When You're Ready (Ready Series)
Author:J.L. Berg

When You're Ready (Ready Series) By J.L. Berg






For Chris.


For showing me happily ever after, every single day.










Three years earlier...




I took the stationery the home health nurse brought and I placed it in front of me. The blank white pages lay there, staring up and mocking me as I struggled to begin. I didn’t have much time. Clare would be gone for only a short time and I needed to get this out, to tell her how I feel. Telling her now, in person, would only cause her pain. She wouldn’t understand and would only lash out in anger.


I held the pen to the page, struggling to begin.


How do you tell the woman you love to move on? To love again? The thought of her with someone else tore me up inside, but the thought of her alone forever was worse.


So this is what I had to do for her. She’d been so strong for me for far too long, and it was time I gave that back. Eventually, she would need it.


Eventually, she would find someone who would make her want to love again, and I would be there for her, telling her it’s okay.


Finally, my pen met the paper and I began to write. I poured my soul out to the woman I loved.


The woman I had to leave behind.