Fighting Redemption
Author:Kate McCarthy

He ducked his head and found her lips, his tongue delving inside her mouth until she forgot about being embarrassed and about where her hands were supposed to be. Instinct took over and soon they stood naked before each other.


“I’ve never …” Fin trailed off as she ran her eyes down his body. It was the first time she’d seen a guy naked, and remembering the pictures she giggled over with her friends, she realised the real life version wasn’t any less scary.


“Me either,” he whispered.


Ian pulled her close, running his hands lightly down her back until he was holding her ass in his hands. He was so hard she could feel it pressing against her belly.


With shaky hands she reached down and circled him, surprised at the heat and silky smooth skin. He jolted at her touch, and she snatched her hands away, mumbling an apology.


“No, it’s okay,” he said hoarsely. “I just don’t want to … to, you know, too soon.”


Fin giggled and then Ian was chuckling and pulling her towards the bed. Soon she lay beneath him, forcing herself to relax her body as he touched her. His hands found their way between her thighs, and she closed her eyes at the invasion, her body aching and tingling at the touch.


“Ian,” she whispered.


“Does it hurt?”


“No. I … it feels good,” she moaned.


“You feel good,” he replied, his mouth and tongue swirling maddeningly around her nipple, his fingers leaving her wanting more. “All soft and wet and hot. Can I …” he trailed off.


“Yes,” Fin replied, breathless. “Please.”


He sat up and reached for a condom. Fin didn’t know whether to avert her eyes or help. She pushed up on her shoulders. “Should I—”


“No, I got it, baby.”


Then he was pressing her back down, the pillow soft behind her head as he slowly pushed his way inside her body.


She tensed.


“Just relax,” he whispered in her ear.


She nodded and felt him slide all the way inside.


Burying his head in her neck, he shuddered. “You feel so good,” he moaned.


After a moment Ian drew back, bracing his hands on either side of her. His eyes holding hers with an intimacy that was new as he began a gentle thrust.


Fin closed her eyes and whispered, “Don’t stop.”


When she wrapped her legs around him, he paused, drawing a deep shaky breath into his lungs.


Her eyes flew open. “Are you okay?”


Ian nodded. “I just need a minute. I want this to feel good for you too.”


It did feel good, but it was over quickly.


“I’m sorry,” he mumbled into her neck and pressed a kiss against her ear. “I’ll make it better next time. Promise.”


Afterwards, she showered for the first time with another person. They laughed as they fought over the soap and ran slippery hands over each other. With hot water pounding over their skin, they learned what made the other giggle or moan.


After flicking off the taps, Ian helped dry her off before leading her back to his bed. He kissed his way down her body, his mouth finding its way between her thighs. Soon she was breathless and falling over the edge with mind numbing pleasure.


Grinning, he crawled up her body and she could feel him hard again and pressing against her belly. “Stay a bit longer,” he whispered, trailing his lips up her neck.


“I can’t. It’s midnight. I have to get back.”


Ian nodded into her neck. “Okay.”


Pulling into the driveway of her house, she pressed a quick kiss against his lips and ducked from his car towards the house. Breathless, Fin waved at her parents before running up the stairs and to her room, unable to wipe the grin from her lips. Her phone buzzed, a message from Ian telling her that he couldn’t wait to see her in the morning. She giggled softly, tossing her phone on the bedside table, and that was when she saw him. Ryan was lying on her bed in the dark.


Fin’s breath caught in shock.




Her eyes adjusted to the dark. His hands were tucked behind his head, eyes trained on the ceiling, surrounded by masses of pink and white lace sheets. They’d been so pretty, she couldn’t resist buying them when she went shopping with Rachael just over a month ago. Now when she looked at them, all she would ever see was Ryan.


“What are you—”


She halted her words because suddenly she knew. Ryan was leaving. Her heart, so recently buoyed by her night with Ian, cracked wide open.


A month later she waved goodbye to Jake, and she hadn’t been the same since. Fin finished school and after another six months of dating, she broke up with Ian when he moved to Sydney for university.


Fin stayed behind, completing her studies in environmental and marine science at the local university where she roomed with Rachael. Both girls were beautiful in their own right and dates were never hard to come by, despite Fin’s tendency to wear simple clothes like tank tops and sweatpants. Her heart just wasn’t in it to make the effort.


“My God. For once would you wear something that doesn’t make my eyes bleed,” Rachael told her as Fin dressed for another day of uni lectures. She blinked her huge brown eyes at Fin with exaggeration. With Rachael’s dark hair styled in a Mia Farrow pixie cut, it only made them look even bigger.