Desire Love and Passion
Author:Lesia Reid

chapter 7

For the next ten days they spoke only by telephone. She never called first and never mentioned seeing him again. Following her cue, he too never mentioned their agreement.

"Bugger!" she swore on Wednesday evening as a flat tire grinned at her from under the Jaguar. "Damn it!"

She looked at her watch. It was half past nine. Willow pulled out her mobile and scanned through her contacts for Michel. His telephone started ringing before she remembered he was in Paris. She hung up. She would have called Nancy but with kids and husband it seemed unfair to drag her back to work.

Willow thought about calling a cab or taking a bus. The cab might be okay, except getting out tomorrow morning also meant calling a cab. The bus was not a bad idea, except the closet stop to her location was quite a ways on foot. She pulled Larry's card from her purse. He answered on the second ring.

"Yes." He made it sound as if he was being disturbed.

"This is Willow Barnes," she said in a crisp voice. "You asked me to call if I needed help. I have a flat and I'm at my office. Can you help?"

"Certainly." This time he sounded annoyed that she took him up on an insincere offer. "Will you be inside your office?"

"Yes. My direct number is -."

"I have your number. The driver will call when he arrives."

Larry hung up before she could get as much as a thank you out.

Willow returned to her office and called a local garage. Unfortunately, her car could not be towed or serviced before noon on Thursday. She settled down to review the final batch of model portfolios for her new magazine commercial.

Her telephone rang precisely a half hour later.

"I'm at the front door."

She recognized James' voice immediately.

"What are you doing here?"

"You can ask me when you open the door," he said.


In her surprise, she had not moved from her desk. Now she hurried out of the room and to the front door where the barely visible face of James Monroe was pressed up against the glass. He was in a business suit. She guessed she was not the only person working late.

"What are you doing here?" she asked again as she opened the door.

"I heard you had some car trouble. So, here I am. Sorry you had to wait so long. I couldn’t wrap up my meeting any faster."

"It was not a problem. I got some more work done. You could have just sent a driver,” she said.

“I could have, yes, but I wanted to see you. Let’s go.”

She locked up and followed him to a nondescript dark sedan parked just outside her building. It was heavily tinted and she could not make out if anyone was inside that was until Giles came out and got the door for them

“Good evening,” she greeted the driver.

“Ma’am,” he said.

She slipped across the seat. James followed closely on her heels. There was a heavily tinted glass partition between the front and the back seat.

"Does Larry know you’re here?" Willow asked.

"He's not quite the boss," James said. "Why didn't you call me directly?"

"You have important stuff to do," she replied. "This is just a ride. I would’ve called a cab but there's always the off chance that some lunatic will be driving in the middle of the road. The last thing I need is the media camping out in my backyard."

“Thank you for being so considerate,” he said. “I must confess that when you told me you were working long hours I thought you were blowing me off.”

“You wound me,” she said.

“Have you had dinner?”

“I had a salad a few hours ago. I’m good until tomorrow.”

“Are you sure? I could have my cook whip up something in no time.”

“I am certain.”

“The next time you are working late, let me know in advance. Henry can send something more interesting than a salad."

“If you keep talking, I can’t properly thank you for playing the hero."

Willow felt a certain schoolgirl delight as she leaned into him and kissed him on the lips. It was a soft kiss that got deeper as she pressed up against him, her right hand ruffling his hair as she held his head. She moved across his lap as he pulled her deeper into the kiss.

Her short skirt rode up to her hips. His hands went up the side of her legs that were now straddling him. He felt nylons, smooth at the bottom, the garter clips, laced tops and as he continued upward, fishnet. Still his hands climbed in tempo with his excitement. As he got to her hips, he felt the outlines of lace.

He did not push below her skirt; he skimmed over the gathering and up to her tucked in button front ruffled blouse. He felt the smooth stiffness of a corset beneath and now he chuckled against her mouth.

“What is it?” she asked looking at him.

“Corset?” he asked.

“Why not?”

“We’re going to my place tonight,” he said.

“Are you sure? I mean if I’m well rested you might...”

“I’m certain,” he said. “And as much as I hate to say this, we have to stop now or this backseat will be our first time.”

“That might be exciting,” she said.

“Not when we have only few minutes left on our journey. Hang on.” He pressed a button on the side of the door. Willow could hear noise from the front of the vehicle. “Giles, we are going straight to my place.”

“Yes, sir,” the driver replied.

“Thank you.”

James pressed the button again and turned his attention back to her. He lifted her easily off his lap, despite what his raging hormones wanted him to do.

“So the corset got you."

“Actually garters and laced top stockings on the day we met.”

"That was naughty," she whispered.

"I tried to be a gentleman."

Her right hand fell across his leg and she gave him a gentle squeeze before her hand slid higher up his thighs.

"Stop," he said. He put his left hand over hers and removed her hand.

"You don't want me to touch you?"

"Oh, I do, but I am considering your privacy. You certainly don't want me leaving the car with an open zipper, do you?"

"Okay, your way it is then."

"All the way?" he asked.

"We'll see."

It was a good thing he stopped her because the car came to a halt within two minutes. Willow was surprised to see a bodyguard exiting the front of the car. She hadn’t seen him at all, that was how dark the partition was inside the vehicle.

James took her hand and they went inside the house. He led her directly upstairs to the master bedroom. The lights came on automatically. He kicked the door closed and pulled her into his arms. Her hands went around his neck as she pulled him in close for the kiss. His left hand slipped through the strands of her pony tail while his right hand went around her waist. He tilted her head as he explored her mouth.

She pressed up against him feeling the hard strain of him against her belly.

"I want you so badly," he whispered against her mouth.

He tugged the ruffled designer shirt from her skirt and started undoing the buttons. She pushed the jacket from his shoulders. He paused for a second to let the garment fall onto the floor. She tugged at his tie until it came loose. She was about to drop it on the floor when he reached out and stopped her.

"We might need that," he said.

He took the tie and put it around her neck. She giggled and started on the buttons of his shirt.

He finished unbuttoning her blouse and gently pushed it from her shoulders. He stepped back for a minute to take a look. She was in a satin smooth black corset. Her c-sized breasts looked plump as they teased the top of the garment. The garment had maybe thirty or so golden eyelets down the middle.

He again pulled her close and kissed her. He reached behind and undid the zipper of her mini-skirt. It fell away from her waist immediately. His hands felt laced panties as he moved them over her buttocks. He didn’t trust himself to look again just yet. Looking might hasten the moment and he wanted it to last.

He kissed across her cheekbones to her earlobe. Her warm breath on the side of his face was tantalizing. He kissed down her neck and to her collarbone. She shuddered, her hands tightened on his neck and a low groan escaped her lips.

Feeling her excitement, he pushed the necktie out of the way, titled her head even further and gently nipped at the skin just at the base of her neck. She moaned again and pushed even closer against him. He lifted her off the floor easily and carried her to the bed where he lowered her slowly, his mouth never losing contact with her skin.

When at last he stopped kissing her, he looked down. He gently removed the necktie from her neck.

"Were you just being a smart mouth?" he asked.

To respond, she brought both her hands over her head and laced them together. She smiled mischievously.

"Your loss," she whispered.

He smiled as he looped the soft fabric around both her wrists and then to a notch on the bedposts. Her dare was exciting him even more.

"Do you know the things I could do to you?" he asked.

"Your bed, your rules," she replied.

He chuckled and sat in a kneeling position between her legs. He was not disappointed. Laced black panties, satin and laced garter belts, and indeed fishnet topped stockings just above the laces. James had never been with anyone who dressed this sexy entirely for their own benefit.

He lifted her left leg and threw off the low-heeled fashion shoe. Next, while slowly stroking her legs, he undid the two garter clips then rolled the stocking away. She took a deep breath as his hands touched the soft skin of her inner thighs. He liked it and so did she.

He undid the next stocking in the same fashion. Then he reached for the garter belt. She lifted her hips as he pulled the flimsy garment away. Now all that remained was corset and laced panties.

He bent and kissed her again. She kissed him greedily, raising her head to meet his. He positioned himself so she could feel his hard erection against her inner thigh. She raised her hips to move against him, loving the fact that she was exciting him. He grounded his hips into her and solicited a breathy moan. His left hand supported most of his weight as his right rested on her neck, his thumb under his chin as he kissed her even deeper.

"You're being a devil," she whispered as he moved his hips against her.

"I thought it was my bed, my rules," he whispered back.

His right hand left her neck and moved down her body. He cupped her breast though it was still sheathed behind the corset. He thought about undoing the thing but changed his mind. He reached in over the top of the corset and found her nipple. He gave it a gently squeeze between forefinger and thumb, and her chest heaved in response. As he gently teased the nipple into hardness, he kissed her neck then down the other side of her corset to the neglected nipple. He heard her pull against her restraint as she arched her back from the bed. He chuckled and grounded his hip into her once more.

His right hand continued down her corset clad body, past her waist. He chose to shift his body so his hand could easily slip between them. She moaned as his hand moved across the center of her panties. He stroked her through the laced fabric loving the hiss of her breath. He sat back again, pushing her legs apart so she was spread before him. He looked at her and was pleased to see she was watching him hungrily.

He continued his slow lazy caressing, liking the way her hips would move to match his movements. He could feel the panties getting wet from her excitement. He was equally aroused. It was over a decade since he’d made love like this. Everything since coming back to this island had been in the dark; instant gratification and very little excitement.

He brought her legs up and rested her feet on his chest as he gently slid her panties off. Once the undergarment was off, he moved her legs so she was once again splayed out in front of him. She was clean shaven. Oh God how he liked that. He reached out and touched her first with his palm. She was smooth, in both directions. He looked up and her, she bit her lower lip and rolled her head back as she arched her back. He was painfully aware of the strain in his pants but if this was to be it, he could endure. It was as if he already knew her. His thumb found the spot that caused her to draw a sharp breath that sounded like a hiss as her chest pushed against the corset.

His left palm laid on top of her mound as his thumb teased her. Her gasp was music to his ears as his index finger entered her. She was oh so wet and hot. He surprised himself as her reaction cause him to groan. He was enjoying this. She brought her legs up and he gently nudged them down and shook his head.

"No Babe," he said. "I want to see you like this."

Babe. The word sounded familiar and sexy coming from his lips. She experienced a strange moment of deja-vu just before he found the spot and all she could think about was him bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

"James," she moaned as her breath caught in her throat.

His left hand held her hips, limiting her movements as he caressed her. He liked watching her, liked when she tried to move but couldn't. He loved when she arched her back and her head fell backwards and a long moan followed by trembling in her hips telling him she was close to what would undoubtedly be one of many orgasms off the night.

She bit her lips as she looked at him now through glazed eyes. He grinned slyly. He wanted to taste her, to breathe in her sweet fragrance but the strain against his pants said otherwise. He thought about the corset as he got up and took off his shirt. But the sight of her breathing heavily against the restricting garment was exciting. He undressed quickly. He removed a condom from his bedside table and loved that she was watching him every second.

He was in excellent physical shape. He had a hard six pack that ran into a slim tapered waist. His fully erect penis stuck out from his body. The rumors of his size and girth were not exaggerated and as much as she wanted him, for a moment she wondered if she could actually accommodate him.

There were four scars on the left side of his body. They looked like claws marks, almost as if an animal had dug in and tore at his flesh.

He rejoined her on the bed. Both his hands clamped onto her hips and slowly, he eased himself into her warmth. She gave a loud audible gasp and he paused. Despite being wet, she was tight and he wondered for a second if he was hurting her. He could feel all of her muscles closing around him, resisting his intrusion. When he looked up at her, he realized she was again watching him.

“Babe, relax,” he said.

“Just do it,” she said.

He pushed again, harder than before. She took a deep breath as he buried the full length of his shaft inside her.

She did relax once he was all the way in. He was surprised at how tight she was. He didn't take his eyes off her as they moved together slowly at first. He could sense that she wanted to move faster. His hands clamped down on her hips in order to control the tempo.

"Faster," she prompted him.

"No," he replied firmly.

He continued his slow dance loving every moan, every attempt she made against her restraint. He lied to her earlier. He had never restrained a lover before her. The thought appealed to him, but he had yet to find a partner worth the experience. That was before she came into his life. Her tug against her restraint excited him. He had to keep his excitement in check if he was going to prove that this was no chemistry experiment.

James was slowly increasing his tempo, not at her request, but because his body was begging him for release. He loved the sight of her breasts jiggling behind their constraint. He grounded into her as her reached down and plucked them from the top of her corset. He took one nipple in his mouth and for the first time that night she felt his full weight pressed up against her. He heard the rattle of the headboard and knew she was pulling against her restraint. She did not protest, though. He ground into her once more as he felt her hips buck against him.

His grip on her hips loosened as he began to move faster and faster. She moved her hips in unison, matching his strokes. He felt her tighten around him. Felt her legs wrap around him as she tried to hold him in place. He shifted his weight to his hands and as he kissed her, he felt himself let go. He moaned against her mouth.

"James," she whispered against his ear.

He grunted a reply as he slammed into her once more.

They lay together like that for a few minutes. He on top, most of his weight supported by his hands and her legs still wrapped around his hips. They were both breathing heavily. He reached up and undid the necktie. He also sat back and undid the numerous hooks from her corset and helped her out of it, before lying on his back beside her.

She rolled on her side to look at him. Her head was propped up by her right hand and her left went to his naked waist. Her hand moved over the scars. He flashed a look at her before putting his hand over hers.

"I'm not asking any questions," she said.

He removed his hand.

"I'm going to get a shower," she said. "I would invite you, but I don't want to disturb your demons. You can let your driver know I'll be leaving in about a half hour."

He reached for her as she got up. He pulled her back so she was laying half way on top of him, her breasts squashed against his hard sweat-slicked chest.

"You're staying the night," he said.

"I thought you didn't have sleepovers here," she said.

"I've never had anyone here that belonged. You belong." He kissed her briefly before giving her a playful slap on the behind. "Besides, I'm not done with you yet."

"Oh, that sounds so naughty," she said.

"I want to be very thorough with this chemistry experiment."

She kissed his cheek and he let her go.

He was not in the bedroom when she returned from the shower. Their clothes were also missing. She found on the bed a tee shirt and boxers so she pulled them on, curious as to what he was doing. She had just finishing dressing when he came in the room in tee shirt and shorts.

"Where are my clothes?" she asked.

"In the laundry."

"What am I going to wear home?"

"I have hundreds of shirts and I am sure I can find some drawstring pants that might fit. Come to bed," he said.

For the first time she realized the top sheets had also been removed and new sheets and blankets were on the bed. She crawled under the sheets with him. Her back was to him as he pulled her close.

James felt her hand under his tee-shirt. He didn't panic as he had on previous occasions when she touched him. Instinctively, he knew she wasn’t going to push. He was sleeping on his back and then he felt her straddle his hips so he just sighed and let her take over. She pushed his shirt all the way up, kissing his chest as she did so. She teased a nipple with her tongue, giving him a playful bite as she did so.

The room was lit in a soft glow from the rising sun.

She did not pass his chest. Instead, she started downwards. He felt her hands on his waist as she gripped the elastic band of his shorts. He raised his hips just slightly as she pulled them away. His morning erection was all too happy for breathing room. She tossed the shorts somewhere off the bed. Her hands brushed up his legs, up his thighs. She was looking at him. He brought his hands up and under his head, letting her take charge.

Her hands found his erection and she stroked him. He groaned welcoming her touch. She circled his erection with the palm of her hands and slowly, rhythmically stroke from base to head. She bent her head and he felt her lips sliding over his smooth head. Her tongue ran along the back of his erection. He could not stop himself as he reached out and caught a fistful of hair. He pulled her away easily.

He motioned for her and she pulled up alongside him.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Not today," he said.

"But." He cut her off with a kiss.

He turned so he was on top of her. He roughly pulled the boxers off her and with one hand under her buttocks, lifted her as he eased inside her. Like the previous night, she made an audible gasp.

"We don't -."

"I don't care," he interrupted.

He slammed into her.

"Condoms," she got the end of the sentence out.

"Only say stop if you want me to," he said.

She responded by wrapping her legs around him, reaching out and gripping his buttocks. She raised her hips to show her acceptance.

It was not like the previous night, but she enjoyed the roughness as he slammed his hips into hers repeatedly until she was moaning his name and begging him for more of the same.

His moan was lost in the pillows as he thrust hard inside her and felt his loins tighten. He showered her face with kisses after. Her legs were still wrapped around him holding him in place and he could still feel her shuddering around him.

"Sorry if I was too rough," he whispered.

"You were perfect," she said.


They were silent for a while, just breathing heavily. When at last he rolled off her, he pulled her on top of his body. He loved the close contact with her.

"Why didn't you want me to -?"

"I wanted it the way we just did."

"You could have had it both ways," she said.

"Are you mad because I stopped you?"

"No, just curious."

"Okay. So about our arrangement," he said. "I still want you. Since there were no candles or wine, we will have to do this again. What do you think?"

"I agree," she said.


"By the way, when am I getting my car?"

"You have to get a new car and unfortunately, the new Beetle design is not like the one you had. So here's the deal. I can have one of my staff look for that old design, I’m sure they can find one somewhere, or we can go car shopping and get you a new vehicle. Of course, you also have the option of chauffer service if you like."

"You and I shopping for a car?"

"Okay, you can take whomever you like, get whatever you like. Until then, I have a garage full of vehicles that you can choose from."

"You want me to take one of your cars?"

"Why not? I only need one car and as you pointed out the first time we met, I should not be driving. But I don't mind us carpooling to and from work, either."

"The scandal," she said.


"Do you actually think we could get away with using the same car daily and it does not get out?"

"Will, I just sent my little army to search and conquer your fiefdom, the scandal may already be done."

She giggled at his reference to their unprotected sex.

"Just so you know," she said, "my fiefdom has its own protection. Anyway, you don't really live here so that would be an inconvenience."

"I didn't live here because it was under construction and well, there was little to do. But now with the sexy neighbor who dresses in corsets and such things, it's like a fantasy come true."

"I should be getting home," she said.

"So what's your decision about transportation?"

"I'll take the loaner, until my Jag gets fixed."

"Can I see you tonight?"

"I’m not sure. I’ll call you."

“Fair enough. Talk to you soon.”

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