Heart's a Mess
Author:Scott, Kylie

She nodded jerkily. “Yeah. It’s easy on top. Harder in other positions.”


“Keep going,” he gasped, his whole body tense and his hips moving. His head full of thoughts of Vi in other positions. In any position with him buried inside her. “Nearly there.”


“You had your hands on my breasts, squeezing them. And I didn’t stop until I came. It was so good, I didn’t even realize you hadn’t. But you grabbed my hips and you were pushing up into me, really hard. And—”


“Vi,” he groaned. Come spurted out of his cock and onto his belly, running hot over the side of his still moving hand. Gray noise filled his head and the lights flickered. Fuck yes. Slower and slower his fingers stroked, milking the last drops. She didn’t take her eyes off him and no way could he look away.


“It hurts,” she whispered.


He beckoned to her with his clean hand. “Come here.”


But instead she pushed her body back into the chair, blinking furiously as if she’d woken startled from a dream. All the heat and hunger dropped from her face.


“At least you used my name this time,” she said.


What the fuck?


“Last time, you called me Jane,” she explained.


No, no, no. Shit. His jaw turned to stone.


“Who is she?” Vi asked.


“My ex-wife.”


She gave him a grim smile. “Of course she is.”


Talk about a hard landing after the high. He felt hollow inside. He pulled his t-shirt over his head, balled it up and tried to clean himself. “I, umm—”


“I know. It’s okay. I’m sorry too. These things happen, right? Why don’t we both just be about our business?”


“Yeah. Violet, was this some sort of revenge for you? Because, I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty fucking small right now.” Come was sticky shit and it was all over him and his fast-deflating cock. Fuck it. He threw down the shirt, yanked up his underwear and jeans, covering himself quickly. All the better to get rid of the feeling that she’d just ripped him open for her own amusement. “Is that what you wanted? To bring me down to size?”


“No.” She blinked some more, eyes alarmingly bright. “Honestly, I’m not sure what this was. But you started it. I didn’t ask you to come in here.”


“Fuck me.” He ground his teeth and tried to hold back the anger bubbling up inside. “No, you just asked me to get my dick out and perform for you.”


“True.” The woman stood and straightened her dress. “I guess we’re both to blame. Again.”


He snorted. “Yeah. Guess so.”


If he wasn’t mistaken, her legs shook as she crossed to the door and flicked the lock. But it didn’t make him feel any better.


She cleared her throat. “I love my new job, Alex. And you’re clearly still in love your ex-wife.”


She was wrong. Worlds and worlds of wrong. But what could he say?


Vi walked out the door and he was grateful for it.






Chapter Three



What drove Alex nuts was his inability to ignore her.


After he’d snapped at his little brother for the umpteenth time, Duncan had exiled him to the back office. Alex could prepare the paperwork in order for tax time. Three hours had passed since then. The same screen still sat on the computer monitor, not one iota of information added to the neat columns of figures. They were a blur before his eyes. Meaningless gobbledygook.


At least, hidden in the office, he couldn’t be tempted to watch her. But it did mean he was trapped in the same room where they’d last butted heads and messed with body fluids. What a fucking unwelcome memory. He’d done his best to purge it.


First, he’d relocated the chair she’d sat in to a storage room. In fact, both of the wooden chairs were gone, because he couldn’t be sure which one she’d used. As truly remarkable as he found her round derriere to be, it left no obvious impression in hardwood. So they both went.


Not overkill in the least.


He could man up and forgive himself for feeling a little sensitive about the whole thing. The last year had been a tough one and his run-in with Violet just capped it off. It was better with the chairs gone. He felt less messy, more himself.


Except for the leather couch sitting directly opposite. It mocked him.


The memory of jerking off in front of her was far too fresh. What a fool he’d been, an overheated, horny idiot with his dick in his hand and his heart on his sleeve. The lounge had to go. And really, the damn thing had been there for decades at least. Their dad had brought it. Time for a change.


“Fuck it,” he muttered, resigned.


How heavy could it be?


Turned out, lots. He had the three-seater monster pulled away from the wall and was straining to get it near the doorway when Violet came rushing in. She gripped her hand tightly with a bloody napkin wrapped around one finger. His throat squeezed.


“What have you done?” he barked.


“It’s just a little cut. Where’s the first aid?”


Alex grabbed her wrist and towed her toward the cabinet. “What happened? Show me.”