Going Under
Author:S. Walden

“No way,” Finn replied. “You haven’t learned your lesson yet,” and he spanked me again. This time a little harder.


My head flew up and I almost yelled, “No!” but that wouldn’t have been right because I wanted him to do it again. I arched my back pushing my ass up and heard the sharp intake of his breath. He spanked me again, but I stayed quiet.


“You’re not even gonna cry for me a little?” Finn asked. He spanked me again. Harder. And I let out a tiny whimper.


He climbed off of me and flipped me over, grabbing hold of my spankies before I could protest. He pulled them down my legs along with my panties but was too impatient to work them over my sneakers. Instead, he let them rest around my ankles as he lifted my thighs up and over his shoulders. I was slightly distressed in this position, most of my weight resting on the back of my neck and shoulders.


“Finn!” I screamed completely exposed to him. He had done this to me before—many times—but always in the dark. Right now daylight streamed through the slats of the window blinds giving him a perfect view of everything I liked to keep hidden.


“I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” Finn said, and then he ran his tongue over me.


I moaned and twisted my body, but it was useless. He held me still, his muscular forearms pressing into my lower abdomen. He licked me softly, eliciting cries and occasional screams until I thought I wanted to die. It felt too good, and I knew I didn’t deserve it. I fisted the sheets on either side of me and begged him to stop.


“I will,” he said, his lips still on me. “When I’ve made you come.”


“No no no,” I said halfheartedly. “I have a competition. Beth. Beth will be here any minute.”


He ignored me and kept up his gentle assault. His tongue all over me. His light kisses. I wanted to come and knew I would harder than he’d ever made me in the past. I don’t know why it was so powerful this time. Perhaps because we were being too reckless, too dangerous, and the rush was a powerful, addictive intoxicant.


But I should have paid attention to the unsettling feeling deep inside my heart. It was a warning bell with a big flashing red light. I could hear the smooth, calm female voice over the intercom system—the one in all the sci-fi movies: “Attention. Ten seconds until detonation.” And then the ship exploded, and my body along with it. I screamed into space, felt the oxygen ripped out of me, the stars popping one by one behind my eyes, inside my heart, throughout my legs.


“What the fuck is this?”


I lay there sated, frozen. I didn’t want to turn my head, but I forced myself to. Beth stood in her doorway. Her face was white, and in my stupefied state, I wanted to tell her that—that there was something wrong with her face. And then somehow I came to, and I realized what I looked like. Lying on her bed with her boyfriend’s face between my legs. Finn lifted me off his shoulders, and I scrambled to pull up my spankies.


“What the fuck are you doing?!” Beth screamed.


“Beth, oh my God, I don’t know!” I said. I stood on the other side of her bed, trapped like a scared animal.


“You don’t know?!” she yelled. “My boyfriend was just eating you out, Brooke! And you don’t know?”


I opened my mouth to reply, but there were no words.


“Answer me, you fucking bitch!”


“Beth, stop,” Finn said.


“Are you kidding me? ‘Stop’? What were you doing? How could you do this to me? My boyfriend!”


“Beth, you and I both know it’s over. It’s been over,” Finn said. “You don’t even like me.”


“You got that right, you fucking prick!” Beth shouted. She turned in my direction. “You were my best friend, Brooke.


The hurt in her eyes broke me to my core. I choked on the sob. I choked on her word. Were. “You were my best friend.”


“Why are you crying?” Beth asked. “Because you got caught? Or you all of a sudden feel guilty? How long has this been going on?!”


I shook my head.


“You’re gonna tell me,” Beth demanded. She advanced towards me a few paces before changing her mind and standing still.


“A few months, Beth,” Finn answered, and I wanted to hit him.


Beth gasped. “A few months?!”


“And we love each other. I’m sorry I hurt you,” Finn said. He sounded like a complete jackass. And what the hell was he talking about? Love? We never said anything about loving each other.


Beth laughed derisively. “Wow. Love. Okay.” Her face streamed tears. I watched as one clung to her jaw before plopping to the floor.


“Beth, please,” I whispered.


“Get out of my house,” she said. “Now.”


I didn’t move.




Finn grabbed my hand and led me out. I thought Beth would lunge at me when I passed by her, but she stood stoic, staring at me as though I were a stranger. And then I heard the door slam, and my entire world shifted in an instant.








My father stood in the middle of the bedroom looking nervous.


“Well, what do you think?” he asked. He glanced at me for a moment, then turned to the window.


“About what?” I replied.