Ten Days of Perfect (November Blue #1)
Author: Randall, Andrea


Acknowledgements First and foremost, I have to thank my husband, Scott, for fully supporting my dream. Thank you for putting up with a dirty house, lots of take-out dinners, sometimes sleeping alone when I stayed up way too late to write, and my attitude the next day. Thank you for helping me schedule time to get out of the house to spend hours writing, reading, editing, and editing, and editing. I love you.


Thank you to my parents for always encouraging my writing, and showing excitement over reading this book. Dad, I really hope you didn’t read Chapter Six. Mom, don’t let dad read Chapter Six. Please. Oh, Brian (my brother), if you happen to read this book, you also may not read Chapter Six.


Thank you to Ruth Moody of The Wailin’ Jenny’s for granting permission for me to use the lyrics to ‘Heaven When We’re Home.’ Receiving your e-mail was one of the highest points of writing this story.


Evan Spinosa-Thank you for the gorgeous photograph and cover design.


Jessica – You read each chapter as I finished it. You read some righteous crap and loved it anyway. I loved hearing you beg me for more. I hope you read it again, I promise it got tons better.


Jennifer Roberts-Hall- Your editing wizardry left me in awe. Thank you for cleaning up this work, chatting with me about line and word choices, and being so gracious and selfless. I bow in your honor.


My Beta Readers: Michelle Pace, Michelle Mankin, and Melissa Perea – Every step of the way. On every step you helped me find words, colors, senses, and feelings. You were my personal cheering section online, on the phone, and on Skype. Your encouragement held my hand and my heart. Mankin – I love that you’re a huge fangirl for Bo, Pace – Your Adrian love makes my heart smile, Perea – Thank you for helping me trickle angst through the rainbow of love.


Maggi Meyers, Leslie Fear, Melissa Brown, and Dave Newell – Late night chats, honest critiques, and the necessary videos and songs at 1:00am helped me stay just this side of sane. I wish absolute and stratospheric success for all of your novels – you deserve it.


Melissa Perea – Yea, you get two. I can’t thank you enough for hours of late-night book banter, critiques, deep discussions, and a promise to never let each other publish anything less than our best. I hope this lives up to our pact.


To all the Indie authors who have helped pave the way and are still keeping the streets clean – You are all rock stars to me. I want to specifically thank J. Sterling, Colleen Hoover, and Tarryn Fisher. Without you, and the road you paved with rainbows, butterflies, pumpkins, strength, and venom, this book wouldn’t exist.


BA Ladies (and Fred) – Your unwavering support for Indie Lit. is encouraging; spread the love.


The Clapp Memorial Library in Belchertown, Massachusetts-Thank you for your teen book group when I was in high school, and your summer reading program. Your efforts poured the foundation for the will of this book.


Finally, to everyone with a dream and a will – If it scares you, you must do it.