Desire Love and Passion
Author:Lesia Reid

chapter 8

James was distracted most of the day. He was thinking about the previous night and the morning, mostly the morning. Cassandra was briefing him on some personal matters and he was trying and failing miserably to follow the conversation. All he could think about was her not telling him to stop.

“James,” Cassandra’s voice came through his thoughts.

“What?” he asked as he saw her stretching a paper and pen towards him.

“I was saying all you needed to do to give the property to Stacey was sign this document.”


“If I could be frank,” she started.

“By all means,” he replied. “What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t think this is wise, especially if you’re dating Willow. I know Willow spent last night with you. I don’t think you should give your ex a piece of property free of charge when you’re courting someone else.”

“I promised Stacey’s mother I would give it back should her daughter ever return to England.”

“Well, all you have to do is sign this document and its official. Do you want me to send her the documents by courier?”

“No. We’re meeting for lunch.”

“That’s not on your schedule,” Cassandra said.

“I know.”

Willow called to say she couldn’t make Thursday night. James was disappointed, especially since the call was brief.

Their schedules were off for the rest of the week and the next. Willow saw on the news that he made the aid agreement work. All he parties involved were happy. He did the right thing, putting aside his personal feelings for old enemies and moving forward. She liked that and told him as much over their telephone conversation.

By the time the next Thursday rolled around, she was scheduled for a short trip to Ireland. Willow was getting ready for the airport when there was a knock on her office door. She looked up to see the receptionist.

"There's a gentleman here to see you," she said.

"Who is it?" Willow asked.

"His name is Giles."

"Please send him in."

"Giles," she said when they were alone. "Is something wrong with James?"

"No ma'am," he said. "I had a few errands on this side of town and he asked me to drop this off."

"Please stop calling me ma'am," Willow said. "I'll begin to feel as if I'm over the hill."

She took the envelope from Giles. He backed up a few paces and waited. Willow thanked him, but his stay was her clue to read the note immediately.

The envelope contained a ticket for a dinner Friday of the next week. The note was simple.

I'm giving you the opportunity to say yes or no. I know we cannot arrive together, but there is nothing wrong with guests speaking to each other. Please give your reply to Giles. Yours always J.

Willow glanced at the ticket again. It was an expensive dinner ticket, a thousand quid per plate. The gesture made her smile. She was certain she wasn’t going to make it.

She scratched a quick reply on a note pad.

Thank you for the consideration, however, I must decline this time. Please, feel free to make arrangements for another companion. Perhaps the next time. Yours for now, Will.

Willow looked at the note. It was only on reviewing she noticed she signed Will. He was the only person who ever called her that. She liked it. She folded the note, stuffed it in the envelope and gave it back to Giles.

"Thank you," she said.

"My pleasure, ma'am." With that, he hurried out of the office.

There were ten voice messages when she turned on her telephone at Dublin airport. They were all from him. She dropped the mobile back in her purse and flagged a cab.

At nine o’clock, showered and under the comfort of a blanket, she called him. He picked up immediately.

“Hi,” she said.

“What’s up? Where are you?”


“Ireland?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m going to be here for a few days. A client of ours chose this location.”

“You could have added that to your rejection note,” he said.

“I guess now that your aid talk is over you’re going to be less busy,” she ignored his remark.

“Well, I’ll be back to focusing on my agenda until such time as the kingdom needs me again.”

“How flexible is your schedule?”

“How flexible do you want it to be?”

“If I were to invite you here, would you be able to make it?”

“Hmmh. Are you staying at a hotel?”


“Checkout tomorrow,” he said. “I’ll text you an address. I’ll see you tomorrow, whenever you show up.”

“Candles and wine this time?” she asked.

“Already on my list.”

“See you then.”

The first day rounded up at almost sunset. Willow was running through the day on pure anticipation. This new side of her was utterly surprising and she welcomed it. No more shy, naïve girl.

The house was off of a secluded street just outside the city limits. She would have missed it if not for the voice of Ozzy Osborne insisting that she take a right turn. The rented vehicle moved slowly on a one lane road buffeted by tall trees and shrubs that provided privacy. It looked more like an access road than a driveway. The posted signs of ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘No Outlet’ warned the uninvited away. A wrought iron gate was the last warning to the guest that insisted on continuing. Willow was about to get out and push the intercom button that stuck out from the stone-pillar to the left of the gate when she heard a creak and the gates began to open.

The house was not impressive at first glance. Willow could not tell if it was stone masonry or brick in the poor evening light. In addition, the vines that climbed and cover the entire façade seemed to be saying it was not really a house, but a part of the landscape. Perfectly manicured shrubs of all sizes buffeted the front of the house. The tiny lights that shone among the plants seemed alien.

She stopped just behind a dark sedan. Before she was out of the car, two white lights came on and beat back the coming darkness. She saw two figures making their way towards her car. She recognized both of James’ bodyguards immediately.

“Simon, Kyle,” she greeted the men cordially.

“Miss Barnes,” they returned.

“We’ll bring your stuff in,” Kyle said. “Don’t worry about it.”

“No, I couldn’t ask you to do that,” she said. “I can manage.”

“It will be our pleasure,” Simon replied.

“Thank you,” Willow said.

The interior was polished marble and earth tones for paint. It had a cozy country-like feeling perhaps because of the comfortable looking sofa and chairs. He was making his way down the stairs as she walked in.

“Hey,” she said.

“Oh hi,” he looked up. “Did you get lost?”

“No, I had a client review.”

They spoke briefly during the day and she informed him she should wrap up close to four o’clock. It was almost seven o’clock.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

He met her half way the distance between them.

“No, I had a salad maybe an hour ago.”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She pulled close to him.

“You look sexy,” he said.

She was wearing short black shorts, buttoned blouse and a stylish vest. Her hair was pulled back in a loose bun. She’d completed her outfit in sneakers and white socks.

“Thank you.”

“So, how was your day?”

“You should come by tomorrow,” she said. “I mean we don’t have to go together, but you could find some excuse to drop by my set. You might enjoy it. It’s an underwear photo-shoot.”

“Guys and girls?”

“Just the fillies,” she said.

“I already found the filly I want,” he said.

“For now,” she added.

“How many days were you scheduled to be here?” He ignored her comment.

“Five. I’m scheduled for a late Tuesday evening flight.”

“Can you stay a few more days? I have a private plane.”

“I thought you had a dinner on Friday.”

“I do, but that means we have all day Wednesday and Thursday.”

“Did you find a date?”


“Good. I hope you have a great time.”

“You’re not going to ask who?”

She shook her head.

“If you could point me to the bathroom, I need a quick shower.”

Willow's plan was a quick shower and to spend the evening with him. When she stepped into the bathroom and saw the thirty jet Jacuzzi tub, another idea took shape. She found all the toiletries she needed to start a lavender bath. She stripped down and sank into the warm soapy water. Water jetted out to her sore muscles and she relaxed against the onslaught.

When she got out of the tub, she was refreshed. The scent of lavender swirled around her. He was not in the bedroom when she got out. She removed pink camisoles and briefs from her bags and dressed. She sat on one side of the bed intending only to email the photos to Nancy.

The loud blare from her cellphone told her it was five o'clock. The last thing she remembered was sending off the email. She felt a warm hand over her waist and felt him stir beside her. She turned around in the soft glow of the room and saw that the alarm had gotten him up as well.

"Sorry," she said.

"For what?"

"Falling asleep and the alarm," she replied.

"You were tired. I understand."

"What happened to my laptop?" she asked.

"It’s on the sofa over there. I thought you weren’t a morning person."

"I'm not. I set the alarm early. It goes off every fifteen minutes so I force myself to get up."

Willow retrieved her mobile phone from the bedside table and turned off the alarm setting. She turned towards him and ran her left hand over his almost hairless chest. His right hand was across her waist and he slowly slid it up her body and cupped her chin. He tipped her head back. His mouth touched hers lightly at first, then harder as she opened up to him.

Willow slid her hand down his body and to his morning erection. He moaned into hot mouth as her fingers brushed against him. She slid her hand below silk boxers and reached for him. He moaned again and the kiss deepened as she caressed him, moving her hand from head to hilt, slowly and gently, making him harder than he already was.

She broke the kiss and began kissing him down his chin. She gently, with her body, pushed him on his back. She stopped stroking him and moved now so she could straddle him. She kissed down his neck, to his chest, across to one nipple. He swore as his hands tangled in her hair, prompting her to keep up her actions.

She moved a fingernail languidly over the neglected nipple. He groaned rather loudly. Willow liked his responses to her touch.

Down his chest she continued, kissing and licking gently. Her hands moved over his hard packed abdomen. Gently, like feathers they glided over the scars on his side. She felt him go tense for a moment, and then he relaxed.

James felt the warm moisture of her tongue as her lips slid over his erection. She felt a slight tug in her hair, but then he relaxed. She was gentle with him, sliding her hand slowly up and down his length in synchronized movements with her mouth. He fisted her hair, and moaned.

"Harder," he said in a hoarse voice as his hips began moving in rhythm with her.

She gripped him harder, moved faster. Willow was wildly excited at his excitement. David would have balked at the idea of her touching him like this, much less giving her so much control. Her only regret with him was she could not take him in her mouth all the way. He was just too much. But she did her best to make the most of the pleasures she could offer him.

James couldn’t take much more. It felt incredibly good, but he wanted to be in another part of her.

"Stop, babe." He pulled her away gently. He reached down and grabbed her shoulders pulling her up so she was laying on him.

"Am I doing it wrong? Was it too hard?" she asked.

"No, no," he said. "You were perfect. God, you were perfect, but I want to be inside of you."

"You were," she said.

"Not there."

He shifted her so she was off him and lying on her stomach. He swiftly pulled away her lacy briefs. Greedy fingers reached for her and he grunted when he found her wet and ready. She felt him climb over her. His hands pulled up her hips and she felt him hard against her thighs. She gasped loudly as he slowly eased inside her. She involuntarily wiggled away, but he held her.

"You need to relax," he whispered. "I would never hurt you."

She was tighter than their first night. He moved slowly at first, moving one hand off her hips and around so he could caress her while he was moving inside her. She shuddered against him almost immediately. That made her wetter and tighter against him. He growled and moved faster. Faster and faster they danced together until he snorted her name. He grabbed her hips and slammed her into his body. He held her there as the familiar tightening of his abdomen eased.

They crashed to the bed together. He pulled her into the curve of his body, kissing her neck.

"I guess I’m awake now," she said.

"I still want you," he whispered in her ear.

"You are the greedy boy aren’t you?"

His right hand slipped under her lace camisoles and up to her breast where he caressed the soft mounds.

"I’m not fizzling," he said.

"It's the lack of wine and candles," she replied.

"Okay, we'll try that," he said.