Author:Emma Chase

Drew’s eyes snap to mine. “You thought Luke and Daisy Duke’s inbred love child was nice? Really?” He takes a step forward.


“As a matter of fact, yes.”


His voice morphs into an over-the-top southern drawl. “Maybe I should buy myself some chaps. And a cowboy hat.” Then he drops the accent. “Oohh—or better yet, we’ll get you one. I can be your wild stallion and you can be the brazen cowgirl who rides me.”


And the funniest thing of all? He’s really not kidding.


I shake my head with a smile. “So what’s this mysterious meeting we have? There’s nothing on my schedule.”


He smiles widely. “We have an appointment at the airport.” He slides two airline tickets out of his suit pocket.


First class—to Cabo San Lucas.


I inhale quickly. “Cabo?”


His eyes sparkle. “Surprise.”


I’ve traveled more in the last two years than I had in my entire life before—the cherry blossoms blooming in Japan, the crystal waters of Portugal. . . . All things Drew had already seen, places he’d already been to.


Places he wanted to share—with me.


I look closer at the tickets and frown. “Drew, this flight leaves in three hours. I’ll never have time to pack.”


He takes two bags out of the closet. “So it’s a good thing that I already have.”


I wrap my arms around his neck and squeeze. “You are the best boyfriend ever.”


He smirks in that way that makes me want to kiss him and slap him at the same time.


“Yeah, I know.”




The hotel is stunning. With views I’ve only seen on a postcard. We’re on the top floor—penthouse. Like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, Drew is a big believer in “only the best.”


It’s late when we get in, but after a nap on the plane, we’re both wired. Energized.


And hungry.


All the airlines are cutting back these days, even in first class. The sandwiches may be complimentary, but that doesn’t mean they’re edible.


While Drew is in the shower, I start to unpack. Why aren’t we showering together? I really don’t need to answer that, do I?


I put the bags on the bed and open them. Most men look at an empty suitcase like it’s some kind of physics equation—they can stare at it for hours, but still have no frigging clue what they’re supposed to do with it.


But not Drew.


He’s Mr. I-Think-of-Everything.


He packed all the incidentals that most men wouldn’t think of. Everything I’ll need to make my vacation comfortable and fun.


Except for underwear. There isn’t a single pair of underwear in this entire suitcase.


And it’s not an oversight.


My boyfriend happens to hold a serious grudge against undergarments. If he had his way, we’d both be walking around like Adam and Eve—minus the fig leaves, of course.


But he did bring the rest of the essentials. Deodorant, shaving cream, a razor, makeup, birth control pills, moisturizer, the rest of my antibiotic for the ear infection I had last week, eye cream—and so on.


And we should pause here, for a brief public service announcement.


I have a few clients who are in the pharmaceutical field. And those companies have whole departments whose sole job is writing.


Writing what, you ask? You know those little inserts that come with your prescription? The ones that list every possible side effect and what you should do, should any of them occur? May cause drowsiness, don’t operate large machinery, contact doctor immediately, blah blah blah.


Most of us just open the little paper bag, take out our pills, and throw the insert away. Most of us do . . . but we shouldn’t. I’m not going to bore you with a lecture. All I’ll say at the moment is: Read the insert. You’ll be glad you did.


And now—back to Mexico.


Drew walks out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, and I forget all about the suitcase. You know how some men are boob guys, or ass guys? It works the same for women. I’m a forearm girl, myself. There’s something about a man’s forearms that’s just . . . hot. Masculine—in a manly man kind of way.


Drew has the finest set I’ve ever seen. Tight and toned—not too bulky, not too thin—with just the right amount of hair.


He removes the towel from his hips and rubs it over his shoulders. And I’m pretty sure I start to drool.


Maybe I’m an ass woman after all.


“You know it’s impolite to stare.”


I drag my eyes up to his. He’s smiling. And I take a step toward him—like a cougar closing in on her prey.


“Is it, now?”


Drew licks his lips. “Definitely.” A drop of water slides down the middle of his chest.


Anyone else thirsty?


“Well, I don’t want to be rude.”


“God forbid.”


Just as I’m about to lean down and lick the droplet off him, my stomach growls. Loudly.




Drew laughs. “Maybe I should feed you first. For what I have planned, you’re going to need some energy.”


I bite my lip in anticipation. “You have something planned?”


“For you? Always.”


He spins me around and slaps me on the rear. “Now get that delectable ass in the shower so we can go. The sooner we eat, the quicker we can come back here and fuck till the sun comes up.”