Twisted Perfection
Author:Abbi Glines





The rest of the week Woods brought me to work and sat at an empty table while I worked. When my shift was over he asked me to tell him something I’d always wanted to do but hadn’t gotten the chance. Every day he made it happen. We had gone boating, taken a helicopter ride, gone parasailing, and eaten raw oysters. He rarely left my side. The sex was amazing and it just seemed to be getting better and more intense. I wasn’t having night terrors anymore either. I slept deeply and woke up relaxed and rested the next day.


Tonight was the staff’s bonfire and I was expected to be there. I still wasn’t sure taking Woods was a good idea. Other than Bethy and Jimmy no one knew we were dating. I hadn’t run into anyone else on our dates. I had dressed in my bikini and put a matching sundress over it. I wasn’t sure I was brave enough to swim but Bethy had said everyone at least got their feet wet. I was prepared for that and more.


Woods parked his truck and came around to get me because he was determined I shouldn’t open a car door by myself. It was cute really.


His hand slipped into mine and he held it. This was it. If any staff member was curious about the two of us, Woods was about to make it very clear.


“Sure you don’t want to turn and run?” I asked, smiling up at him.




“They may treat me differently,” I replied, thinking it could cause some hard feelings with other workers.


“I’ll fire them.”


I stopped and looked up at him. He was grinning. I slapped his arm. “That wasn’t funny.”


“Yeah, it was. Besides, if they upset you I will fire them.”


Mental note: don’t tell him if anyone upsets me.


The smell of burning wood and the sound of music filled the air as we walked into the gathering of people. Some were dancing. Others were roasting something over the fire and then a few were playing volleyball in the moonlight.


“Thirsty?” Woods asked, leading me over to the keg that was sitting up on blocks.


“I don’t much like beer from a keg. I had it once and got sick,” I told him.


He frowned. “How much did you drink?”


“I funneled it actually so I’m not sure.”


Woods’ eyebrows shot up. “You funneled beer?”


It had been one of the items on my checklist of things to do. ‘Go to a party and drink lots of beer.’ I hadn’t known about funneling but it hadn’t been hard to get me to try it. Braden had warned me I’d get sick but I’d tried it anyway.


“Yeah. Dumb decision. Frat party,” I explained. It had been at that party I’d met the guy I’d given my virginity to. Three dates later he’d talked me into sex. I’d been so naive and stupid.


“You’re here,” Bethy said, smiling as she walked up with a large red solo cup in her hand. “Drink up. The beer’s free.”


I shook my head.


“Della doesn’t drink beer from kegs. Anything else to drink around here?” Woods asked.


Bethy nodded and walked over to a cooler and threw me a bottle of water. Perfect.


“Thank you,” I told her and she saluted me before walking back over to the people dancing and Jace stepped out and wrapped his arms around her.


“Are you against me drinking beer from a keg?” Woods asked.


I shook my head and took a sip of my water.


“Good, I need something.” He walked over there and I stayed where I was. I couldn’t follow him everywhere he went. I was becoming too needy where he was concerned. I didn’t want to be codependent. My psychiatrist had talked to me about that. She said I needed to work hard to be independent and that it could be hard for me after the life I’d lived.


“Hey, Della, right?” a guy I didn’t recognize said with a slight slur.


I nodded. I wasn’t sure who he was or how he knew my name.


“Nelton, I’m the tennis pro at the club,” he said with a wink.


I nodded and glanced over to see Harold from the kitchen talking to Woods.


“Nice to meet you,” I replied.


“I’ve been watching you. Wasn’t sure if you were available or not.” He took a step closer and I managed to move to the right without looking like I was trying to get away from him.


“Oh,” was all I said. I wasn’t sure I needed to announce that I was in a relationship with Woods or not.


“You a friend of Mr. Kerrington’s? I saw you show up with him.”


“Can I help you Nelton?” Woods said just before he moved in behind me. I let out the sigh of relief. I hadn’t wanted to answer that.


“No, sir. I was just getting to know, Della.” Woods’ hand slipped around to the front of my stomach and he left it splayed there in a possessive gesture. Nelton didn’t miss it. His eyes widened and he nodded.


“Good to meet you, Della,” he replied. “See ya Mr. Kerrington.” Then he sauntered away.


“I can’t leave you alone for three minutes,” he said before taking a small nibble on my ear.


“Your tennis pro is creepy,” I told him.


Woods chuckled. “I agree but the cougars love him. I know for a fact he sleeps with several of them but it keeps them happy so we don’t let him go. Not good for business.”


I wasn’t sure what the cougars were but I didn’t ask. I needed to pee. I glanced around and there were no restrooms anywhere. I found Bethy and decided to go ask her. “I need to ask Bethy something. I’ll be back,” I said before hurrying off. I didn’t want to tell him I had to pee. I preferred to just ask Bethy.


She saw me headed her way alone and stepped out of Jace’s embrace and walked over to me.


“Hey, you okay?”


“Yes. I just need to pee. Where do we do that here?”


Bethy grinned and nodded her head out to the water where people were splashing around and swimming in the waves.


“In the gulf?” I asked confused.


She nodded.


Crap. I was in trouble.


I walked back over to Woods who was watching me closely. I was going to have to tell him, as frustrating and embarrassing as it was. Maybe I could walk down the beach a way then pee. No one would see me get in and know what I was doing.


A girl screamed that she had to go pee and ran out to the water. That was just gross.


I stopped in front of Woods and felt my face heat up. Discussing bodily functions with guys was just not something I was good at.


“What’s wrong?” he asked.


I ducked my head and took a deep breath. “I have to pee.”


He didn’t say anything at first and then he chuckled. “That’s why you ran off to find Bethy?”


I nodded.


“Why couldn’t you tell me?”


I kept my head down. “Because.”


He laughed harder and threaded his fingers through mine. “Did she tell you where to go?”


I nodded again.


He pulled me over to him. “Do you want me to take you home so you can pee?”


I did. I didn’t want to use the ocean. But I didn’t want us to have to leave either.


“Maybe I can go down the beach a ways and use it so no one sees me,” I suggested.


“Can I come with you?” he asked.


I shook my head. No way. That was just as bad.


“Just let me take you home.”


I could do this. “I’ll be back in a minute.” I assured him.


“I don’t like the idea of you getting in the water by yourself in the dark,” Woods said tightening his hold on my hand.


“But I need to pee. I’d be getting in by myself here and moving away from everyone if I did.”


Woods didn’t let go of my hand. “I don’t like it.”


I frowned up at him. “But I gotta go,” I told him.


“Then I’m taking you somewhere. Either I get to go down the beach too or I drive you to a restroom.”


I thought about it and decided I wasn’t going to be able to go out into the water and pee. I sighed in defeat. “Take me to a restroom.”


He grinned. “The closest one I can get you into is the house.”


“Then take me to the house.”








Della had asked me to wait on her in the truck. She didn’t want me to go inside with her so she could pee. I agreed to that. There had been no way I was letting her go get in dark water all alone but this I could do. However, after several minutes and Della not coming back out I decided I needed to go check on things. She’d had more than enough time to go pee.


When my foot hit the top step I heard Angelina’s familiar high-pitched voice. Shit. Her car wasn’t out here. What was she doing in my house?


I jerked the door open and stalked into my living room. Della stood there with her arms crossed protectively over her chest as she stood against the wall while Angelina continued to badger her with questions.


“What the fuck are you doing in my house?” I roared as I shoved past Angelina and grabbed Della so I could protect her. It was a miracle Angelina hadn’t sent Della into one of her panic attacks. I ran my hand down her back to soothe her as I glared at Angelina who was watching me closely.


“This is why? You threw away your future because of her? She works as a server at the club, Woods. What the hell are you thinking? Look at her. She’s… she’s… just all out there. Nothing about her fits you. Are you fucking her as a form of rebellion?”


Della flinched in my arms and I was real close to not caring that Angelina was a woman. I was ready to hurt her.


“Be very careful what you say. This is my house you broke into. I’ll have your ass locked up until your daddy can get here and bail you out.”


Della was stiff in my arms and I slid my finger under her chin and tilted her face up so I could see her eyes. She was with me. Good.


I looked back up at Angelina. “You need to leave. Don’t ever step foot back in this house. And stay away from Della. You talk to her or hurt her and you’ll regret it.”


Angelina hissed and slung her hair over her shoulder. “You don’t threaten me Woods Kerrington. I’m not scared of you. This… this farce you have going on here with her,” she pointed her long manicured nail toward Della, “it’s ridiculous. I would have still married you. All you had to do was tell me you needed to get this one out of your system.”


Della flinched in my arms again and I’d had enough.


“Get. Out. Now,” I roared.


“Well, I need to call someone to get me. I had my daddy drop me off here. I thought I could wait on you and talk to you. But she came walking in instead of you.”


“You have a phone. Leave my house and call someone to come get you. I want you out of here.”


Angelina spun around and her heels clacked against my hard wood floors. When the door slammed behind her I picked Della up and carried her into my room and sat down with her on the bed.


“Look at me,” I said, needing to see her face.


She lifted her eyes to me and the confusion and pain I’d expected to see wasn’t there. Instead she was… angry.


“You were going to marry that bitch? Really? What were your parents thinking? She’s horrible, Woods. You’re so much better than that. I can’t...”


I covered her mouth with mine before she could say anything else. I was so damn relieved to hear the anger in her voice instead of hurt I just needed to reassure myself she was okay.


Della kissed me back with equal vigor then pushed me away.


“I still have got to pee,” she said and stood up.


I smiled as she ran to the bathroom.


Then the fact my father was going to know about Della hit me and any humor that had been there was gone. He’d hate this. He’d hate her. If there was any way I could shut Angelina up I would. I just didn’t know how. She was a woman scorned. She’d been tossed for someone else and she was furious.


I reached for my iPhone and turned it off. If he called tonight I wasn’t dealing with him. I would make sure Della was nowhere near when I had this conversation with him. If he pushed me too far I’d pack up and leave. Della had a list of places she wanted to see and we’d make sure to go see them all.


The bathroom door opened and Della walked out in a yellow bikini that barely contained her tits. Just like the one she’d had on that day at the beach causing every man around to drool. I watched her as she walked toward me.


“Do you know what today is?” she asked. My eyes were on her chest. Her tits bounced as she walked.


“Saturday,” I replied.


She reached up and untied the bikini strap and let it fall to the ground leaving her breasts bare. Didn’t look like we were going back to the bonfire.


“It’s been seven days since I took the first pill,” she said as she slipped her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms and slowly slid them down her legs and stepped out of them.


It had been seven days. How the hell did I forget that? I jerked my shirt over my head and stood up and grabbed her then threw her on the bed.


“Here I was worried you were going to be upset because of my crazy ex and you come walking out of the bathroom giving me a strip tease. Fuck, woman, you’re every damn fantasy I’ve ever had.”


She threw her hands over her head and grabbed the headboard with both her hands.


“I want you to come inside me. Over and over again,” she said opening her legs and arching her back playfully.


I pulled my board shorts off and climbed on top of her. “The first time it is gonna be fast because I can’t wait. I need to do this. We’ll go slow and easy the next time, I swear.”


She licked her lips slowly. “Then fuck me hard.”


I was gonna explode before I even got inside her if she kept this naughty little temptress act up.


I lifted her hips and slammed into her in one hard move.


“YES! Oh God, yes,” she cried out and I let any concern about taking care of her go. She wanted the bad boy and I was real ready to unleash him. The idea of coming inside her was making my balls tighten just from the thought. I wouldn’t be able to stop tonight. I was going to fuck her all over this house.


I slid out and back in over and over again as she writhed beneath me. She was begging and crying my name. Her nails clawed at my back and I knew her marks would be there tomorrow. It made me even more insane. I wanted her marks all over me. Just as thoroughly as I was about to mark her pussy.


Della lifted her knees and squeezed my hips with her legs. “I’m gonna come,” she panted. “Oh god. Now, I’m,ahhhh,” she cried out and her nails dug into my back as she held onto me.


I let her squeeze me until I exploded inside her. My body shook as I drove into her one last time as my seed flooded her walls. I wanted to shout in triumph knowing this was mine. Nothing my family wanted or demanded could make me walk away from this. From her.