Honor Thy Teacher (Honor Series)
Author:Mummert, Teresa

chapter Thirty-Four

I took her to my place. She was angry but I needed to take care of her. I got her a towel and set the water so she could take a nice warm shower. As she cleaned herself up I made her a sandwich to help soak up the alcohol.

She ate quietly barely even glancing my way. When she was finished I took her plate into the kitchen. She sat on the couch with her knees drawn to her chest. I took a seat next to her.

“I want to go home.”

“Give me a chance to explain.” I said, trying to hide my panic. She glared at me. I swallowed hard, trying hard not to show her how pissed off that made me.

“What is there to say?”

“I know you deserve better than me.” I looked at her and waited for a response. She didn’t say anything. “Can I hold you?” I asked, desperate to feel her against me. She didn’t move. I slid closer, wrapping my arms around her. I know she wasn’t happy with me but she didn’t pull away. I laid her back and sighed, trying to find the right words. I pushed back the hair from her face.

“Abby was pregnant.” Her body stiffened against me.

“What?” She twisted towards me, but did not pull away.

“We had just found out.” I smirked at how odd it made me feel.

“You have a…” I shook my head no before she could finish her thought.

“She took the money, remember? She didn’t have room in her life for me and our…” My voice trailed off. Drugs and money were the downfall of my world. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I just…couldn’t.” A lone tear escaped my eye. She took her thumb and wiped it away.

“I’m so sorry” She said quietly. I ran my hands through my hair. I couldn’t lose Emma too.

“You’re sorry? Emma, I damn near ruined your life in the short time that I’ve known you.”

“William, everyone has a past. Mine isn’t that great either but it made you who you are today. The man I love.” Her hand slid across my chest to my heart.

“You still love me?” I couldn’t see how it was possible.

“More than anything.” She smiled as her eyes drifted to her hand on my chest. “I belong to you.” She said quietly. I grabbed my hand and held it tightly against me.

“I love you more than anything, Emma. I don’t want to ever feel the way I did when I thought I had lost you forever.” She smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I pressed my lips hard against hers. Mine. “Marry me”