A Knight of Passion
Author:Tarah Scott

chapter Twenty-Three

Riana stepped from the bathtub and into the waiting bath linen held by the young girl Mrs Carpenter had instructed to assist with her bath. Warmth from red-hot coals in the fireplace bathed her skin. She shivered, then recalled her similar reaction only five days ago, when she had stood naked beside the hearth in the bedchamber meant for Sir Dunbar.

A lump rose in her throat. Father Vaughn had been right. Only God could have orchestrated such a miracle.

She’d always known there was more to the hulking priest than met the eye, but what power did he wield to be able to force the archbishop to conduct a marriage ceremony that would be unimpeachable?

The fury that had flashed in Father Vaughn’s eyes when he learnt His Excellency had annulled the marriage had startled Riana. A clipped order to leave the archbishop to him was followed by a command for a horse. Four hours later, they had been married by the archbishop. With Father Vaughn as witness.

Riana had expected a quick consummation like the first one—had ached with anticipation—but her husband had decided this consummation would be a true wedding night. The ride back to Chilgoriam had taken two days instead of one as it had the first time. Sir Bryant wouldn’t have his new wife exhausted, despite her urging that they reach Chilgoriam as soon as possible. They had arrived and a tearful reunion with Siusan and Glen had even the women of Chilgoriam Castle in tears along with them.

Now Riana awaited Sir Bryant in his bedchamber, for the promised wedding night. Gooseflesh raced across her arms.

“Och,” the girl said. “You will catch a chill and Sir Bryant will have my hide.”

Riana’s stomach quivered. Would he have her hide?

The latch on the door clicked, then the door opened and he stood on the threshold. He dropped his gaze to her breasts, spilling over the towel. Desire darkened his green eyes before he lifted them to meet hers. Riana’s mouth went dry.

The maid glanced between them, then hurried to the door. Sir Bryant entered and the girl closed the door behind her. Riana forgot to breathe as he strode towards her. He grasped her shoulders, wrapped his arms around her, and tugged her close. He closed his mouth over hers. He traced the seam of her lips and when she opened he thrust inside and devoured her. Slow heat eddied through her veins like liquid silver. She whimpered.

A growl rumbled from his chest. He tore his mouth from hers, swept her off her feet, and had her on the bed in a moment. Her heart thundered in the seconds it took him to shuck his clothes. She sucked in a harsh breath at sight of his erection, then gasped at feel of his weight as he came down on top of her. He yanked the towel open and covered her breast with his palm. The warmth of his long fingers on her flesh sent a surge of hot juices to her aching sex. She arched into his hand.

“My lord,” she breathed.

He stared into her eyes. “My name.”

She blinked through the already heavy haze of desire.

He thrust his cock along the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. Anticipation bubbled up from her core. She needed his hard staff buried deep inside her. His rod brushed her curls. Riana grasped his arm and tugged. He remained solid, unmoving.

“My name,” he repeated. “Say it.”

Riana searched his face. “Sir Bryant?”

He shifted and the hard ridge of his erection lay across her sex. “My name.” His words were hard.

Comprehension dawned. “Bryant,” she whispered.

He locked his eyes with hers, positioned himself over her and fitted his crown to her opening.

“My lo—”

“Nay,” he cut her off. “I want to hear my name when I enter you.”

Her breath froze as he lowered his mouth to hers. Slow and easy, he drew out the kiss as he stretched her opening and eased inside enough to bring her to a tremble. He ended the kiss, locked gazes with her, and thrust hard and deep.

“Bryant,” she cried, and hugged him close.

Bryant buried his face in her hair. Warm breath bathed her ear as he whispered, “Riana.”

Her heart raced.

He lifted himself on his elbows and pulled back until she feared his staff would slip out.

Eyes locked with hers, he thrust. “I love you.”

Tears sprang to her eyes.

He thrust again, so hard her breath caught.

“You are mine.”

She nodded.

“Forever,” he said.

She nodded again and wrapped herself around him.