The Song of David
Author:Amy Harmon


I SAY THIS with every book, so it must be the truth. Each book is harder than the last. I never feel like the words flow and the characters take me away. I never feel confident, never feel sure of myself. I can never predict what someone is going to like or dislike. I never know if the book will be embraced by my loyal readers. I never, ever know. With that being said, I am proud of this book. I am proud of the sweat and the tears. I’m glad that it isn’t easy. If it were easy, than it wouldn’t be so rewarding to finish. The difficulty of a task makes the task mean something. And when I write, it means something to me. I hope it means something to you. This book is dedicated to the following people: To Cody Clark, who passed away last January after a four year battle with cancer. You and I never met, but I was inspired by you anyway. Thank you for fighting so hard and for never failing to say I love you. I promise to keep an eye on your mom.


To Stephenie Thomas, your grace and strength are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your cancer journey with me so graciously. The world needs more women like you. May you never leave us.


To Nicole Rasmussen, a blind mother with four beautiful children and a devoted husband. Thank you for letting me learn from you, for sharing your life with me, and for being such an example of determination and grit.


To Richard Stowell and lovely Ann. Thank you for your goodness, your love for each other and for those you come in contact with. Thank you for reminding me that all storms pass.




Heartfelt thanks must also be given to:




My assistant, Tamara Debbaut, who is loyal, steadfast, smart and efficient, and who suffers with me. That is a true friend. To my children and husband, you make me better. Without you, I would never come up for air. You bless my life and remind me of the important things every day. Thank you for loving me. I want to extend the deepest gratitude to my parents and siblings who always let me know they love me and are proud of me. They are my biggest cheerleaders. To Tina Kleuker for sharing your talents with me, and Mandy Lawler for believing in my writing and helping me find my way through the publicity maze. To Karey White, author and editor extraordinaire, thank you for your good work and for your support. Hang Le – thank you for the beautiful cover! I am so grateful to have your genius on my projects. To Julie Titus of JT Formatting, you know I would be lost without you. To Adam Legas and Riven Athletics, thank you for answering my questions about the world of MMA. To the team at Dystel and Goderich, thank you for looking out for me. And finally, to the readers and bloggers who have supported me through thick and thin, and who believe in me and my stories—you make it all possible. I can’t name you all, as I will surely miss someone who deserves my thanks. But thank you. You make me cry happy tears daily.






AMY HARMON IS a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author. Amy knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Her books are now being published in seven countries, truly a dream come true for a little country girl from Levan, Utah. Amy Harmon has written eight novels - the USA Today Bestsellers, Making Faces and Running Barefoot, as well as The Law of Moses, Infinity + One, Slow Dance in Purgatory, Prom Night in Purgatory, and the New York Times Bestseller, A Different Blue.