Heart's a Mess
Author:Scott, Kylie

Vi nodded. “Yes, I took off my top.”


Her eyes were locked on his groin. His cock looked huge, trapped inside his pants. The ridge made a stark contrast to the flat of his belly and hips, the curves of his thighs. Her words had done that to him. Nothing else. Knowing he’d gotten so hard eroded her mind. She had no other excuse for what came out of her mouth next.


“Take it out.”


He held perfectly still. “Take what out?”


“Your cock. Take it out. I want to see,” she said, her pride demanding she brazen it out. “If you want me to keep going, then I want to see.”


Holy hell, the smile that curved his lips had her stomach dropping from four floors up. She had the worst feeling she’d just lost the battle.


But not the war, damn him.




“Keep talking,” he said, and his hands went to his waist. Belt, unbuckled. Button, undone. Zip, lowered. He raised his hips and shuffled his jeans down. Dark boxer briefs strained to cover him. The woman’s eyes were all over him, exactly how he wanted. Damned if she would keep him at a distance. He’d seduce Violet if it was the last thing he did.


“You’re not talking,” he said.


She licked her lips. “I took off my top and you undid the zip on the back of my skirt. You pulled the skirt down over my hips. And the pantyhose.”


“Did I say anything?”


“You told me I was beautiful.”


He slipped his hand beneath the waist of his underwear. Taking it slow and putting on a show for her. He’d never done anything like this before. But with her pretty face full of focus, and all of it for him, it was kind of fun. “You are beautiful. Did you feel beautiful?”


She nodded, her eyes tracking his hand’s progress. “Yes, when you looked at me that way.”


Beneath the fabric of his boxers he moved his hand. “Thong, bikini or boy-leg?”


“Show me,” she begged.


“Tell me.”


“Brief. Retro, the full, old-fashioned style. They have lace panels and two little bows up the top.”


“Like a real pin-up girl?”




“Fuck.” He extracted his hand and pushed down his boxers. His hard-on stood high, the swollen head flushed a deep red. It bordered on painful. Alex wrapped his hand around himself and squeezed. “Are you coming over here?”


“No.” The whites of her eyes flashed. “No, I can’t.”


He could be patient, though it would hurt. It would hurt a lot. “Then keep going. Don’t leave me hanging, sweetheart.”


“I undid my bra and you pulled down my knickers.”


His hand moved idly up and down his cock, just warming things up. “Bare or with curls?”


Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip and she shook her head.


“Damn,” he groaned. “Play nice, Vi.”


“A girl can’t be a little upset you don’t even remember having sex with her? Seriously?”


“Fuck, I wish I did. You have no idea. How did we do it?” His hand picked up the pace. “Tell me.”


“I pushed you back onto the bed and straddled you,” she said, panting a little if he wasn’t mistaken. “You had one of my nipples in your mouth. But you stopped sucking long enough to tell me there were some condoms in the bedside drawer. The pack was new. You got cranky when it took me a while to open it. You used your teeth on me.”


“Shit. I did?”


She suddenly grinned. “Yes. I liked it. There’s a little bruise on the side of my left breast. I think of you every time I see it.”


“God damn it.” His hand picked up pace again and Vi rubbed her thighs together.


“I undid your jeans and pushed them down, got the condom on you,” she said. “We were kissing like crazy.”


“Did you like it? Kissing me?”


“I loved it. We were a mess.” Her eyes looked foggy, dreamy. “But it was so nice.”


“Only nice?”


“It was perfect. Are you going to come?”


In reply, he brushed his thumb over the head of his cock, spreading pre-cum. A gorgeous flush had spread across her breasts. Thank God for a woman in a low-cut neckline.


“You’re going to come,” she sighed. “Pull up your shirt so I can see.”


He tugged his t-shirt up fast, exposing his stomach and the trail of hair leading toward his groin. “You stayed on top of me?”


“Yes. It’d been a while. And we didn’t really do foreplay.”


Alex paused, breathing hard. “What? Did I hurt you?”


“Relax. You’re large, but you’re not scary.” She grinned. “It felt so good, sinking onto you, taking you hard and fast like that. And God, the expression on your face, the way you looked up at me.”


“Vi.” His hand kicked back into motion. He couldn’t have stopped it if he tried. The woman was truly inspirational when it came to talking dirty. Sure as hell, he felt inspired. “Don’t stop.”


Her hand slid over her stomach and downwards. She ground the heel of her palm into the top of her pussy for a moment. Pushing against the layers of clothing, trying to get at her clit, no doubt.


“Did you come, riding me?” he asked, so close now.