The Ex Games 3
Author:J.S.Cooper & Helen Cooper

Chapter 6






I stared at Katie in dread. She’d caught me in a lie. A big lie. A lie that was more harmful than the lie she’d told me. A lie that meant I’d have to reveal everything if I was to stand a chance of gaining her total trust and love again.


“Nothing to say, Brandon?” Maria’s voice was catty and delighted, and I knew that she had deliberately set this whole thing up to hurt me for ending the fake engagement.


“You need to leave. Now.” I turned toward her with murder in my eyes.


“I think someone needs to protect poor, innocent Katie. Don’t you, Brandon?” She laughed. “We wouldn’t want her thinking this was all her fault, would we?” Her eyes narrowed at me and I grabbed her arm.


“You are to leave and never come back.” I looked down at her and whispered, “If I ever see you again, I will ruin your brother’s life. I will make sure he is fired from the Wall Street Journal and is never employed by another newspaper in New York again.”


“You wouldn’t do that.” Her face paled at my words. I knew I had hit a sore spot. She loved her brother Matt more than anyone in the world.


“Don’t test me.” I pushed her toward the door. “Leave now.”


“What about Harry?” She looked at me with big eyes. “He’ll miss me.”


“You will never see him again.” I clenched my fists as I thought about all the times I’d left him alone with her. I wanted to punch myself for being so blind as to how crazy she was.


“But you love me, Brandon,” she whimpered. “You wanted to marry me.”


“Maria.” My voice rose and she ran out of the room. I followed her out and watched as she exited before slowly going back into the room. “I guess I’ll have to change the locks,” I joked as I re-entered the study, but Katie didn’t smile.


I stood there, not knowing what to say or where to start.


“I guess we should talk.” I cleared my throat and stared at her. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t crying. “I’m sorry for lying.”


“One lie begets another lie, I suppose.” Her face was expressionless, and my heart froze at the lack of emotion in her tone. I could have dealt with angry, jealousy, or hurt, but her lack of caring scared me.


“I didn’t mean to lie.” I sighed. “I really didn’t want her. I never loved her.”


“You slept with her while you were with me?” Katie looked at me curiously. “So you cheated on me?”


“Never.” I shook my head vehemently. “It was after.”


“After what?”


“We broke up.” I took a deep breath. “It was the day you gave Harry up.”


“What?” She frowned at me. “That doesn’t make sense.”


“The day you gave Harry up was the day I realized you were never coming back to me. It was the day I realized you hated me so much that you would have our child and give him up for adoption and never even tell me that I had a son.” I stared at her through bleak eyes. “I hated you so much on that day. I hated you and I hated me and I resorted to something I’m not proud of.”


“But she blackmailed you.” She looked at me with a dazed confession. “Why would you sleep with her?


“Because I hated her as much as I hated myself.” I shrugged. “I just needed a body—bodies. I just needed to be out of myself. To forget you and what we’d had. I needed to be with someone and use their body without care for their feelings.”


“You did that to me as well.” Her voice was soft.


“Never, Katie. I’ve never used you.” I shook my head. “I love you.”


“You don’t know the meaning of love.” She shook her head and closed her eyes. “All these years, I’ve been berating myself for doing something so stupid, for lying and losing the love of my life, but I think I should have been congratulating myself. I wasn’t dumb. I was smart. You’re crazy. You’re self-obsessed. You only care about yourself. You’re not capable of love.”



“I love Harry, Katie. I’m a good father.” My voice was terse.


“Yes.” She nodded slowly. “You’re a good father. A very good father.”


“Can you forgive me, Katie?”


“There’s nothing to forgive.” She shrugged. “We both made mistakes. I think it’s time we moved on. I want to be in Harry’s life if you let me. I want him to know me as his mother.”


“You’re not going to run away?” I looked at her consideringly. “Now that you know everything, you’re not going to leave and never look back like you did seven years ago?”


“No.” She looked at me with clear eyes and smiled weakly. “I love my son. I won’t ever leave him again. I’m not going to back down this time. I’m not going anywhere.”


I fell back against the wall and burst into tears. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that everything was working out the way I had dreamed it would. Katie stared at me in shock, and I walked over to her and pulled her into my arms, kissing the top of her head.


“What are you doing?” She pulled away from me. “Stop it. What’s going on, Brandon?”


I walked back to the TV and turned it on again. “Look at the screen,” I told her. “Look very carefully.”


She looked at me in shock, and I pointed at the image of me.


“Look at the face. Look carefully, Katie.” She stared at the screen for a few minutes and gasped.


“That’s not you.” Her face turned ashen as she realized the truth. “What is going on? That’s not you!”


“Matt helped me put this video together.” I walked over to her and grabbed her hand. “Let’s go upstairs.” We walked upstairs to my bedroom and I took her to sit down on the bed. “Maria went crazy when I ended things with her. He called me to warn me that he thought she was going to do something crazy. We have this video because, when I refused to pay Denise a dime, she hired someone who was my lookalike to pretend he was me. She took him to my apartment when I was out of town and set up a secret camera to record it. This was going to be her proof to the world.” I shook my head. “I told you, she was crazy.”


“How did you get it?” Katie looked like she didn’t quite believe me.


“Matt got wind of it from a reporter he knows.” I shrugged. “He pretended to be an interested reporter, bought the video, and made her sign non-disclosure papers. It’s been locked up for years, but Maria found it recently and well, I guess she decided to try and use it against me.”


“That’s crazy.” Katie looked down at her lap, and I knew that now was the time that I had to let her know how I felt and what was in my heart.


"It's always been you, Katie. Don't you realize that? From the first day I met you, my heart has belonged to you. It's never gone anywhere else. I've just been waiting for you to come back to me."


“I don’t know what to believe anymore.” She shook her head and sighed. “Why didn’t you try and get me back when we broke up? How could you do that to me?”


I grabbed her hands and stared into her eyes. "You were only eighteen, so young. I didn’t want to trap you into a relationship if you weren’t ready. I wanted it to be you who came to me. I wanted you to realize that I was the man of your dreams. The man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. I waited so patiently, Katie. Every day, I sat by the phone, waiting. I didn’t want to be the man who stole your youth if you weren’t ready. When Will told me you were pregnant, I thought, ‘This was it. This is when she’s going to come back to me. She loves me and she’s having my baby. There’s no way she’s not going to come.’ But you never did. When I heard you were giving away the baby—our baby—I hated you. I couldn't believe that you would give away a part of us. But eventually, I understood why. And I went and got him. And we've just been waiting for you to grow up and come back to us."


“I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to tell you, Brandon. I really did. I was just too young. I didn’t know how to tell you.”


"I know that now.” I took a deep breath. “You were too young and na?ve and I was too old and set in my ways. I knew from the moment I met you that you were my forever love. But I didn’t know if I was yours. I needed to know I was your forever love and not just your first love. So I decided to wait. I decided to let you grow up and do your own thing. If you loved me, really loved me, I knew you would come back to me.”


“I’ve always loved you, Brandon.” She looked at me with passionate eyes. “That’s why I got a job at a company I knew you were buying.”


“The day you applied to Marathon Corporation was the day that my life turned back to color. I was so excited. I knew that this was the moment I had been waiting for. But I knew that I had to be more careful this time. I couldn’t just welcome you into my open and waiting arms. I had to test you, Katie. I didn't want to hurt you, but I couldn't let you back into our son's life without knowing that you weren't going to run again. I needed to know that you were strong enough to go through hell and still come back to me. This isn't a game, Katie. This is for real. This is for love. This is for our life. I needed to know that you were mature enough to deal with a family. A real family. You've already broken my heart once and it killed me. I can't have you breaking our son's heart as well."


“I would never do anything to break his heart.” She whispered softly.


“If you come into our lives and leave again, it would break me and it would break him. He’s already forming a bond with you.” I took a deep breath. “I didn’t mean to push you so hard. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I had to know that you would stay, no matter how much I pushed you.”


“Oh, Brandon. I’m not going anywhere.” She leaned toward me and kissed me. “Please don’t test me anymore. I’m sorry I lied about being eighteen.”


“Katie, I want you to remember one thing.” I took her hand and held it to my heart. “It wasn’t that you lied about being eighteen. I can live with a lie. You were young and it happens. It was that you had so many opportunities to tell me the truth and you didn’t. Even to that last day, you told me you were going to a business lunch. I knew there was no business, Katie. I just wanted you to tell me the truth. I wanted you to prove to me that, despite your age, you were an adult.”


“You knew?” Her eyes widened and I nodded slowly.


“I always knew,” I whispered in her ear. “Remember when I talked about being eighteen and first loves? Remember when I told you I was going to be a guest lecturer? Remember when I told you we could get through everything if we were just honest with each other? I gave you so many opportunities to tell me the truth. I so badly wanted you to tell me so that we could live our lives. But it wasn’t to be at that time. You had to grow up.”


“I can’t believe you knew.” She shook her head and I pressed my lips against hers softly. Her fingers ran through my hair and she kissed me back passionately. We fell back onto the bed, our hands exploring each other hungrily. I ran my hands down her back and under her top so that I could feel her skin. My fingers burned as they touched her and I felt a heat rising through me as she bit down on my shoulder.



“Wait just a second.” I jumped off of the bed, ignoring the groans of my body as I walked to my closet and pulled out a small box. I walked back to the bed slowly, and Katie stared up at me with wide eyes.


“Katie.” I got down on my knees and pulled her up so that she was sitting up and not lying down.


“Oh my God.” Her hand flew to her mouth and I smiled.


“This isn’t exactly how I had this planned,” I laughed gently. “I thought we would be on a picnic somewhere and Harry would bring me the ring and stand behind me. I never wanted to do this in the bedroom or in the throes of passion. But I can’t hold back. I don’t want to hold back. I’ve never felt that a moment has been as right as this one is right now.”


“Brandon.” Her eyes glittered with unshed tears and I shook my head and smiled.


“I’m doing the talking now.” I grinned as she rolled her eyes at me. “I knew I loved you from the first moment I saw you outside of Doug’s, a place, by the way, we will never let our underage daughters go.”


“We would never have met if I hadn’t gone.” She grinned at me and I gave her a quick kiss before pulling back.


“The day you came into my life with your gorgeous smile and your trusting eyes was the best day of my life. And our relationship was perfect. You were perfect for me. I was perfect for you. We were perfect for each other. I knew that in my heart. I always knew that. But I didn’t want to capture a caterpillar in a jar and keep a butterfly hostage. I needed you to metamorphosize and come back to me. I needed to know that the beautiful butterfly had seen the world and knew that I was the one. And you came back to me, my sweet, Katie. You came back to me, and all I want to do is hold you tight and never let go. I can’t lose you again. I told you once that we were forever, that you were mine. I didn’t mean that I owned you, Katie. I meant that you owned my heart. You were mine and I was forever yours. I love you. I’ve always loved you. Being without you for seven years has aged me more that you’ll ever know. Marry me, my darling. Marry me and make me the happiest man in the world.” I opened the box and slowly took out the ring I had bought for her all those years ago. “Will you marry me, Katie?”


“Yes, oh yes. Oh, Brandon,” she gasped as I slowly slid the ring onto her finger, love emanating from my every pore. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her all over, feeling like I had finally won. Everything had finally come together and I was finally going to live the rest of my life with the woman I loved with all my heart.


“Can I make love to you?” I asked her softly, running my hands through her silky hair.


Her eyes laughed at me as she ran her fingers over my eyebrows. “Now you ask?”


“Well, I didn’t want to be rude.” I grinned back at her. “Now sit up so I can take off your top.”


“I haven’t said yes yet.” She shook her head and lifted her arms up.


“You can’t say no to me.” I unclasped her bra and through it to the ground, before staring at her breasts. They were so perfect and they fit in my hands like they were made for my palms to squeeze and caress.


“You wanna bet?” She pulled away from me and I grabbed her quickly and pushed her down.


“I wonder how big they will get when you’re pregnant again?” I murmured against her lips as my fingers gently pinched her nipples.


“What?” She gasped against my lips and I kissed her softly.


“When I get you pregnant again, I wonder how big your breasts will be.” I laughed at the look in her eyes. “You do know we’re going to have more babies right?”


“We just got engaged, Brandon.” She laughed softly and she moaned as I bent down and sucked on her nipples roughly. “Oh.” She cried out and I felt her hands running though my hair. I kissed down her belly to her pants and then quickly undid the zipper and pulled them off.


“That doesn’t matter.” I growled as my teeth attempted to pull her panties off. “I want more babies. In fact, let’s try now.” I licked my tongue down her inner thigh and grinned as she spread her legs for me. I took a deep breath and pushed my nose next to her sweet spot and smelled. I loved the scent of her. It turned me on almost as much as tasting her.


“Do I have a say?” Her voice was soft and I looked up at her.


“You do, of course. You get to say how many more you want?” I grinned at her as she laughed down at me.


“You’re lucky I love you.”


“Yes, I am.” I stared into her eyes and blew her a small kiss. “I’m the luckiest man in the world.”


“Stop talking and start making, baby.” Katie pushed my head back down and I laughed in delight. I loved that, Katie was as sexual as I was and she wasn’t afraid to share and show that side of her. I pulled her panties down quickly and we both groaned as my tongue licked her wet tip and slowly entered her. I could feel her legs and body trembling under my touch and I felt heady with power. Knowing I could make her feel this way turned me on and as her first orgasm hit, I knew that there was no one else in the world that I’d rather be with.


“Your turn now.” Katie’s voice was raspy as she pushed me back on the mattress and her fingers quickly unbuttoned my pants. I closed my eyes as her fingers found my cock. There were warm and soft and she knew just how to tease me with her slow and fast strokes. Then I felt her luscious lips and tongue on me and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to last very long. There was something about the way she sucked on me that made me feel like my whole body was on fire.


“Oh, Katie.” I groaned as she pulled away from me and kissed up my stomach. “What are you doing?”


“I want to ride you.” She grinned down at me with a sparkle in her eye.


“I don’t think I’m going to last long.” I muttered as she slowly sat down on me. “Oh shit.” I grabbed a hold of her hips as she rocked back and forth. “You are going to be the undoing of me, Katie.”


“I love you, Brandon.” Her hands reached down and grabbed mine and I slowly opened my eyes to stare up into hers. Our eyes remained locked as she increased her pace and we both climaxed together a few minutes later.


“I love you more than anything in the world.” I pulled her towards me and stroked her hair as we cuddled.


A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and we both froze.


“Who is it?” I called out.


“It’s me, daddy.” Harry ran into the room and jumped onto the bed and sprawled over the duvet.


“You can’t just barge in the bedroom, Harry.” I smiled at him and tried not to laugh at the expression on Katie’s face as she pulled up the bed sheet to make sure she was completely covered.


“Why not?” He made a face and yawned. “I want to sleep in here tonight.”


“Don’t you see I have a guest, Harry?” I gave him a look and he looked over at Katie and smiled.


“That’s why I want to sleep in here tonight.” He giggled. “You have big brown eyes just like me.” He smiled at Katie and snuggled into her. “I like you.”


“I like you too, Harry.” Katie beamed back at him and my heart melted. It was in that moment that I decided that there was no reason to wait.


“Harry,” I said softly. “Katie has brown eyes like you because she is your mom.” I looked at him to make sure it wasn’t too much information to handle, and was delighted to see the huge smile on his face.



“Yay,” he grinned at me and then looked at, Katie. “Does this mean you’re going to take me to McDonalds?”


“It means whatever you want, my love.” Katie laughed and opened her arms to him. Harry crawled into her arms and I watched as the two people I loved most in the world snuggled together.


“I love you, guys.” I stared at them for another few seconds before making it one giant group hug. We all lay there for a few minutes before, Harry started snoring and Katie and I stared at each other and giggled.


“You think we can try a quickie?” I raised an eyebrow at her and we both laughed as she hit me in the shoulder.


“Go to sleep, Brandon.”


“Yes, my love.” I pretended to close my eyes and grinned as I felt her fingers lightly caressing my cock. I always knew that my, Katie was a bad girl.








I watched Katie and Harry playing with his new train set and felt content and happy. This is what I had been waiting for for seven years. I walked back to my office with purpose. It was time now. I could get rid of all of the documents Will and Matt had given to me.


I grabbed the key from my pocket and opened the safe, pulling out the files that were sitting there. I sat back and stared at the first file Will had given me seven and a half years ago, when I had first met Katie. I listened to Katie’s laughter and smiled as I shredded the documents.


“Daddy, Daddy! Come and play with me and Mommy.” Harry ran into the office with a huge smile on his face and happiness in his eyes.


“Just a minute, son.”


“Okay.” He rolled his eyes at me and I laughed. He looked just like his mother when he did that.


I stood up and looked at the final document in the folder, feeling a sudden release of pent-up emotion. This was the first piece of information I’d ever gotten on Katie, from a couple of days after we had met. It was the information that could have and should have ended everything. I stared at the machine as it gobbled up her birth certificate and walked calmly back into the living room to spend time with the two people I loved the most.


“Who wants to play a board game?” I asked casually, sliding my arm around Katie’s waist as she relaxed into me.


“Me, Daddy! Me!” Harry jumped up and ran to his room to get his games.


I laughed before whispering in Katie’s ear, “Don’t worry, my love. Tonight we can play our own games.”


Katie’s hand slid to the front of my pants and she grinned wickedly at me. “Who says we have to wait for tonight?”


The End


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