Holy Frigging Matrimony - A Tangled Series Short Story (The Tangled Series)
Author:Chase, Emma

I nip at her lower lip as my hands skim the silk from her shoulders. “Like this robe.” Kate lowers her arms, allowing me to slide it off her completely until it pools around her feet. “It’s my fucking favorite.”


Then I cup her jaw in one hand and kiss her fully. Deeply. I waste no time in sliding my tongue against hers, which eagerly joins mine in the sensuous give and take.


Between kisses I whisper, “You taste like champagne.”


She giggles as I move to her shoulder, scraping it with my teeth and then soothing the love bite with my lips.


“It’s a mimosa. I had a few with breakfast and some more in the bath.”


I push her knees open with my leg and caress the firm flesh of her ass, before dragging her up onto my thigh. The friction makes her moan. She pulls my head back down to her lips for another mimosa-flavored kiss.


Holding her steady, I move us back to the bed. I slide her down my leg and lay her in the middle of the rumpled sheets. Then I pull my t-shirt over my head and push my gym shorts to the floor.


My ever-enthusiastic dick stands hard and thick. Kate leans up on her elbows, devouring me with her eyes. Her cheeks are tinged pink with desire, her lips parted, and her thighs rub together in anticipation. Fucking stunning. With a needy lick of her lips, her gaze settles on my cock as she waits for me to make the next move.


And I think about how hot it’d be to see Kate touch herself. Maybe she needs the ‘I show you mine, you show me yours’ approach? I take my dick in my hand, and stroke it up and down. Kate follows my every move, mesmerized. After a few more slow pumps I say, “You know, I’ve never really liked champagne. But maybe I’ve just been drinking it from the wrong glass. We should test that theory.”


I pick up Kate’s glass from the bedside table and sit beside her on the bed. She reaches out and replaces my hand with her own, stroking me expertly, caressing the tip with her thumb.


And I can’t help but groan.


I raise the glass over her, tip it slightly, and pour the cold liquid between her breasts. She gasps and her hand tightens around me in the most fantastic way.


Then I lean forward, lapping at the champagne infused juice. Over her sternum, around the supple base of her perfect frigging tits, I lick every drop, tasting the drink—and her. It’s a heady combination.


“Mmm…good stuff.”


And as much as I love the feel of her hand on me, I take Kate’s wrists and bring both hands over her head, so she’s lying flat on her back. Kneeling on the bed, I lean over her and dribble more of the mimosa onto the peaks of her breasts and suckle hard, flicking at the nipple with my tongue—first one, than the other.


She writhes on the bed and moans, a needy, desperate sound that spurs me on.


A few more drops are poured on her stomach. Kate tenses reflexively, but relaxes again when my warm mouth glides across her skin, following the path of the sweet liquid.


Her moans turn to gasps as I lick and suck my way around her adorable belly button, then down to her thighs. And her gasps turns to high pitched whimpers as I nibble on the flesh of her thighs, inching ever higher.


Kate likes to get creative with the pussy grooming. Today it’s a barely-there landing strip, which has me practically shaking to sink my face into it.


I don’t make myself wait long.


I hold the glass above her and pour the rest of the liquor between her spread thighs. Then I cover her with my mouth, sucking and licking, lapping up every trickle like an alcoholic consuming his last indulgence before going cold turkey.


I feel light headed from the taste, the fragrance, the smooth, slick feel of her pussy against my tongue. I moan against her flesh and Kate cries out in carnal fucking joy.


I bring two fingers to her clit and rub it in firm, quick circles. Kate’s hips rise and push instinctively as she gets closer, in time with my tongue as it pushes in and out.


Her thighs squeeze my head and I grip her hips hard, lifting her against my mouth. She stiffens as one last, long, serrated moan escapes her lips.


Then she goes slack in my hands. Spent and satisfied.


And it still gets me. The undiluted gratification of going down on her. Of giving her bliss. But as happy as I am that I made her come, my own hedonistic craving pushes at me, driving me like the roar of a crowd at a college football game.


Go, go, go!


I rise to my knees and hook my arms under Kate’s calves, spreading her wide. Then I bury myself fully in one powerful push.


There’s nothing better than this—nothing on earth that feels this perfect. That first thrust, when my cock is enveloped by Kate’s tight, wet, warmth—it’s rapture so intense, it borders on pain.


My head rolls back on my neck as I savor the feeling. Then I pull my hips back, sliding against her grip, and drive back in.


Using her legs for leverage, I fuck her hard, but slow. When I’m buried to the hilt I rock my hips side to side, rubbing my pelvis against Kate’s sweet spot, until she’s recovered from her first orgasm and climbing towards number two.


With each move of my hips, Kate cries out in harsh breaths.