Twisted Perfection
Author:Abbi Glines





I changed into sweats and a tee shirt before walking back into the living room and talking to Tripp. I preferred to stay in this room and think about everything. I was still trying to figure out what happened and what I did wrong with Woods. He was giving me all kinds of mixed signals. Either he was disgusted by me and decided not to have sex with me or he had just been ready to get rid of me. I wasn’t sure. But then he’d made me wear his shirt and told me to change into baggy clothes. I wasn’t sure what to think about that.


As soon as I’d had that orgasm in his lap he’d been ready to get me the hell away from him. On the drive over here I had convinced myself that I’d screamed too loud and hurt him by pulling his hair like a crazed woman. Then maybe he was as embarrassed by the wet spot on my shorts as I was and that’s why he’d covered me up. He didn’t want Tripp to see me and know he’d been the cause of that. I reached over, picked his hoodie back up, and pulled it over my head. It smelled like Woods. I liked that. I had wanted to get to smell more of him tonight. The rejection I’d hoped to avoid was settling in.


I could talk to Tripp. I wouldn’t tell him exactly what happened but I could get his guy opinion on things.


Tripp’s eyes lifted from the book he was reading and he smiled up at me. “Already wearing Kerrington’s clothes. Damn the guy moves fast,” he teased.


I sighed and sank down on the sofa across from the chair he was sitting in. “Not what it looks like. Trust me.” The deflation in my voice had been a little more obvious than I intended.


“Uh oh. What’s wrong?” Tripp asked, setting his book down on the table beside him and sitting up straighter.


I thought about my words carefully. I didn’t want to tell him too much but I did want his opinion. “Woods broke things off with Angelina and we went to talk about that,” I began. Tripp nodded. He already knew this much but I was still scrambling on what to say to him. “We had lunch together and he explained that he wasn’t happy with her. He doesn’t want to be told who to marry. Then we went back to his place. He wanted to show me his house and I loved it.” I paused and chewed on my bottom lip a moment to think about my next words.


“He never takes girls to that house. It was his grandparents’ so it’s his off limits place. I’ve only been there a handful of times.”


That caught my attention. “His grandmother’s paintings are still all over the walls. They’re beautiful.”


Tripp’s eyebrows shot up. “He told you about her?”


I nodded and Tripp crossed his hands over his chest as he grinned. “Damn girl what have you done to Kerrington?”


Well, that was what I was wondering too. “I think he may have decided taking me there was a mistake. I… we… things got a little heated on the porch and then he stopped it and brought me back here. He said he had things to do. Just like that. No other explanation. It was weird.”


Tripp frowned and sat there quietly a moment.


“You two have, uh, had sex before, right? That was my understanding.”


I nodded.


“And today that didn’t happen,” he continued.


“No, he was really ready to get rid of me.”


Tripp rubbed his chin and then he shook his head. “I don’t know what the hell is up. That doesn’t sound like the guy I know.” He leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees. “Are you okay? Did he upset you?”


I was confused and a little hurt but I was okay. I smiled. “I’m fine. Just not sure what happened. I keep thinking I did something wrong.”


Tripp reached out and tugged on the sleeve of Woods’ hoodie. “When did you get this?”


There was no way I was telling him why Woods had stuck this on me. That was too embarrassing. “Um, when he brought me here. He put it on me before sending me inside.”


Tripp had a small smile tugging on his lips. “Did he see my bike?”


I nodded.


“What did he say when he put that on you?”


“Um, he told me to go inside and put on baggy clothes.”


Tripp cackled with laughter and leaned back in his seat. Once he was done laughing he took in my sweat pants and then looked back up at me. “You did as you were told.”


I nodded again.


“He likes you. He may be a little freaked out and doing stupid shit but he likes you. The baggy clothes are because he doesn’t want me looking at you and getting any ideas. Kerrington has gone possessive. Never seen it before but it is funny as hell. I think I’ll text him that we’re going swimming and see how fast his jealous ass gets over here.”


“No, don’t! He was going to deal with his dad I think.”


Tripp grinned. “I was kidding. It’s just funny.”


He went quiet and I hated the awkward silence. However, I was relieved that he thought Woods was acting weird because he was feeling possessive towards me. Maybe it was wrong to want that but it made me feel tingly and warm.


“I guess I should plan on traveling alone when I head out.”


I wasn’t sure yet.


“That depends on when you’re leaving and if Woods really is interested in something more with me. If this is just a fling for him then I may be ready to run soon myself.”



Last night I’d woken up screaming with Tripp holding me again. It was screwing with my sleep and his. I didn’t blame him if he left soon just so he could sleep without the nightly interruptions. My eyes felt puffy from the crying I’d done this time. Sometimes the screams were mixed with sobbing. Tonight had been one of those nights. I’d spent an hour in the bathroom trying to cover up the puffy with makeup. I wasn’t sure it helped.




“Girl, I got an eight top of women who came in here requesting me or I’d take table six for you,” Jimmy said with wide eyes as he walked into the kitchen.


“What’s wrong with six?” I asked, tying my apron on.


“Not sure how much you know but Woods broke it off with that uptight Greystone heiress. My guess is daddy is pissed. Anyway, the heiress, her equally uptight mother, and Mrs. Kerrington are sitting at six. There can be nothing good about that gathering.”


Oh no. I didn’t want to deal with those three. But I didn’t have a choice. It was just Jimmy and me for the breakfast shift. We would have more help for the lunch shift.


“I’ve scared you. Shit. I’m sorry. It’s good. You didn’t piss them off, Woods did. You just serve them their food and all should be good.”


He was right. They didn’t even know I existed. Besides, I wasn’t sure what was going on with Woods. Yesterday he’d completely confused me.


“I can do it,” I assured Jimmy, taking my tray of waters out to table four.


Once I had that table served and orders taken I made my way over to table six. All three women seemed to be in deep conversation. I almost walked past them and gave them a few more moments before interrupting. But then that could piss them off and I didn’t want to add to this drama.


“Good morning,” I said in more of a squeak than a greeting. Fantastic. Mrs. Kerrington flashed an annoyed look my way. I had never met her but I recognized those dark brown eyes glaring at me. There was no mistaking that she was Woods mother.


“Sparkling water.”


“Evian with a glass of ice,” Angelina said.


“The same,” the third lady who had to be her mother informed me without looking at me.


I quickly headed to the kitchen and took a deep breath. They were just like all the other guests. No reason to panic. I fixed their drinks and went back out to serve them.


“He just needs time. He’s never been one to like being told what to do. It’s not you darling. He’s a male and he is as red blooded as they come. The boy wants to sow his wild oats.” Woods’ mother was reaching across the table patting Angelina’s hand as she said this.


“I don’t think that’s it. He truly doesn’t like me. He said that we’d be miserable together. And maybe he’s right. I want things he doesn’t. Obviously.”


Mrs. Kerrington sighed. “Yes. Well, his father is very disappointed in him. We expected him to think about something other than himself this time. But he’s a spoiled boy. He has always had his way. This is my fault of course. I should have told him no more often.”


I sat the waters down in front of them and tried to be as invisible as possible.


“Bring us a fruit tray please and make sure the kiwi is included.”


I nodded once before leaving. I wanted to hear more but then it was best that I didn’t. I wanted to argue with them. Woods wasn’t selfish. He wasn’t some kid having a temper tantrum. He was a grown man tired of being controlled and manipulated. And who did Angelina think she was? She wants different things obviously. Like she was so noble. Bitch.


I slammed the door behind me and let out an aggravated growl.


“Whoa, sugar. You look ready to tear someone up,” Jimmy said as he set the order that was up on his tray.


“Woods’ mother is infuriating. And that… that ugh… God, I’m glad he isn’t marrying that woman. She’s just... I want to slap her.”


Jimmy started to chuckle when the door behind me closed and his eyes went wide. I was almost afraid to turn around.


“I have to agree with you on both accounts.” Woods’ sexy voice was amused. I turned around and took in the sight of him. His dark hair was styled with the messy look and his jeans hugged his hips perfectly. The white oxford shirt he was wearing only made his olive complexion stand out even more.


“I’m sorry,” I managed to say as my heart rate picked up. I stared at his hand and thought about how that hand felt as it slipped under my shorts yesterday.


“Don’t be. I said I agreed with you.” I lifted my eyes to meet his. He thought it was funny I didn’t like his mother or his former fiancée. I could see it in his eyes.


“Good morning, “ he said and glanced behind me toward the kitchen staff that I knew were a more rapt audience than they let on.


“Good morning,” I replied.


“I’ll take out their fruit,” he said, walking over to get it. I hadn’t even ordered it yet.


“That can’t be theirs; I haven’t entered their order,” I said as he made his way to the door with the fruit that included kiwi.


“It’s theirs. My mother rarely orders anything else for breakfast. This crew knows that.”


Then he was out the door.


“Order is up for table four,” Harold called out from the fry station. I went and got their food.


I tried not to look over at the table that I knew Woods was at with Angelina. I could hear him talking and out of the corner of my eye I could see he had sat down with them. My stomach knotted up at the thought.


I managed to get the correct orders to the customers at table four. Then it took all my will power not to go running back to the kitchen to hide from seeing this. But although Woods had brought them their food I was the server. I needed to make sure they didn’t need anything. Especially since Woods was now sitting with them.


“Is there anything I can get for you?” I asked his mother directly. He’d taken the seat beside Angelina and I couldn’t look over at them.


“More sparkling water but this time don’t use so much ice and add a few raspberries to it.” Her tone was annoyed and I wasn’t sure if it was due to Woods or my service.


I nodded and headed back to the kitchen.


Jimmy stood there with his hands on his hips waiting on me.


“What the fuck was that all about?” he asked.


I wasn’t sure what he was referring to. “What?” I asked confused.


Jimmy waved his hand at the door and back to me. “The crazy shit that I saw going on with you and our boss? Please don’t tell me you’re the reason Woods has gone all renegade on his parents. This will not end well,” he hissed, picking up his tray.


I wasn’t sure anymore what I was. I shook my head. “I don’t think so.” That was the best answer I had.


“You don’t ‘think so’? “ he asked with an incredulous look on his face. “For real girl, if you’re the reason, you’d know. Not sure what I think about all this or you but word of caution, he’s a Kerrington. Be careful.”


Jimmy sauntered out of the kitchen and I watched him go. He acted as if being a Kerrington was a bad thing. Nothing about Woods was bad that I’d seen.


I fixed the sparkling water with less ice and fresh raspberries and then took it out to Woods’ mother. I refused to look over at Woods.


Their talking ceased as I approached and the silence at the table was uncomfortable. I didn’t stick around. I went to take drink orders for table one that had just been seated and focused on helping my other customers.


When I walked back out into the dining room ten minutes later Woods was standing up and walking out with the women. I hated that it upset me. Was this what Jimmy meant? He would never truly not be a part of them. He would eventually go back to her.


I managed to finish my shift and once my apron was tossed into the dirty hamper I was ready to get out of here.


“Mr. Kerrington called down and asked that you see him in his office before you leave, Della.” Juan called from the back.


Oh crap. “Thanks,” I replied and headed for Woods’ office. Had I messed up with his mother? I hated this feeling. I hated wanting to please him and not ever being sure if I had. And I hated that he’d left with them. Where had he gone? Had he kissed her? Had he apologized? Was he engaged again? Was he about to tell me he had decided yesterday was a mistake? Maybe he’d been turned off by my response to him on the porch and my inability to be controlled.


I knocked on the door and waited. I hoped he wasn’t here and I could get out of here before— the door swung open and Woods reached out and pulled me inside before slamming it and locking it behind him with a swift click.


Then he was on me. His hands were clenched firmly on my waist and his mouth was hungrily nipping at my bottom lip. There was no sweetness to his tongue’s invasion into my mouth.


He reached down, grabbed my leg, and hiked it up to wrap around his waist then he cupped my butt and continued to assault my mouth with delicious flicks of his tongue.


I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on. This wasn’t what I had expected but I was so lost in the pleasure of it all I didn’t care.


“Did you change out of those shorts and into baggy pants yesterday?” Woods asked as his mouth traveled down my neck.


“Yes,” I replied breathlessly.


“Tripp didn’t see that sweet wet spot?” His naughty words caused me to whimper and wiggle closer to him.


“No, I wore your hoodie and a pair of sweats the rest of the day,” I assured him.


“Good,” he growled and wrapped his arms around my back and carried me over to his desk and sat me down. “I need to taste it. Now.”


Before I could figure out what he was talking about he pushed my skirt up, grabbed my panties, and tugged hard enough that the sound of ripping fabric startled me. He pulled the torn panties away from my body and dropped them to the floor. Then he took both my feet, bent my knees and put them on the edge of the desk leaving me completely open. I was panting with anticipation as he fell to his knees and began nibbling on the apex of my thighs. I couldn’t keep from squirming as I sucked in a deep breath between my teeth.


Finally, his tongue ran over my wet core and I would have shot off the table if his hands hadn’t been holding my hips down. He began to thrust his tongue in and out of me causing me to greedily squeeze it with each entrance as if I could hold him there.


“I’d forgotten how amazing you taste,” he murmured against my clit before pulling it into his mouth and sucking on it.


“Oh God, Woods. Oh, God,” I moaned.


My hips began writhing involuntarily. I couldn’t control myself. His mouth moved to the inside of my thigh and I let my head fall back in frustration. The pulse between my legs was almost painful.


“Woods, please,” I begged.


He lifted his head and the hooded look in them told me he was as turned on as I was. I loved that tasting me did this to him.


“Are you gonna come in my mouth?” he asked sticking out his tongue and running it from my opening to my swollen clit.


“I need to,” I panted.


“This pretty little pussy needs to come?” he asked, taking another long leisurely lap with his tongue. I squirmed and whimpered.


“I can’t tell it no. It’s too damn sweet,” he said huskily as he reached up and covered my mouth with his hand before pulling my clit into his mouth and shoving two fingers into my soaking entrance. His fingers pumped into me as his tongue flicked my clit and sucked it. My scream was smothered by his hand. He didn’t let up until my shaking body couldn’t stand any more attention to the sensitive flesh and I pushed him back just enough to pull him up to me so I could wrap myself around him. I’d managed not to pull his hair this time but I’d screamed and licked his hand. Had I done too much again?


“I was trying to make this all about you. I was trying to show you that you were special but fuck baby, I want inside you. I think I’m about to explode,” Woods said against my shoulder.


What? He was trying to make me feel special? That was why he’d left me like that yesterday? I didn’t think about it too much. I was ready for more. My aftershocks were slowing down. I unsnapped his jeans and jerked them down with his boxer briefs.


“Please, now. I need you inside me,” I begged. I wanted that closeness.


He groaned and reached for the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a condom. His eyes met mine and he grinned. “I stuck it in there before I called you in here. This wasn’t my intention but I also knew I might not be able to stop.”


I was so relieved he had one I didn’t care.


He slid it down his hard length then he opened my legs and looked down at me. I knew I was trembling.


“That’s so damn pretty,” he whispered and ran his finger through the tender area. I watched him completely fascinated as he held his thick cock in his hand and pressed the tip of it into me. His breath hissed as he eased in slowly. “So tight,” he panted.


I lifted my hips to take him deeper and he slid further in until I was completely full. I moved against him. He was being so sweet and easy with me. I wasn’t used to this with him.


I decided he needed some pushing. He had decided this was what I wanted and I wasn’t sure why. I hadn’t been calm and easy yet in my reactions to him. I jerked my shirt over my head and unsnapped my bra as he stilled and watched me bare my chest to him. I knew it was a weakness for him. His eyes went wide with excitement. I covered both of them and began rolling my nipples between my fingers as he stood frozen inside mine. I felt his cock jerk hard and that only empowered me.


“You like this?” I asked, arching my back and pulling hard on my nipples.


“Oh yeah, Fuck yeah,” he replied before his mouth covered a nipple and his hips began pumping in and out of me.


I opened my legs wider and fell back on my hands letting my chest stick out toward him. “Harder, Woods. I need it harder,” I begged and I watched as the controlled pleasure in his eyes snapped and a wild look took its place. His hands grabbed my hips and he began to slam into me as his eyes watched each bounce of my breasts.


“This hard enough for you,” he asked, in a strangled whisper.


“More, harder,” I replied.


He pulled out of me and jerked me off the table then spun me around. “Grab the table,” he ordered and his hands pulled my hips back a second before he was filling me up again in one hard thrust. “This hard enough for you, sweetheart?” he asked as he pounded into me from behind. I held onto the table and threw my head back. I was so close to another orgasm and I knew this time it would be more intense. Having him inside me always made it incredible.


A loud slap surprised me then a stinging pain before his hand began caressing the spot on my bottom he’d just spanked. Oh. I liked that. “Damn, this ass looks good with my hand print,” he groaned.


I pressed back and he did the same to the other cheek. I cried out and squeezed the walls of my vagina holding him tighter inside.


“Fuck baby,” he cried out in response.


“I’m gonna come,” I squealed just as the ecstasy began pumping through my veins. Woods’ hand reached around me and muffled my cries as his body shuddered behind me and he moaned my name over and over as his body jerked inside mine several times.


We stayed like that a few moments until our bodies began to relax as we came down off our high. His hand fell away from my mouth and I felt a trail of kisses across my back. “So good. It’s always mind blowing with you, Della.”


His words made my chest swell. It was the same for me but he was one of three guys I’d slept with so I didn’t have a lot to compare this to.


He pulled out of me slowly causing another gasp from me. Then his mouth was on my bottom. He was kissing the stinging skin he’d spanked just moments earlier. If he continued this sweetness I was going to cling to him and never let him go.


“So perfect,” he said against my heated skin.


I looked over my shoulder at him on his knees kissing my ass and smiled. “I liked it. You don’t have to keep kissing it.”


He grinned up at me and took a swift lick. “I like seeing my hand here. You’re branded.”


I giggled at him and he stood up running his hands up my body on his way. Both his hands settled on my breasts and he held their weight in his hands. “I need to mark these as mine too. Not sure how to do that yet.” He said against my ear. I enjoyed his touch and let my head fall back on his shoulder.


“Hmmm,” I replied.


“Can’t spank them. Maybe I need to bite them,” he said in a husky whisper causing me to shiver.


“You like that. You want me to bite them?” He let out a sigh. “You’re too sexy, Della. I’m so sucked in I can’t think straight. Right now I just want to slide back inside you and stay there. You’re gonna kill me, girl.”


Smiling to myself I turned around in his arms.


“You keep talking to me like that and I’m going to start begging for more,” I told him.


Woods cocked one eyebrow. “You want more already?”


I nodded.


Woods let out a small curse. “I only have one condom here. It was a just in case one.”


A knock on Woods door stopped both of us from figuring out what to do now.


“Woods?” Tripp’s voice called out from the other side of the door.


Woods reached for my discarded bra and began dressing me. I would have helped him but he was faster than I would have been. When he had my shirt on he pulled my skirt down and began fixing his jeans.


“Yeah,” he called out as he ran his hand through his hair and winked at me. He walked over to the door and opened it.


Tripp walked in and his eyes found me and then they went back to Woods.


“I was just leaving,” I said with a smile that was more forced than anything. I could see in Tripp’s eyes he knew exactly what we had been doing in here.


“I’ll call you later,” Woods said as I passed him and I nodded but kept my eyes on the exit.