Author:M.S. Force

The second we are both naked, he rolls me under him and pushes into me in one smooth stroke that stretches me to the point of pain. It’s the most exquisite pain I’ve ever experienced. His eyes close and his forehead comes down on mine. The relief I see on his face is so profound it brings me to tears.


For the longest time, neither of us moves. We simply exist, together, breathing the same air, our bodies joined, our hearts beating as one again.


“Natalie…” He kisses my face, my lips, my neck, and then returns to my lips.


I wrap my legs around his hips, hoping to encourage him to move, but he remains maddeningly still.


“I love you so much,” he whispers against my lips. “I almost lost my mind without you. I fucked this up so bad, and I’m going to fix it. I’ll do anything it takes, but please don’t leave me again. Please.”


“I’m not going anywhere.” For better or worse, he’s my husband, and I love him. Every beat of my heart is for him.


His tortured moan seems ripped straight from his soul, his tears dampen my face and neck as he begins to move in me, thrusting deep, withdrawing and slamming into me, over and over again. He hooks his arms under my legs, pulling them up higher and driving farther into me.


He keeps watch over me in that sharp, knowing way of his, looking for signs of trouble. But there’s no trouble. There’s only piercing pleasure as his forceful strokes trigger a powerful orgasm that makes me scream from the sheer magic we create together. At least it’s magic to me. I’m not sure now if he feels the same.


Thrusting deeply, he throws his head back, his eyes closed and his jaw tense as he comes. I’ve never seen anything more magnificent than the sight of my husband lost in passion, lost in me.


As amazing as it was, however, I’m again left to wonder if he’s as satisfied as I am.


He releases my legs, which are quivering in the aftermath. I hold him close to me, his face nuzzled into the nook between my neck and shoulder. His heavy breathing sets off goose bumps that make my nipples tighten.


He groans. “Do that again.”


“What did I do?”


“Tighten your pussy around my cock.”


His earthy language, which would be off-putting from anyone else, is a huge turn-on coming from him. I give him what he wants.


“Fuck. Christ, I’m already hard again.”


I’m surprised when he withdraws from me and flops onto his back, his big, hard penis extending above his navel. I surprise myself—and him—when I rise to my knees and bend to take that beautiful part of him into my mouth.


His gasp of surprise makes me smile. He’s taught me how to do this, how to give it to him the way he likes it—deep and tight and wet. I begin by wrapping my lips around the wide head and sucking—hard.


He arches his hips, his hands full of my hair. “Nat, God… Natalie… I don’t deserve this or you.”


I moan, letting my lips vibrate under the sensitive head. He’s taught me so much in the last few weeks, things I never would’ve considered doing before I loved him.


He pulls himself free of my mouth. “No, Nat.”


“Did I do it wrong?” Will I always wonder now if I’m pleasing him? How will I know?


“Come up here.” He holds out his arms to me.


I settle on top of him, his erection pressed tightly to my belly, my breasts flat against his chest.


With his hands on my face, he stares at me. “I was grossly unfair to you. I knew it while it was happening, and I struggled with it. I need you to know that.”


“I do know. I even understand why you didn’t tell me.”


“I’m so sorry I lied the other day. I’m looking you in the eyes right now and promising you, swearing on my life, that it’ll never happen again—ever. I need you to believe me when I tell you—”


I lay my finger over his lips. “I do. I believe you.”


“It killed me to know that I’d hurt you so badly, that I’d done the same thing to you—”


“No, Flynn, no. It was nothing even close to that. It hurt me, yes, but you lied to me because you love me, and you thought you were protecting me.”


“Yes,” he says, sounding relieved that I understand.


“That’s not the same thing as what happened to me before. You… You’re…”


“What, sweetheart? What am I?”




He closes his eyes as his cheek pulses. “The day we met,” he says softly without opening his eyes, “when Hayden told me there was no place in my life for a sweet girl like you…” He opens his eyes, and I see the agony he has endured. It’s plainly obvious now. Has it been there all along, but I missed it because I didn’t know to look for it? “He was absolutely right. I knew it then, and part of me knows it now. But my heart recognized you that day in the park. I knew you as mine. That’s why I went after you. It’s why I’ve done everything else since then. That moment of recognition has governed every choice I’ve made where you’re concerned.”


I’m deeply touched by his heartfelt words. “After our first date, when you didn’t call me… You said it was because of you, not me. This is what you meant?”