From This Moment
Author:Alison Chaffin Higson

Chapter 1
~~ Rona ~~
Chicago’s O’Hare transit lounge is a place that, three days ago, I was looking forward to visiting. It was to be our honeymoon and part of our own personal transit into married life together. As I stand alone, looking around, trying to decide which way to head to wait for my onward flight to Jackson Hole, I feel lost and I’m not really sure what I’m doing here.
Nick, my fiancé, or rather ex-fiancé, told me he’s too young to get married and left me an hour before we were supposed to be taking our vows. He’s thirty, so not exactly too young to get married in my book.
So that’s why I’m taking our honeymoon flight to Jackson, alone. Don’t quite know what I’m going to do when I get there. Originally a friend of Nick’s had given us his cabin for a month as a wedding present. A romantic holiday in a secluded forest isn’t really an option now, and to be honest, I want nothing to do with him or his friends anymore.
Taking a few deep breaths while turning away from the departures board, I notice a coffee shop. Entering, I go and purchase a vanilla latte then find a quiet corner to rest up. Taking a few sips of my drink, I reach into my purse for my iPad to read until my flight is called. At least someone will get a happy ending.
After about thirty minutes, I get the feeling that I’m being watched. Reaching for my coffee, while discreetly looking up, I clash with the eyes of a really good looking guy. He’s sitting one table over, staring at me with what looks like hunger in his sparkling green eyes. It’s so difficult to look away, but I manage it, telling myself I’m only imagining the way he’s looking at me.
Having looked everywhere I can to avoid his eyes, I look back at him. He’s still looking at me; I decide that I’m not going to be embarrassed and return his stare. He’s really hot and I mean hot, like wow. He looks to be considerably older than my twenty-four years, but I’ve always been attracted to older men. He looks older than Nick, maybe between thirty-five and forty. He sure is handsome though.
I start my once over from the tip of his tan cowboy boots. My eyes travel up his long, jean clad, muscular legs to his chest, and by the way his t-shirt moulds to his chest, he looks to have a six pack hidden under there. He has broad shoulders which I guess he gets from manual labour as opposed to working out in a gym. He just doesn’t seem the gym type. He wears his dark hair longer at the back with it curling over his ears.
I study his face. It’s a strong handsome face, partially covered by his five o’clock shadow which gives him a lazy look, but there’s probably nothing lazy about him. His green eyes are just dazzling; a girl could get lost in them and never find her way out.
Somewhere, during my ogling, I’ve lost track of what I’m doing and forgotten he’s watching me. And boy, his hungry look has turned ravenous during my exploration of his body.~~ Cade ~~
On entering the coffee shop, my first thought is that she looks so sad. I grab myself a much needed black coffee and feel drawn to where she’s sitting; I take a seat at an empty table, one over from hers.
She’s slim built with long legs, slim torso and breasts that look big enough to just fill my hands.
Glancing up to make sure she hasn’t spotted me looking at her body, I take in her long dark hair, it looks so soft and I wonder what it smells like. She’s wearing well worn jeans with boots accompanied by a long sleeved t-shirt, no jewelry that I can see, but her hands are in her lap holding her iPad, so I can’t check for rings.
I glance back up to her face where I’m met by her blue eyes. She seems embarrassed to find me looking her over and looks away quickly pretending to be interested in her iPad again. It’s in that moment that I realize how young she looks, maybe in her early twenties, which makes me cringe. I’m forty-five and old enough to be her father.
She’s stunning and I can barley control my gaze. She’s the first woman I’ve been really drawn to in close to twenty years, since my wife left me and our children.
Since then I’ve quit on relationships, plus raising three kids doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Now and again I have the occasional hook up when out of town. Thinking back it’s a heck of a long time since the last, over twelve months for sure.
I look back over to where she’s sitting and what the hell, she’s turned back to look at me and has obviously decided to do some looking of her own. She’s eyeing me up, starting with my feet if I’m not mistaken.
As her eyes crawl slowly up my legs, I feel myself start to stiffen in my jeans. Hell, I haven’t reacted like this to a woman’s look before. You’d think I would have more control at my age. God, I hope she doesn’t notice.
By the time she’s moved up to my chest she’s licking her lips. I’m not sure if she’s trying to moisten dry lips or if she’s imagining what she wants to do to my chest. Crap. I start doing sums in my head to try to deflate the rod in my pants, but when I look up and meet her eyes it goes straight back up again.
Hell, I look away and try to rearrange myself from the discomfort without being obvious about it. Realizing it’s a long time since I’ve been with a woman, I really don’t think it’s going to get better anytime soon. I don’t ever remember wanting anyone like this before.“Hey, dad, I’m just going to grab a coffee, back in a minute.” My son Jake brings me right back down to earth. I’d forgotten he was travelling with me. In fact, I seem to have totally forgotten about most things in this moment. As he’s walking to get his coffee I see him glance over at the young woman.
After purchasing the coffee he comes back to join me. He’s still watching her as he sits down. I can’t believe I’m jealous of my own son. He’s a few years older than her and the perfect age. Maybe.“Did you find what you where looking for?” Jake just ignores me still looking across the table.
I’ll get his attention this time, “Jake! I said, did you find what you were looking for?”“Oh yes, fine,” he replies, distracted.“Have you noticed the girl over there, she’s lovely. Do you think she’s travelling with anyone?”“I don’t think so. She was sitting on her own in here when I arrived.” I glance over to her again with an ache in my chest.“I think I’m going to go and find out.” Jake starts to stand up.
Hell no, he’s going over to talk to her. I want to tell him to stay put and that I saw her first. But she’s too young for me; I just have to keep telling myself that.“I’ll come over and rescue her in five.” I have to force a grin for my son.
He’s been gone a few minutes and they seem to be deep in conversation, or at least Jake does. I realize that I can’t let her leave without at least talking to her as well.
I guess I’m looking for punishment, because I know the sound of her voice, along with her looks, will keep me up all night for sure. Literally!
Well, I guess I’ll have to take a cold shower when I get home. I gather my bag and jacket; grab my coffee and head over to the table to join them. Both of them.~~ Rona ~~
Oh God, he’s coming over.
I’ve been sitting talking with Jake for about five minutes when the object of my earlier ogling starts to walk towards us.“Hi, I’m Cade Matthews, Jake’s father. Do you mind if I join you both? It’s a bit lonely over there.” He asks with a smile.
His father.... heck.
Putting my tongue back in my mouth, I finally respond, “No that’s fine, I don’t mind.” I thought he would sit opposite me, but he takes the chair next to mine, opposite his son instead and boy does he smell good.“So, what have you two been talking about?” Cade asks.
I smile at him realizing I haven’t given him my name, “I’m Rona Jameson and your son was telling me that you’re on your way back home to Jackson. That’s also my destination, so I guess we’re on the same flight.”“Well, it’s nice to meet you Rona. Are you visiting family in Jackson?” Just as I open my mouth to speak, Jake interrupts.“Some bastard left her practically at the altar, so she’s taking her honeymoon flight on her own.” He sounds angry with this announcement.
Cade appears speechless and just looks at me.
I look at Cade and tell him exactly what I realized during my flight from Ireland to Chicago.“My ex decided, with no prior warning signs, that getting married at thirty was too young for him. I think maybe he had met someone else, but I didn’t really want to know and to be honest it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. Nick doing what he did made me realize that my feelings for him were not what they should have been for the man with whom I was intending to spend the rest of my life. Once I’d calmed down, I realized I was more upset at having to cancel the wedding, than him actually leaving me. I think I was more in love with the idea of having a family again than I was with Nick.”
After a few moments of stunned silence, “You said you were more in love with having a family than him. Don’t you have any family?” Cade asks me.“No, my parents were killed in a plane crash ten years ago. I went to live with my grandmother, who passed away nearly two years ago now.” I sip my coffee.
Still not believing Cade is Jake’s father, since they look more like brothers. I tentatively ask, “You’re really his father?” He’s certainly older than Jake, but he doesn’t look old enough to be his father.
Jake laughs at my comment, “He certainly is. He’s forty-five and a hell of a lot older than me!”“Less of the old. Twenty years isn’t that much older,” Cade says, winking at me.“Well, you sure don’t look forty-five; I actually thought you were brothers.”
Laughing, “So you know I’m twenty-five. How old are you? I’m guessing twenty-one.”
With a smile, “Don’t you know it isn’t polite to ask a lady her age?”“Never heard that one before,” Jake says, with a cocky grin.“Well, as you asked so nicely! I guess I’ll tell you that I’m a year younger than you!”
Still grinning, “Just the right age.”
I’m about to ask Jake ‘right age’ for what, when Cade changes the subject.“Are you planning to stay in Jackson?”“I’m not sure yet. A friend of Nick’s owns a cabin out there, but there’s no way that I want to spend the next four weeks in debt to a friend of his. Plus, it was supposed to be a wedding present. I’ll find a motel for a couple of nights and then look around for a short term rental.”“You shouldn’t have any problem finding a room for a few nights as the ski season doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. In fact, a friend of mine and his wife run a bed and breakfast; I could always check with them once we land to see if they have a room available if you like?” Jake offers.“That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”
I look at Cade while taking another sip of my vanilla latte, “Please tell me a bit about where you live in Jackson.”“The house is in the Tetons. It has the most amazing views with wildlife that come right up to the porch; I’ve never seen another place like it. When it snows it looks like it jumped right off a postcard.”“That sounds amazing. I’m hoping to see some of the mountains and lakes around Jackson, not to mention the wild life.”
Fiddling with my cup of coffee, I struggle to take my mind off the thoughts that come to mind with the mention of Cade and wild in the same sentence. I turn back to Jake, “You mentioned you have a sister. Is she your only sibling?”“No, I have two sisters who are both married to great guys. My sister Beth is married to Mack. They have a boy Nathan, he’s two now and they’ve just had a baby girl a few weeks ago. Little Edith. They’re in the process of renovating to make more room at the moment. My other sister happens to be my twin. Older by five minutes, which she never let me forget when we were growing up. Anna is married to Justin and they have six year old twins Gabe and Gabby. They both have houses built on the family land so they’re pretty close by.”“What about you, do you have your own house as well?”“Almost. I’m in the middle of building my own house at the moment, so I’m still at home until it’s finished. It’s also on the land. I’ll give you a tour while you’re in Jackson.” He offers with a grin.“That would be great.”~~ Cade ~~
As I sit here listening to Rona tell us about being left at the altar and having no family, I feel my heart go out to her. She’s very attractive and has a soft seductive voice. I feel such a deep ache inside that I’ve never felt before and it surprises me with its intensity.
Not even Janice, the woman I married twenty-five years ago managed to bring out such a reaction. I’m ashamed to admit that the only reason I married her was because she was pregnant with Jake and Anna. The first time I slept with her she got pregnant. Then it was maybe two years after that, when we decided to try and make the marriage work for real. Then it wasn’t long after Beth arrived that she walked out on us.
I’m just about to jump back into the conversation when they announce our flight. “Do you need any help with your luggage or anything?” I ask her, although I can only see her purse.“No, I checked my luggage in. I only have my purse. What about you two? Need a hand?” she asks me with a cheeky grin.
Grinning back at her, and boy is she gorgeous, I’m praying our seats are a bit away from hers on the plane. It’s already difficult keeping my body under control; sitting so close or in the next seat on the plane would make it difficult to keep my libido in check, never mind the brushing of thighs that would occur in the compact seats.
On the plane we realize our seats are actually in the same row and with a silent groan, I head towards them. I offer Rona the window seat which she accepts and then Jake shoots into the middle seat before I can get my act together. I got distracted with the shape of Rona’s perfect butt while she was getting into her seat.
Sitting on the aisle side has the advantage of being able to stretch my legs, as I always end up scrunched up. Jake, sitting so close to the woman in my thoughts, wasn’t helping my comfort on this occasion.
Once airborne, I decide I’d better visit the toilets to calm down before I do something to embarrass myself. Like telling Jake to stop chatting my woman up and to change seats with me. Or, before either one of them notices the hard-on in my jeans that I’m trying to hide under my t-shirt. It certainly isn’t something I want my son to witness.“Excuse me a minute,” I say to both Jake and Rona. Unclipping my seat belt, I feel Rona’s eyes on me as I start to head towards the back of the plane to the toilets.
As soon as I enter, I shut the door and make sure it’s locked. The last thing I need right now is Rona walking in on me thinking the bathroom is vacant. Then again, maybe that could be the best thing to happen to me in a long time!
Leaning against the door, taking some deep breaths, I put my hand to the front of my jeans, groaning when it comes into contact with the hardness beneath. I unzip and my erection springs free. Wrapping my hand around, I move it up and down a couple of times. God, that feels good – this isn’t going to last long.
Moving away from the door, leaning slightly over the toilet seat, I rest my left arm against the wall. Shoving my jeans further down my legs, I slowly move my hand downwards over my aching cock to my balls. Massaging them – I leak pre-cum.
Groaning, I take a firm hold of my shaft. Starting to fist my cock; I think about Rona, what she would look like on her knees in front of me with her mouth wrapped around me. What it would feel like when she swallows around the tip. I harden even more. Moving my fist up and down, even faster – my balls pull up. Biting down on my arm, I come in what feels like the best friggin’ orgasm of my life.
Taking deep breaths and with legs that feel like jelly, I clean up.
God, I’ve never done anything like this in a public place before and I can’t believe I just have. I hope when I sit back down the hard-on from hell doesn’t return with a vengeance.
As I approach my seat, Rona is looking in my direction; I can’t stop looking at her and nearly fall over a small child who’s stood in the aisle. I start getting embarrassed; I quickly apologize, and then head for my seat. Finally, arriving back, Rona is still looking at me with eyes full of laughter. With a really big grin, “I think you need to sit down now.” She starts to laugh.
Her laugh is infectious and I try to scowl at her, but I don’t quite pull it off.“I’m sorry, but the look on your face when you realized your path wasn’t clear was funny.”
She’s looking at me with a sad smile now, “I need to sleep for a while. I’ve been awake for a long time and with the time difference. I’m so tired. Would you mind passing me a pillow?”
I look at her for a short time then stand up again to retrieve a pillow from the overhead compartment. She then settles down to sleep.
During the flight she ends up sleeping on Jake’s shoulder. Jake being Jake put his arm around her and got comfortable. I spent the flight reading. If anyone asked what I was reading, I seriously don’t think I’d be able to answer.
It’s hell being so attracted to the same woman as your son. I know that nothing can actually happen between us; she’s younger than Anna and Jake, my twenty-five year old twins. Knowing that certainly isn’t helping and I really need to stop feeling jealous of my son.~~ Rona ~~
Waking up on the descent into Jackson Hole, I find myself looking straight into Jake’s eyes which are mere inches away from mine. I must have somehow cuddled up to him during the flight. I’m practically lying in his lap.“Gosh, I’m sorry. I hadn’t realized I was sleeping on you.” I scramble to get back into my seat all embarrassed, especially with Cade looking on.“Don’t worry, I enjoyed it.” Jake replies with a small laugh, “You know, I’ve been thinking about your accommodation problem and I’ve come up with another option.”“I’m open to options. What are you thinking?”“There’s plenty of room at our place and you won’t be alone with the both of us, at least for the next two weeks. My sister Beth and her husband Mack along with their kids are staying with us while they have work done on their house.” Jake looks at his dad for confirmation.“I can’t do that. We don’t even know each other.” Half hoping Cade will come up with an excuse why I can’t stay with them. But I know I’ll be upset if he does.“You’d be more than welcome to stay with us. As Jake says there’s plenty of room and my daughter is there. I’m sure she would love having another female around for company.” He says this looking at me and I can’t think of anywhere else that I want to be right now.“Thank you I would love to stay with you and your family.” My heart beats wildly. I’m wondering what I’m doing.
Once we disembark, Cade and Jake lead the way to collect our luggage. Thankfully, it’s arrived with us.
As we start towards the exit, Jake shoots off saying he’s going to go retrieve the car from the parking lot and will be back shortly.
Cade suggests that we wait for Jake outside to get some fresh air after being inside all day. Walking outside it’s rather windy. Cade directs me towards the end of the car pickup area to take shelter in an alcove, facing away from the road and the wind.
I feel really odd being alone with Cade, because of how attractive he is. He really is yummy and I can’t get over the fact that he’s twenty-one years older than me. He seems to be attracted to me, but knowing his age, well, I guess he would be more interested in someone more his own age. Then he turns to look at me and I find myself transfixed by his blazing green eyes.“Is it far to your place?” I try to fill in some of the silence.
He doesn’t answer, but is still looking at me. Taking a step closer, he puts his hand to the side of my face.“Your skin feels like silk.” He caresses my cheek. “I’ve been wondering how you would feel against my hand since the moment I laid eyes on you.”
I turn my face slightly into his touch and kiss his palm. Sucking in his breath, he moves even closer to me.“You need to let Jake show you around and introduce you to his friends,” he says, as though he’s in pain, while I continue to burrow into his hand.“Why not you?” I whisper against his hand; my eyes are still locked to his.“I want nothing more than to be the one to show you around and spend time with you, but I’m forty-five which is far too old for you. Jake is only a year older than you.” Taking a deep breath he continues, “I’ve never reacted to anyone before the way I react to you, which I need to get over because anything between us is impossible.”
At this comment, I can feel my heart breaking, he looks so sad with what he’s just said and it’s brought tears to my eyes. I move slightly away from him hoping he doesn’t see my reaction. But unfortunately he does.“Hey, don’t cry.”
I turn to walk away, but he catches hold of my arm and brings me back to him with my back against his chest.
Once there, he inhales slowly and turns me around to face him. He lifts his hands to my face and uses his thumbs to wipe my tears away. He looks straight into my eyes, “If you think for one minute that seeing you go off with Jake everyday is going to be easy for me then think again. I don’t think anything is going to be the same again for me and the thought of you with him – In bed with him or anyone else for that matter makes me want to hit something. Very hard.”
He’s still holding my face and, during our conversation, he’s gotten so close to me that we are now chest to chest and hidden from view by the alcove. My breathing has become slightly labored and so has Cades. I find myself wanting just one taste of him.“Kiss me.” I ask, looking at him, “At least put your tongue inside me….” and before I can finish his lips meet mine with such force, I don’t think I’ll ever recover. As he starts kissing me, I’m not sure who moves in first. I’m pressed close to him with my back against the wall and one of my legs wrapped around one of his.
His mouth on mine sends tingles all the way through me to my core. My arms wrap around his neck. My hands go to the nape of his neck; I run my fingers through his hair. He tastes all male and smells so good. I never want this kiss to end. My nipples are hard tips digging into his chest, our tongues continue to duel. God, I’m so wet and want him so badly.~~ Cade ~~
Heaven help me, when she said to me ‘at least put your tongue inside me’. I just lose it, having to taste her. Our mouths meet; she opens her mouth to me. I slip my tongue inside her like she asks. Our tongues fuse; I never want to come up for air.
She tastes like coffee and chocolate. With our mouths still locked together, she wraps her arms around me, running her fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck; sending shivers straight through me to my cock.
Holding her in my arms, I move her back towards the wall for support. She wraps her leg around me and starts to rub herself against my erection. I’m in heaven and nearly come like a teenager on his first outing with a girl. She feels so good and right in my arms. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to let her go, which I know I have to do, but I wasn’t about to stop this kiss, at least not yet.
She pulls her mouth from mine for much needed air, but I find it impossible to stop tasting her. Placing tiny kisses along her mouth, I move down to her neck, her collarbone, then back up to her ear. I bite down slightly. She shivers.
Moving back to kiss her mouth, I put my hand up under her t-shirt and slowly move up to her breasts. Teasing her nipple with my fingers through her thin bra, I feel it tighten even more. With my other hand, I take hold of her butt to align her better with my erection.
She tastes so good and is so responsive to my touch – driving me crazy.
Cupping one of her breasts in my hand, I remove it from her bra. Placing my mouth on her, I suck her nipple into my mouth. She goes wild in my arms and rubs herself against my shaft. Christ, I’m so aroused with having Rona in my arms. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold back the orgasm that I’ve been hovering on the edge of since the first touch.
Within seconds her breathing changes. She moans – loudly. Moving back to her mouth, our tongues meet and mate; I move my other hand to the fastening on her jeans; undoing the button and zipper. I slip my hand into the front, moving my hand lower; she digs her nails into my shoulders. I slide my fingers through her wet heat – boy is she wet! Removing my hand from between her thighs, I shove both hands into the back of her jeans, landing on her naked butt. Thank god for thongs!
Pulling her back into my erection we both grind against each other; squeezing her butt, she shakes in orgasm. I come in my jeans. Seeing stars, I shut my eyes and just hold on to her while I come back down to earth.
Rona’s still holding on to me as though her life depends on it. Her breathing starts to even out.
She finally looks up at me, “So that’s what all the talk is about.” I just look at her not comprehending what she’s telling me at first and then I realize she’s telling me – that was her first orgasm.“What. I mean why. I mean you were engaged, didn’t you....” After her response, I’m actually lost for words.
Taking pity on me, “I had sex now and again with Nick, but he was always too impatient and I was never so in tune with him, like I just was with you.”
I just grin at her.“It’s even better when there are no clothes involved,” I say, on a sigh, while fastening her jeans back up.~~ Rona ~~
I rest my head on his shoulder as he continues to hold me stroking my back. How the hell am I going to walk away from this guy? I’d heard what he said about the age difference, which I guess is a major problem, and I don’t see a way around it. As our heart rates start to get back to normal, I pull away slightly from Cade and look up with my arms still around him.“Are you okay?” he asks me with such a tender smile on his face.“I don’t think I’ll ever be okay again, unless I’m in your arms.”
He tightens his hold on me as he hears what I say. Putting his lips to my forehead and placing a small kiss there, he then rests his forehead against mine while looking into my eyes.“God, please don’t say that. You have to find a younger guy to be with, although it will kill me. This closeness between us can never happen again. I can’t believe it happened in the first place. You taste and smell so good; I just can’t stop touching you. I need to find the strength to keep my hands off you.”
I rest my forehead against his chest and hold on as tight as he’s holding me. Taking a deep breath, I look up. Our eyes meet as he leans down and gives me a really tender kiss.
Hearing a vehicle approach, we reluctantly step apart.