and Natalie gave him a look with a hint of mischief. Oh, man. She even licked her lips for good measure. A living dream. “I like this.”


Angus moaned and fought the need to thrust into her fingers, breathing out hard through his nose. He was running out of time. She had no fucking idea what she did to him. Her grip tightened and he felt about ready to beg. Propose. God, just do something. Sweat sheeted off him.


Shit, she was going to kill him.


But she didn’t. Thank God, because the condom cooled things down, dulled the sensations just enough. Natalie rolled it down with smooth precision, kissed and licked her way up his stomach, his chest, crawling back up his body. Taking her time and driving him mad. He grabbed her beneath her arms and brought her mouth back to his. Kissed her soundly, impatiently, several times. Soul deep. Trying to tell her everything he couldn’t begin to know how to say.


Her nipples brushed his chest and she guided his sheathed cock into her waiting cunt. Slowly impaling herself on him, never breaking eye contact.


The feel of her enveloping him. Taking him deep into her body. There was nothing like it.




The very first time of what he hoped to be many, many more. Mine. He counted backwards from fifty, locked down his stomach muscles. All that shit so as not to lose it. His ragged breathing was the only noise. But every breath brought her scent to him anew. She marked him inside and out without even trying.


“You okay?” she asked.